Culture Change & Organization Development

Research consistently shows that 70% of efforts to improve customer service, quality, safety, productivity, innovation, employee engagement, restructure, or introduce new technologies fail. Leadership and organization culture are THE critical X factors. “Soft” leadership and culture boosts or BLOCKS strategy, structure, and change initiatives.

Jim and his associates have spent decades helping thousands of managers in hundreds of organizations boost leadership skills and culture development for peak performance.

A full overview of The CLEMMER Group’s culture and organization development approaches and programs and services are outlined in two 60 minute webcasts at Leading a Peak Performance Culture and Executive Team Building and Culture Development.

Typical Implementation Steps

All culture and organization development work is highly customized to each Client. After an initial consultation, here’s a typical path we often follow:

1. Assess current systems, practices, culture, and readiness for change.

  • This can range from the least rigorous such as self-assessment by the executive team (next step) to interviews, focus groups, surveys, or a rigorous audit.

2. Executive Retreat.

  • These are highly customized to each Client. Broadly they’ll often follow this flow:
    • Day One (Divergent Thinking) – reviewing/assessing, learning, defining key leadership behaviors, and aligning systems/processes.
    • Day Two (Convergent Action) – (Re)setting vision and core values to anchor culture change, (re)establishing 3 – 4 Strategic Imperatives, setting up steering/project teams, robust implementation framework, and disciplined follow up process.

3. Realign/integrate/prune current projects, processes, systems, and development initiatives.

  • The goal is pruning, aligning, and streamlining existing work, not piling more on top of an overloaded organization.

4. Plan implementation strategies and timelines.

  • How much and how The CLEMMER Group helps Clients with this critical step depending upon their internal skills/capacity and current efforts. Click here to broadly overview some of the customized programs and services we can develop or dovetail with existing ones.

5. Monitor, follow up, and adjust implementation plans

  • The CLEMMER Group provides coaching and ongoing consulting support according to Client needs, capacity, and budget. We work toward building internal capacity and Client self-sufficiency.

Links for a Deeper Look

Click on the following links for more information on the core models, frameworks, and approaches we use to help Clients with culture and organization development. The sections and points follow our Leading a Peak Performance Culture webcast.

Defining Culture and Its Impact

Fatal Five Failure Factors

(see Leading a Peak Performance Culture)

Culture Transformation Pathways

Key Implementation Steps

Transforming Safety Culture

Five part series on Culture Change

  1. Steps to Culture Change
  2. What Impacts an Organization’s Culture?
  3. Behaviors to Support Your Desired Culture
  4. Business Practices to Support your Desired Culture
  5. Continuous Improvement Strategies to Build Your Desired Culture

Consulting and Training Programs and Services


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