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Here are the three most popular Improvement Points we sent out in December:

Meetings are more important than ever in our increasingly complex and interconnected workplaces. Research shows that when meetings are run effectively, teams make better decisions than individuals.
 – From Jim Clemmer’s article, "A Coach’s Playbook for Workplace Teams”

Highly effective leaders transfer their energy and passion to the people they’re trying to mobilize with words that paint exciting pictures, ring true, fire the imagination, or touch the spirit. Like the leader, their words are charged with energy.
– From Jim Clemmer’s article, "Strong Leaders are Strong Communicators”

Leadership is a verb, not a noun. Leadership is an action, not a position. Leadership is defined by what we do, not the role we are in. Some people in "leadership roles" are excellent leaders. But too many are bosses, "snoopervisors," technocrats, bureaucrats, managers, commanders, chiefs, and the like.
– From Jim Clemmer’s article, "Growing the Leader in Us”