Warm Feedback on a Cold Day

As we’re trying to thaw out from an usually cold winter in Southern Ontario, I received the following letter from a Client of ours (and fellow Canadian) vacationing in Florida. While the setting Scott described made me colder with envy, his warm comments on my last book sure help to energize and cheerlead me on […]

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Increasing your influence

Have you ever been able to clearly predict that a situation was going to go wrong in your team or organization? Like most of us you probably said (hopefully just to yourself) “I told you so?” Have you also caught yourself muttering “I kept telling them this was a problem but nobody would listen?” Some […]

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Keeping Problems in Perspective

I was running a Leadership @ the Speed of Change workshop with a group of participants who were struggling with staying positive during a very tumultuous time in their organization. We were talking about the choice we all have: either we can focus on a problem and let it overwhelm us, or we can keep […]

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Dealing with Adversity

“Embrace Change” is a useless platitude mouthed by someone who never really thought about its full implications or is a masochist. Many changes are impossible to embrace. This list might include loss of a relationship, loved one, health, job, money, and such. We may not choose what adverse changes might suddenly spring upon us. But […]

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Navigating Change and Adversity

Sailing through life is easy when our seas are calm. It’s much tougher when clouds and darkness engulf us, vicious storms hit, and we lose sight of land. How we respond– as Navigators, Survivors, or Victims – determines our health and happiness. It’s an inside job. Modern research and ancient wisdom shows that our inner […]

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