Custom Leadership Development & Consulting

Leadership & Management Consulting and Training Services

The CLEMMER Group is a specialized “training and consulting boutique” building off of Jim’s work. Jim and his small group of handpicked associates have many decades of very successful — hands-on — experience. The CLEMMER Group carefully selects it’s small core of training and coaching associates to deliver superior organization and leadership development to all our Clients.

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The CLEMMER Group has helped organizations:

  • Boost revenues
  • Streamline operations to reduce costs
  • Boost customer service and quality levels
  • Define and strengthen organizational values and culture
  • Build and deliver (using a Train the Trainer approach) highly customized culture, health and safety, and leadership development programs
  • Turn around failing operations
  • Identify and remove organizational/team barriers
  • Increase morale and performance levels
  • Build stronger management teams

The CLEMMER Group associates provide a wide range of highly customized consulting, training design, train the trainer, and modifications to existing Client materials or use The CLEMMER Group materials. Here are some of our common services:

Strengths-Based Leadership Development

The CLEMMER Group partners with Zenger Folkman, best known for its unique evidence-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on organizations. This is a uniquely powerful leadership development system using strength-based leadership development, on a foundation of evidence-based approaches, producing a highly personalized development plan, that’s built around a best of class 360 multi-rater tool.

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Organization/Team Assessments

Specialized assessment strategies with the optimum combination of one-on-one interviews, focus groups, documentation review, team observations, and/or surveys. A brief “snapshot” report of key findings is then compiled and used to plan next steps.

Leadership Training

Customized half, one, or two-day highly interactive workshops built around The CLEMMER Group models and frameworks. The CLEMMER Group associates can deliver these sessions or we train trainers inside the Client’s organization to deliver the workshops.

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Culture Development

Education/awareness building and training programs customized around each Client’s Focus and Context (Vision, Values, and Purpose). Many of The CLEMMER Group’s Clients call this “the XYZ Way” and have trainers trained by us to deliver the interactive and tailored workshops or team development activities inside their own organization.

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Health and Safety Programs

The CLEMMER Group has designed specialized and extensive health and safety programs with executive retreats, management workshops, and front line sessions. Participant workbooks and leader’s guides are customized around each Client’s core messages, approaches, and Health and Safety frameworks.

Navigating Change for Frontline Staff

Ninety-minute keynotes or half to one-day workshops that reinforce key messages around change, personal leadership, and growth. These highly customized sessions link to the organization’s Improvement Plan and/or gather input to the plan and/or its implementation.

Engaging Key Stakeholders

Customized workshop(s) with managers, supervisors, and/or frontline staff. This step engages key players in the change and implementation process. Participants align their personal growth goals and performance objectives with those established by the management team. The sessions can also be used to gather input and support for the emerging Improvement Plan.

Improvement Plan Development

Consulting or facilitation services to pull together output from management team retreats as well as any input that may be gathered from assessments or workshops. Individual consulting or group facilitation can be provided to internal coordinators, steering teams, Strategic Imperative Teams, and/or special project teams. Often the process involves a follow-up session with the management team to make final decisions based on input and a draft Improvement Plan.

Strategic Process Management

All organizational work is part of one or more processes. At their very broadest, macro processes can span an entire organization and cut across all major functions or departments. Examples of macro processes include the design and development of new products/services; producing products or delivering services; product order or service request fulfillment; invoicing/accounting, and collecting money; inventory management and logistics; information management; admitting, discharging, and transferring patients; or generating leads and making sales.

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Ongoing Coaching and Consulting Support

One-on-one or team support for individual managers or support professionals and/or key leadership, project, or improvement teams. Highly tailored and customized to fit individual or team needs and applications.

What Makes The CLEMMER Group Unique?

Jim and his associates are so effective with their Clients because of this exclusive combination of factors:

  • Programs and services are built around Jim’s books and internationally recognized expertise
  • Integration of organization, team, and personal transformation
  • A balanced approach linking together technical, management, and leadership
  • Breadth and depth of well researched and highly proven core models/frameworks
  • Consulting associates are carefully selected and highly experienced with very strong track records of continuous success
  • Strong adherence to our core values of Practical, Action-Oriented, Trust/Respect, and High Growth/Development

The CLEMMER Group is Jim Clemmer’s second highly successful training and consulting firm. Applying the improvement and effectiveness principles he teaches, Jim co-founded and led The Achieve Group to become Canada’s largest training and consulting company. Achieve was purchased by Times Mirror and merged with Zenger Miller, Learning International, and Kaset to form AchieveGlobal.

The CLEMMER Group is Zenger Folkman’s new Canadian strategic partner (learn more at A New Era Begins: Our Strategic Partnership with Zenger Folkman). ZF is pioneering groundbreaking new strengths-based leadership research, assessment, development, and sustainable implementation systems. They’ve built unique evidence-driven approaches for developing extraordinary leaders and empirically showing their performance impact on sales, profits, employee engagement, health and safety, turnover, and customer satisfaction. Jim Clemmer and Jack Zenger’s training and consulting firms first partnered when they led The Achieve Group and Zenger Miller.

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