Team Building & Development

Good managers have always fostered teamwork. But highly effective leaders harness the power of teams for dramatically higher results. Teams that are effectively organized and led, have produced extraordinary improvements in productivity, customer service, quality, process management, innovation, health and safety, cost effectiveness, job satisfaction, morale, and financial performance.

Teams can be an extremely effective way to harness the full energy, experience, and expertise dispersed throughout organizations. But calling a group of people a team doesn’t make it one. Too many groups are usually just a collection of individuals who meet periodically. They’re too often poorly focused, weakly led project groups, committees, task forces, or councils. One study, for example, found that only 13 percent of teams received high ratings. Another extensive study of teams found that in more than half the teams studied, “team members give up.”

Highly Customized Team Building Programs and Services

Each team development session is highly customized to the team’s needs, dynamics, and development objectives. So a tailored team assessment is often the beginning point. This may involve one or more of these approaches; open-ended e-mail survey questions, one-on-one confidential interviews, online “moose” or team dynamic surveys, 360 multi-rater feedback, focus groups, documentation review, or team observations

Following team assessment(s), the optimum team development process is then developed by partnering with the team leader or key executive concerned with helping the team improve its effectiveness. Here’s a variety of team topics or approaches areas that might be drawn from to customize this team unique development path:

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Let’s Get Practical
For over thirty years, Jim and his associates have delivered practical leadership team approaches that inspire action and achieving results. Their 2,000 plus presentations and workshops/retreats, seven best-selling books, columns, and newsletters are helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide because they are inspiring, instructive, and refreshingly fun. And most of all…because they work!

The CLEMMER Group is constantly distilling exhaustive research, extensive experience, and collection of best practices into easily understood, highly energizing, and practical applications. Their team building workshops and retreats help participants understand the power and problems of teams, launch and sustain new teams or renew and refocus existing teams, develop vital team leadership and effectiveness skills, and use team assessment and measurement tools. Their highly customized team development programs and services are so highly rated because they inspire action and provide concrete “how-to” steps that — when used as directed — dramatically boost results.