Client Comments & Testimonials


Thank you for launching Leadership Waterloo Region's Non-Profit Series with a powerful and relevant session, 'Leading through Change'. Your evaluations were excellent! One participant commented, "I will remember how to narrow it down – the content was spot on. I appreciated the encouragement to 'help others stay in the learning mode.'" Your session was just what our social leaders needed during these uncertain times. Thank you for engaging our leaders, your presentation's audio was clear, and the slides hit the mark!

Diane Wiles CFRE, CEO, Leadership Waterloo Region

Jim is just as dynamic, engaging and thoughtful virtually as he is in person! His messaging is clear and targeted to his audience. We trust that our attendees will ALWAYS leave inspired, and pushed to think with new perspectives. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the members of Leadership Waterloo Region and our community.

Bethan Llewellyn, Manager, Leadership Waterloo Region

Thanks for the wonderful workshop! I walked away with a renewed sense of being and armed with practical tools for life.

Regina Balisi, Administrative Assistant, Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto, ON

Makes you look in the mirror as much as looking at those around you.

Enzo Garritano, Manger Tech Services & Program Development, Construction Safety Association of Ontario, Etobicoke, ON

Excellent, informative, refreshing, rewarding, inspiring. Confirms there is more than one table the moose is parked on.

Danelle White, Director Residential Services, Developmental Disabilities Association, Richmond, BC

Inspiring, building perspective, very helpful, a catalyst for good paradigm changes.

Emanuel Hilder,, Developmental Disabilities Association, Richmond, BC

Highly informative, good gut check (personally and organizationally), building trust and teamwork.

Michelle Cobb, Communications Director, Developmental Disability Association, Richmond, BC

This session is irreplaceable - you had to be there. I can tell others about some of the ideas and I can read the book, but today was so full of insight that it should not be missed.

Pat Bowyer, Program Developement Coordinator, Construction Safety Association of Ontario, Etobicoke, ON

This workshop and Jim's books provide focus, instill commitment and passion, and renew the spirit for both personal and professional development.

Lisa Diamond, Director, Public Programs & Services, Canadian Diabetes Association, Toronto, On

Thank you for the excellent day you spent with us. I still get positive feedback from the unit managers who enjoyed and benefited from the session.

Louise Kroon, Associate Director, Regional Operations, Canadian Cancer Society, Cumberland, ON

Very well presented. Clear messages. Handout and excellent guide I can take back to the office to use with my staff.

Paul Mutch, Unit Manager, Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto, ON

Great quotes and presentation style - interactive, humorous, a real call to action.

Jan Walker, Unit Manager, Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto, ON

Jim Clemmer's talent in demystifying the complexities of effective management are evident not only in his down-to-earth books but also in his speaking ability. He is dynamic, well organized, uses interesting visual aids and inspires a commitment to action among his audience.

Al Cormier, Executive Vice President, Canadian Urban Transit Association, Toronto, ON

Very insightful excellent information and tools for both personal and professional growth.

Sue Spencer, Program Director/Manager of Volunteers & Meals on Wheels, Burnaby Information and Community Services, Burnaby, BC

....participants gave you a 4.5 out of 5 for the overall quality of your presentation...participants particularly enjoyed your casual and informal presentation style, being in control in a group setting and the manner you were able to connect with the audience...

Musawir Karim, Senior Research Associate and Program Manager, Centre for Management Effectiveness, The Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa, ON

Jim's presentation style is informative, knowledgeable and motivational. His audiences leave his seminars and workshops well informed and with a feeling that their attendance was well worthwhile.

Dirk Bannister, Club Development Manager, Kiwanis International, Airdie, AB

Jim just delivered our opening keynote on Leading @ the Speed of Change and the feedback has been fantastic! Jim was professional to work with from start to finish. He arrived early, prepared, and delivered a highly engaging presentation. Jim's strong kick-off set the tone for a great conference on re-inventing our industry. Jim is very personable, easy to work with, and easy to listen to.

I would absolutely, 100% recommend Jim to any company or organization

Sangeeta Bhatnagar, GTACC-Chair (Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association), Toronto, ON

I would like to personally thank you for wrapping up our 31st Annual Conference with an outstanding motivational keynote presentation.

We've just received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding your session. I must also give due credit for your ability to captivate an audience the morning after a very festive awards banquet - an audience in which many were barely "waking @ the speed of coffee" before you took to the stage.

Your professionalism, humour and positive energy were in abundance, and I'm confident that our delegates went home with a new perspective on the challenges they face in their work and in their day-to-day lives.

On behalf of the association, I thank you for helping make our conference an exciting, memorable and inspiring event for all in attendance.

David. St. Louis, Assistant Director, Ontario Independent Meat Processors, Guelph, ON

Jim's presentation style is informative, knowledgeable and motivational. His audiences leave his seminars and workshops well informed and with a feeling that their attendance was well worthwhile.

Dirk Bannister, Club Development Manager, Kiwanis International, Airdrie, AB


The Extraordinary Leader program is just that – extraordinary. The strengths-based approach to leadership development is very different and contrary to our long conditioning on gap-based learning and development. Once participants let go of irrelevant weaknesses and focus on what matters most, strengthening strengths, the impact is significant. The biggest difference I have noticed with this program is participants' energy to focus on development planning. When strengths align with passion and organizational need, people are motivated to implement.

Melanie Will, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development, Wilfrid Laurier University

I found The Extraordinary Leader 360 assessment and personal development process very effective. Its competency companion development guide provides a clear road map for building on one's leadership strengths. It is measurably superior to any 360 methodology I have previously seen and my only regret is that The Extraordinary Leader was not available years ago.

Dr. Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), Queen's University

Educational, entertaining - great value for all employees, not just management. Jim is an expert in what he knows and delivers.

Allen Richert, Profressor/Coordinator Business Marketing, Confederation College, Thunder Bay, ON

It was getting months of personal counselling in 3 hours. Fantastic sense of humour!

Jennifer Huggins, Facilities Assistant, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, Timmins, ON

Jim is an excellent presenter. He is organized, conveys high energy and commitment to the topic and keeps session moving.

Sandra Foster, Nursing Practice Consultant, College of Registered Nurses, Castlegar, BC

Jim offered me a fresh perspective. I thought it was going to be 'hokey', but his sincere delivery made it truly meaningful and enduring.

Lisa Nykolyshyn, Internal Auditor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Fast paced and dynamic, relevant and instantly transferable to the workplace.

Fred Gibbons, Executive Regional Director, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, South Porcupine, ON

Very inspiring, made me think about my life. What kind of person I want to be and what steps I need to look at in order to get there. 'If it is to be, it's up to me."

Nancy Goudreault, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, Haileybury, ON

Jim has a great presentation and delivery style.

Jim Chalmers, Disability and Student Life Advisor, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, Timmins, ON

Wonderfully motivating, direct, entertaining and informative.

Chris Bender, Supervisor, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, Timmins, ON

Jim is a very dynamic, engaging speaker who provides valuable information in a highly informative and entertaining manner.

John Collins, Professor/Coordinator, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, timmins, ON

Great speaker, is interesting, funny, clear, motivational, very valuable and practical information.

Keetha Willard, Professor, Northern College of Applied Art & Technology, Haileybury, ON

National Conference on Student Leadership

* "Absolutely wonderful presentation."
* "Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom with the group."
* "Very calm, relaxed approach to the material; very poetic; modern theory; receptive to questions; open to discussion."
* "Very motivational. Very interesting field of research. You've given me a lot to think about."
* "Great job, new info and suggestions were really interesting and exciting!"
* "Thank you for bringing Jim in – he was great!"
* "Jim was excellent! I would like to have had more time."
* "Really Dynamic and interesting presentation. Thanks for the valuable insight. I feel "the line" is something I will remember and benefit from."
* "Very insightful and inspirational. Will definitely apply what I learned here to my life and share it with others."
* "Loved the presentation. Found it relevant and interesting."
* "I loved the presentation, and found new information."
* "Incredibly insightful – confirming my beliefs about choice and inspired me to research the power of words."
* "Excellent stories and examples! Very inspirational."
* "Excellent presentation, great understanding."
* "The best! Very, very interesting – it is so nice at times to be reassured of what you want and that you can do it."

Very inspiring. I have a lot to think about for my personal life and I can't wait to start into my professional life to apply the ideas there.

Monika Frenker, Masters Student, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, On

Very good session, inspiring. Provides much personal reflection.

Betty Daniels, Dental Assisting Instructor, College of the North Atlantic, Qatar

First time I have thought of leadership outside of the workplace. This has put leadership in a new perspective for me.

George Cormier, Instructor, College of the North Atlantic, Qatar

I received the evaluation report for the Canadian Agricultural Lifetime Leadership seminar this morning. Your session was one of the most highly rated of the entire four days. Congratulations, and thanks again! Here are the qualitative comments from the attendees: ‘Dynamic, combined professional and personal insights'- ‘Good, thought provoking' – ‘Focused me personally - my personal life and business; I see glimmers of clarity that I never had - extremely useful' – ‘Presentation style was excellent. Keep as a speaker for future sessions' – ‘A refreshing approach' - ‘Jim knows his stuff' – ‘Good condensation of a lot of current thinking on leadership and a good way of explaining it' – ‘Stimulating, obviously well-versed on the subject' – ‘Dynamic and thought provoking; very beneficial'.

Scott McLean, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Thanks for coming to Durham District School Board and delivering your two-day Leadership @ the Speed of Change workshop. Although I found your sessions intense and challenging to me personally, I was rewarded for being there. You confirmed to me that adapting and growing is the only option, even in the ‘Twilight' years of my career. Resting on my laurels and my past accomplishments is not an option! Keep up the good work - I envy you having the opportunity to help change peoples' lives – especially those of us in the educational field.

Bob Arbeau, Lincoln Avenue Public School, Durham District School Board, Ajax, ON

I now have a new mentor to add to my (short) list of people who have inspired me to follow my calling.

Casey Farrell, Student, Confederation College, Thunder Bay, ON

I'm enjoying your website and have made frequent use of your book and seminar material. Jim is a warm, extraordinary and inspiring speaker.

Frido Profoehr, Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Surrey School District, Surrey, BC

Thank you for a fantastic learning experience. Your enthusiasm and knowledge base have encouraged each of us to be more effective in our complex roles.

Elaine Wetherup, Principal, Mary Johnston Public School, Waterloo Region District School Board, Waterloo, ON

Your personable coaching style brought a diverse group of professionals together and resulted in a 'first' - three departments focused on a common preferred future... we appreciated your facilitation skills throughout the workshop in leading us to form our own conclusions regarding our management status and future needs. We have a renewed vigor and sense of excitement as a result of our exposure to Jim Clemmer and Pathways to Performance.

Steve Cripps, Director of Maintenance, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary, AB

Our organization brought Jim in to help us identify the elusive and esoteric concepts of leadership. Our senior management team came away from the seminar with a shared and persuasive understanding of what leadership is, and how it can be exercised. We were particularly impressed that the process included a comprehensive way of diagnosing an organization's issues via the Transformation Pathways. Wedding philosophical learning with pragmatic organizational process evaluation really helped us anchor effective leadership to everyday work place issues. Jim exceeded our expectations and brought us a new and valuable way of leading our organization.

Lari Mitchell, Manager, Human Resources, The Centre for Education Information, BC Government, Victoria, BC

I am contacting you because of my deep respect for you as a person, your skills and abilities, and your years of experience in the training and consulting field. You have honestly and truly had a profound effect on my life. ...I was so impressed with you, the quality and standard of your work, and the importance of your message(s) that I helped convince my employer to invest the time and capital to bring you to our fair city. You did a terrific job.

Joe Dodd, Education Analyst, Web Business Office/IT Services, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary, AB

Jim deals with the concept of leadership in a real and effective manner. He inspired me by prompting cues that give way to introspection and finding the leader within.

Claudio Daniele, Pathways Leader, Toronto District School Board, Toronto, ON

It was very informative in that my own experiences have been challenged in a concrete way where I walked out of the workshop enlightened and confident.

Rodney Bruce, EFL Instructor, College of the North Atlantic, Qatar

Very well presented. I benefited on how to become a better leader.

Cathy Mudry, Supervisor, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Great balance between the personal and professional. Most "business people" exclude personal growth, spirit and meanings. Finally there is someone talking about the important issues in being a true, effective leader.

Lorna MacPhail, EFL Instructor, College of the North Atlantic, Qatar

Knowledgable, humorous, wonderful positive speaker. This session was a re-affirmation of my life's lessons as well as in my life's choices. Amazing afternoon!

Patti Tait, Office Assistant, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Excellent facilitator who has engaged everybody with him to main topic, throughout seminars.

Sadruddin Bherani, Sr. Manger HR, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Excellent facilitator who keeps everyone focused and encourages participation to achieve maximum outcome.

Amir Rajani, Administrator Hospital Services, Aga Kahn University, Karachi, Pakistan

Very skillful facilitator in managing a large prolific management team (+130) to a focused strategic agenda.

Amir Rajani, Director, Development Canada, Aga Kahn University, Calgary, AB

Brilliant. He kept the Advance moving in a lively entertaining way. Program was well planned.

Asif Fancy, Director General Development, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Outstanding, energizing, motivating, interesting and enthusiastic.

Rukhsana Zuberi, Associate Dean, Education FHS, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Jim is a wonderful facilitator directly connecting what he is speaking on and who his is speaking to.

Muhammad Akbar Khan, Manager, Environment Health and Safety, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

An inspiring personality - really guided me to open my mind to ideas to lead myself towards leadership role in my career.

Afifa Batool, Senior Assistant Manager, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Encouraging, puts everyone at ease and draws them out.

Zehra Hamdani, Communications Strategist, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Jim has good style of coaching sessions, with deep knowledge on management and leadership. He has shared the required tips to be successful leaders in work as well as life.

Samrin Suleman, Human Resource Office, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Excellent presenter, very learned and informative. Good session with useful insights on leadership.

Khurram Jamal, Assistant Manager, Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Kenya

Exceptional and easy to follow, inspiring speaker.

Charles Aywak, Assistant Professor, Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Kenya

Captivating and allows you to embrace information in a fun way, inspires and re-inspires.

Ferial Nathoo, Regional Resource Development Coordinator, Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Kenya

Uses humour and realistic examples to have the course content more meaningful to me. Great concepts to add to my leadership 'toolbox.

Bruce Clemmer, Assistant Director, Client Services, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

Inspiring, motivating. You actually made me a believer of positive outcome and thinking.

Kay Ali, Manager of Business Operations, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON

Jim was very enthusiastic and incredibly resourceful. He has helped me better understand the opportunities I have in my position.

Alana Brzozowski, Quality Advisor, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

Down to earth leader, gentle realistic approach, inspiring.

Gerry Moss, Learning Strategist, Georgian College, Port Elgin, ON

We were so pleased to have you as our speaker today. Your presentation was full of valuable information, insights, and references, delivered in a fast-moving, interesting, and fun way. Thank you for your contribution to a very successful Administrative Leadership Retreat!

Mary Hughson, Learning and Development Officer, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

Financial Services

Very knowledgeable, personable, and engaging. Thank you for a remarkably energizing and informative session!

James Chmiel, Chairman and CEO, Erb & Erb/Lackner McLennan

Engaging and relevant, Jim is a great speaker who speaks from experience and with authenticity.

Raj Bola, Senior Lean Solutions Consultant, Sun Life

Jim’s purpose, passion, example, stories, and experiences supported my learning.

Rachelle Lukasewich, Corporate Trainer, Servus Credit Union

Charismatic, positive, reminded me of my philosophy of life that recently I had forgotten or lost due to circumstances.

Maya D'Mello, Claims Adjuster, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Calgary, AB

Compassionate, entertaining, down to earth. Challenging us to become leaders whatever our job is.

Brenda Huebert, Claims Representative, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Saskatoon, SK

Jim has great enthusiasm and he has a great way of delivering the message. He really practices what he preaches.

Chad MacKenzie, Claim Adjuster, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Edmonton, AB

Very impressive. Finds interesting ways to bring his point to his audience.

David Christensen, Claims Representative, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Calgary, AB

Enabled the group to clarify the concepts he is presenting. An excellent facilitator.

Olga Weinlein, Administration, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Red Deer, AB

Excellent presentation, dynamic speaker, very well done!

David Guan, Claims Representative, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Surrey, BC

He is very informative and helps remind you about changing my perspective. He gives a little push to put you back in the race.

Elizabeth de Obieta, Claims Representative, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Calgary, AB

Very easy to listen and follow. Good sense of humor. Very knowledgeable and inspirational.

Ken Hlushko, Property Specialist, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Calgary, AB

Inspirations, well-worded, good at dad jokes. Jim's session gave me good insights and reminders on spending my focus on leadership.

Fannie Au, Claims Supervisor, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Calgary, AB

Jim is an amazing speaker and make me realize that I have the power to change myself for the better.

Justin Paul, Accident Benefits Adjuster, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Edmonton, AB

Effective use of humor, useful and practical, moves action forward. Thought provoking, asks for input from audience.

Ray Demers, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Calgary, AB

Fabulous - articulate, content related directly to the audience. Storytelling/case study references made the content memorable.

Lisa Langwieder, Learning's Development Adviser, Mennonite Savings & Credit Union, Kitchener, ON

My takeaways: Always communicate, not just give information. Stop, start and keep rules. Managers see people as they are, leaders develop them into what they can be.

Maira McLeod, Citizens Bank of Canada, Vanouver, BC

This was an innovative way of presenting the concepts of addressing issues in a lively and non-confrontational way.

Laura Riched, Regional Operations Manager, Manulife Financial, Ottawa, ON

An inspiring session - full of practical hints and wisdom to help us all become better leaders.

Martin Haynes, VP Corporate Services, Atlantic Blue Cross, Halifax, NS

Jim's down-to-earth, warm, and energetic style was perfect for our Executive Team's intensive workshop. We spent a very productive, fun, roll-up-your-shirt sleeves day together. We ended the day feeling energized and inspired to get going on the plans we had made.

Dana Keslo, Leadership Coach, Gerling Global, Toronto, On

Always enjoy your comments. Very inspirational. Step back and appreciate life. Be grateful!

Kathy Lloyd, Life Manager, Great West Life Assurance Company, Winnipeg, MB

Highly informative, greatly inspiring for change and development of organizations.

Amjad Radi, Senior Manager, Qatar National Bank, Doha, Qatar

Excellent and thought provoking presentation.

Amit Desai, Executive Manager, Qatar National Bank, Doha Qatar

A good presenter – thinks differently.

Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek, Head of Corporate Strategy, Al Safa Islamic Banking, Qatar

The session helped me to solidify the idea that positive thoughts have positive impacts at work, at home and anywhere else you find yourself.

Christopher Hill, Partner, Erb & Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd., Kitchener, ON

Jim presented a useful tool for encouraging and implementing a high performance culture. Loved it!

Linda Kyle, Human Resources, Sun Life Financial, Lethbridge, ON

Excellent presentation/facilitation, clear and engaging.

Jeff Hemmett, Career Centre Leader, Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, MB

Excellent communicator, informative, keeps your attention, great understanding of everyone's situation. Very funny (and you can tell your kids I said that!).

Bernice Mauns, Assistant Manager, Group Disability Claims Services, Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, MB

Helped to reinforce previous learning and has helped to assemble thoughts and items which need immediate attention within our organization.

Randy Bertsch, Senior Vice President, Member Relations, Island Savings Credit Union, Duncan, BC

Fantastic/stimulating meeting, very uplifting. Thanks Jim, absolutely wonderful insights into our day to day lives as we enjoy the journey!

Jonathan Botterill, Principal/Owner, Sequoia Financial Group, Winnipeg, MB

The course provided some excellent suggestions for becoming a better leader without overwhelming the participants with information. Jim is very motivated, knowledgeable and entertaining. This was a day well spent.

Francie Dudeck, Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, MB

Jim's approach inspired our group to take a critical and constructive look at how we approach our strategy development and day-to-day operations.

Paul Hanna, Director, Strategic Planning, The Co-operators General Insurance Co.

Key concepts - excellent approach and presentation.

Graeme Steele, Vice President, Taxation, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Guelph, ON

Practical and useful lessons in strategic management. Excellent reinforcement of sound and time-proven principles.

Jay Woo, Vice President, IT,, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Guelph, On

Very useful two days investment.

Anna Lee, Manager, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, North Vancouver, BC

Jim relates concepts to reality - to our individual lives. There is a genuine compassion reflected in the material.

Dorothy McKinnon, Manager, Document Services, Sun Life Financial, Waterloo, ON

Informative and interesting. Felt like a story.

Lisa French Graeb, Total Rewards Specialist, Federated Insurance, Winnipeg, MB

Jim really knows his stuff. I took away many excellent resources and tools

Moragh Lippert, Branch Manager, Meridan Credit Union, Guelph, ON

Very good core concepts with practical examples so that all can relate. Many ideas to take back to the office.

Robert MacDonald, Project Manager, Sun Life Financial, Waterloo, ON

Very informative session! A lot of great ideas and tips. Packed high level. Good presentation skills. Great content.

Donna Richardson, Design Manager, RBC Insurance, Mississauga, ON

Very informative session. Jim presents the info very clearly and with a good use of humor. I would recommend this session to anyone. Happy hunting.

Jason Wilson, Claims Supervisor, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Gloucester, ON

An expert facilitator with the ability to deliver a highly usable set of tools into my leaders work kit.

Barb Agonis, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Very appealing, warm facilitator - likeable - sets good tone. Practical insights/take aways. Relevant research/documentation throughout workshop.

Kathy Lillico, Senior Region Claims Manager, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Burlington, ON

Excellent, fast paced session filled with useful, easy to implement tools. Jim is an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable - high IQ and EQ!

Beth Ferrone, HR Manager, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Ottawa, ON

Knowledgeable, inspirational, and fresh! A great message that everyone needs to hear.

Steven Dippie, Claims Representative, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Edmonton, AB

He kept it true to life, amusing. Kept everyone interested. Used humor to demonstrate point.

Betty Sveinson, Bodily Injury/Administration Supervisor, The Co-operators General Insurance Co., Edmonton, AB

The evaluations that were completed following your session for the CEAMS Association were scanned and are attached. 22 feedback forms returned:· 6 rated it 4 out of 5 - 27% , 15 rated it 5 out of 5 - 68% , 1 rated it 6 out of 5 - 5%. The reviews are very positive, with many of the CEO's rating your session as a 5 out of 5. I said it that day, but will say it again: Thank you for a very insightful morning that left the participants with practical tools to take home and apply. I can't count the number of times in this past week someone has referred to your presentation and specifically to 'keeping themselves above the line'. You really hit the mark for this group! I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again one day. In the meantime, we'll ‘keep navigating!"

Bev Maxim, General Manager, Credit Union Electronic Account Management Services (CEAMS) Association, Regina, SK

Jim's keynote address kicked off our annual convention and provided a great start to our event. His message was thought provoking and down to earth with plenty of light-hearted humor. Jim was great to work with in the planning process and right through our event.

John Taylor, President, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association, Cambridge, ON

Humorous, entertaining, informative, knowledgeable. Jim helped me to better understand coaching employees.

Shawn Durnin, President, Hay Mutual, Zurich, ON

Excellent, this workshop had a lot of meat for everyone.

Bruce Caughey, Manager, Amherst Island Mutual, Stella, ON

Thought provoking, informative, interactive, well connected to his audience.

Cathie Simpson, General Manager, West Wawanosh Mutual, Dungannon, ON

Excellent - top rate, ability to really connect.

Peter Price, Director, Global Communications, Prudential Financial, Newark, NJ

I liked the way Jim used humor and engaged the audience in dialogue. My job has changed since a recent merger (not in a positive way) and this seminar helped me 're-calibrate' my attitude and reevaluate my communication style.

Mary Onstad, Communication Manger, Wells Fargo, Minneapolis, MN

Excellent, funny, captivating, changing perspective.

Ryan Strassburger, PAS Administrator, Great West Life Administrator, Regina, SK

Knowledgeable, real person, with real ideas, entertaining and real thoughts, suggestions.

Nancy Patrick, Sr. Advisor, Great West Life Assurance Co., Regina, SK

Jim is engaging, funny and clearly well educated/researched in this field. I learned that perspective is reality and in order to change your reality you need to change your perspective.

Clare Bamford, Document Analyst, Great West Life Assurance Co., Regina, SK

Fantastic. Really changed the way I look at the things I do on a daily basis. This will help me succeed in my role in this business.

Tamara Dionne, Drafting Assistant, Great West Life Assurance Co., Regina, SK

Jim helped to reinforce many facets of leadership I already employ, but also to encourage me to face my weakness and to try and improve.

Cameron Ross, CEO, Algoma Mutual, Tessalon, ON

Inspiring, well read, in depth knowledge of the topic.

Matheiu Storrier, Client Adivsor, UBS Bank, Calgary, AB

Inspiring, well read, in depth knowledge of the topic.

Billy Chin, Client Advisor, UBS Bank, Vancouver, BC

Witty, entertaining and clear communicator.

Elsbeth Turner, Sr. Client Advisor, UBS Bank, Vancouver, BC

Jim is a very down to earth facilitator with a wealth of experience that he shares with his audience in a thoughtful and inspiring way.

Christopher Arnold, Investment Strategist, UBS Bank, Toronto, ON

Good use of examples/interacting involvement. Passionate, inspiring and entertaining.

Chris Tzongas, Associate Portfolio Manager


Jim is a dynamic presenter who uses many different sources to get his points across.

Mark Stevens, Operations Project Manager, Clarion Medical Technologies

I am a tough critic of public speakers, and I can say, Jim was excellent! He delivered quality content in a clear, concise and entertaining way. I walked away with clear ideas on ways to immediately improve my leadership.

Chloe Hamilton, Founder, Warm Embrace Elder Care

Engaging. Aware of current trends/issues. Content expert energizes group.

Isabel Hayward, Director of Operations, Criticall Ontario

Engaging, easy-going, great use of visuals, excellent knowledge of material; research-based material is much appreciated and relevant. Jim encouraged group and individual participation and this was a good balance.

Susan Sheffield, Clinical Director, Markham Stouffville Hospital

We engaged Jim to help us with some preliminary efforts to begin transforming our organization, which included reinforcing a focus on continuous quality improvement; leadership - how it involves everyone; change and the need for it; what culture change is about; and some work on identifying organizational values that will drive us forward. Jim kept the group interested throughout the workshop, and successfully integrated our quality improvement plan into the session content. Overall I have to say we were quite pleased with Jim!

David Marriott, Executive Director, Markham Family Health Team

Funny, entertaining, and focused (on delivering good/useful material). Good listener and facilitator.

Patrick Jarmoluk, Manager, Emergency and Acute Apps, Alberta Health Services

Engaging, relatable, and empowering for all levels of leadership.

Michael Cleghorn, Executive Director, IT Rural Clinical Services, Alberta Health Services

Engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

Penny Blackwell, Business Relationship Partner, Alberta Health Services

Engaging, informative, knowledge/evidence-based. A paradigm shift with regards to self involvement.

Matt Norton, Senior Service Partner, Alberta Health Services

Jim is an excellent speaker and motivator.

Timothy Chan, Senior Project Manager, Alberta Health Services

Great facilitator and very knowledgeable - Jim's experience was very inspiring.

Janett Romero, Senior Project Manager, Alberta Health Services

Strong facilitator, drew out good participation from the whole team.

Randy Fuglsang, Technical Operations Manager, Alberta Health Services

Relevant, common sense, down to earth, great little nuggets/sayings.

Deb Huck, Manager, Clinical User Support - Edmonton Zone, Alberta Health Services

Very engaging, easy to follow, interesting, and knowledgeable. Keeps the session moving, on track, engaging teams and participation.

Debra Lynn, Manager, SCM Operations, Alberta Health Services

I think Jim differentiates himself from other leadership facilitators by being well-researched. He doesn't just push a formula/model.

Chris Aitken, Manager, CIS, Alberta Health Services

I really enjoyed both the content and presentation.

Marcus Norman, Director, CIS Clinician, Alberta Health Services

Engaging and entertaining - one of the best sessions I've been to.

Chris Parent, CIS Program Director, Alberta Health Services

Very inspiring - made me really think about my own attitude and how I react to situations at work.

Fran Hitchmough, Volunteer Program Co-ordinator, Providence Healthcare

Very informative in presentation with a fun presentation - many helpful suggestions.

Barb Brady, Director of Business, Hospital Auxiliaries Association of Ontario

Great speaker, engaging, knowledgeable, informative.

Sheri Loosemore, Manager, Volunteer Services, North York General Hospital

Approachable, kind, sincere, able to take what could be dull material into meaningful tools and skills. It was fun and useful. We have something to take forward.

Nan Schuurmans, Edmonton Zone Clerical Dept. Head Women's Health, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB

You provided an excellent keynote address last week to participants in MHCA’s 2008 Fall Conference. Thank you for your insight, your preparation, and skilled presentation.

Here are several comments that appeared on our evaluation forms:
- Mr. Clemmer was informative and generated a lot of discussion regarding critical areas of focus we need to attend to. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and appreciated this presentation.
- Excellent! A different view on some of our frequent topics - I liked the fresh voice.
- Jim provided resources for leading organizational change that were provocative and pragmatic.
- Good content and good presentation. Three reminders - tough times create opportunities; stay above the line; communicate.
- Very informative. Opportunities for small group discussion were helpful to share experiences.
- Loved how interactive he was!

Donald J. Hevey, President/CEO, Mental Health Corporation of America

...we were impressed by your thorough assessment of our organization and its history and came prepared with a sound presentation, complete with simple exercises to allow the audience to discuss some thought-provoking questions...struck by how you managed to engage (her emphasis) all the managers (even the ones who are traditionally very ‘tough to engage') is rare to confer (by e-mail), on almost a daily basis with a speaker as distinguished as you. I have enjoyed the experience immensely, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Bev Cumming, Coordinator – Planning and Evaluation, Brandon Regional Health Authority, Brandon, MB

A plethora of information. One of the best leadership workshops out there!

Heather Colyer, Administrator, Casa Verde Health Centre, North York, ON

Energetic, humorous, interesting, informative, inspiring. I loved your personal telling. Thanks for sharing an afternoon of reevaluating oneself, myself.

Suzanne Charlebois, Wellness Coordinator, Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, ON

Jim engages the audience by being playful while at the same time gets the message across and makes it easy to remember.

Maria Santaella, Senior Quality Director, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, (a J & J company), Puerto Rico

Very engaging facilitator, wonderful example of presentation skills with boy language and tone. Great example for me to use when facilitating my course delivery, thanks!

Lorraine Cook, Consultant Learning Solution, Apotex Inc., Toronto, ON

Jim shared the wealth of his experience in an effective and well-paced manner. I judge the value of a workshop by the number of ideas that I walk away with and I have plenty.

Gerry Parker

Practical and innovative ideas to be implemented immediately.

Laura Barrett, Rehabilitation Practitioner, Chinook Health Region, Raymond, AB

Very entertaining/applicable. Exceptional! Enjoyed very much. Rated 10 on a 6 point scale.

Allison Filewich, Clinical Nurse Leader, Interior Health Authority, Kelowna, BC

This was an inspiration and awakening for myself. I will be furthering and expanding my education and learning plus putting some techniques into play.

Jane Binter, Clinical Co-ordinator, Interior Health Authority, Fernie, BC

Very dynamic speaker, personable and engaging, 'take home' tips.

Sandy Wolfe, PGM Manager Housekeeping/Laundry Service, Interior Health Authority, Kamloops, BC

Excellent speaker; great approach to a key topic.

Glenda Dowie, Program Manager, Capital Health, Alberta

Practical, reflective, motivating.

Sammi Perkins, PPL-Acute Rehab, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Good insight and practical ideas to improve ones ability to lead.

Annette Stutzki, Nurse Practitioner, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Good sense of humour. Keeps attention of audience Speaks in everyday language, makes its personable.

Norma Mildenbenger, Director Residential Care, Interior Health Authority, Trail, BC

Extremely knowledgeable about so many topics. I could listen for days and days and never be bored.

Brenda Lambert, VP Patient Services, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, St. Thomas, ON

He presents the abstract and heart stuff on a very easy to understand and apply way. This made me excited about my personal and profession future. Can't wait to share this at work!

Dana Heno, He presents the abstract and heart stuff on a very easy to understand and apply way. This made me excited about my personal and profession future. Can't wait to share this at work!"

Defiantly worth attending, an excellent overview of organizational issues.

Britta Nielsen, Program Lead, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Jim seems to know us - has so much experience to share.

Catherine Thomson, Clinical Educator - ICU, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Concrete, proven fundamentals.

John Tarbush, Change Technologist, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Inspiring, entertaining while delivering essential leadership.

Wendy James, Infection Control Coordinator, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Very relevant information; motivational; applicable to healthcare management. Use of humor was appreciated and appropriate (really quite funny!).

Wendy Lutz, Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner, Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna, BC

Excellent presenter, empowering to make changes, funny, day went by quickly.

Lucie Zabchuk, Internal Communications Officer, Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa, ON

Jim inspired our group to talk to each other and make plans to continue the conversation when we get back to the society.

Nancy Farrell, Operations Team Leader, Rehabilitation Society of Southwestern Alberta, Lethbridge, AB

If you are looking for some ways to change your leadership ways, 'Moose on the Table' is a must.

Davlyn Last, Team Leader, Rehabilitation Society of Southwestern Alberta, Lethbridge, AB

Excellent, entertaining and thought provoking.

Janice MacDonald, Social Worker , Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Great content. Makes you think about having those difficult discussions and how to do this.

Heather Gray, Director CCU/SD, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, ON

Fast paced informative and real. Offers information to assist in personal growth.

Barb Tymchuk, Critical Care Manager, Interior Health Authority, Cariboo Memorial Hospital, Williams Lake, BC

Very useful information and motivating, makes me want to do a better job. Very practical tips.

Patricia Debrusk, Director Surgical/Ambulatory, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Seminar that addresses 'real' issues and provides blueprint for real change.

Wes Coburn, Chaplain, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Extremely enriching workshop from both personal and work perspectives.

Roslyn Iversen, Doctor, Tairawhiti District Health, New Zealand

Very informative, knowledgeable and entertaining.

Brenda McKechnie, Registrar/Executive Director, College Of Physiotherapists Of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Great analogies to use and remember points of the workshop to use. Will help me to review and reassess my staff's needs and how I can work on these effectively.

Mary-Ellen Allen, Facility Patient Care Manager , Seven Oaks General Hospital, Winnipeg, MB

Jim is extremely easy to listen to and entertaining. Jim is very knowledgeable and can help focus on what is important and where you should emphasize your efforts.

Leon Park, Jim is very knowledgeable and can help focus on what is important and where you should emphazize your efforts.

Great workshop all together. Good use of humor. An excellent tool to help improve leadership style.

Lori Schellenberg, Facility Patient Care, Seven Oaks General Hospital, Winnipeg, MB

Excellent day! Good practical ideas based on principles and research. Focus on leadership vs. management was helpful Many 'tools' to choose and utilize. Resources for further exploration.

Sue Stratton, Director Health Information, Seven Oaks General Hospital

Confirms what I believe and would be great for Board of Director's and executive management in effort to establish corporate sponsorship on my belief that we need to "walk the talk" when it comes to our values and people.

Denise Pattyn, Human Resources Manager, South Eastman Health/Santé Sud-Est Inc., La Broquerie, MB

Excellent presentation, very practical, authentic.

Kevin McGrath, Manager, Materials Management, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Great speaker, very human - I like your dad jokes. Inspired me to write a long overdue thank you note.

Ruth Gratton, Infection Control Practitioner, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

He is a great presenter with an important message.

Gil Scott, Executive Director, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Excellent, very worthwhile. Allows you to self reflect and assess myself as a leader and how I can improve - and lead others.

David Godwaldt, Manager, Human Resources, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Excellent presentation of materials that can be applied with colleagues and employees.

Anne Campbell, District Stroke Coordinator, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Dynamic speaker, full of practical and humorous ideas, injects a sense of positiveness!

Lisa Safian, Educator, Organizational Development, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Engaging presentation style. Great analogies and models. Personable and Professional. Authentic!

Lee Pastuck, Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, ON

Great two days! Like the style - soft approach, strong leadership, excellent techniques.

Cynthia Lees, Canadian Diabetes Association, Toronto, ON

Helpful, entertaining, adapted program to meet needs of our institution.

Bill Johnston, Medical Director, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB

Jim challenges you to examine in a very practical and real way that leadership is up to us.

Deb Gordon, Jim challenges you to examine in a very practical and real way that leadership is up to us

Entertaining, keeps your interest. Practical, approachable.

Deanna Paulson, Capital Health Authority, Edmonton, AB

Thank you for demystifying the elusive concept of leadership and for helping us to understand the concrete and meaningful ways we can improve organizational performance. Your preparation and approach made it all come together so well that it seemed as if you had known our organization for a few years...the transformation pathways provided incredible insight to enable us to move forward with changes that will create real improvements...I am confident that we can connect the valuable insights gained from our work with you and go into the future with greater foresight to change and improve the College in a leaderful way...the workshop surpassed our expectations.

Carolyn Moore, Executive Director, College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS

Excellent - inspiring and practical - useful in all areas of life.

Clare O’Kelly, Manager, Volunteer Services, Fraser Health Authority, Burnaby, BC

Jim took our enthusiasm, strengths, questions, and misgivings, and used them to focus our energies on where we needed to go as a team and organization. Our people consider his approach to be 'user friendly' - everything he says makes sense. Jim has a way of challenging the status quo in a way that doesn't offend, but creates opportunities for thoughtful reflection and meaningful vision.

Pat Henderson, Executive Consultant, Pat Henderson and Associates Inc., Kitchener, ON

...participants rated the session overall 3.7 out of 4 (with 4 being excellent)... there were many positive and energetic comments regarding your workshop and your charisma as a speaker.... ‘Well-presented, interesting, easy to follow - hearing about how you overcame negative times, and steps you took to improve your life were helpful and inspiring' ‘Good interactive session with lots of sharing and brainstorming.' ‘Jim was energized and enthusiastic throughout the day. That kept us going on a Friday afternoon in a warm, cramped room.'

Marion Clark, Coordinator, Learning and Professional Practice, St. Joseph's Care Group, Thunder Bay, Ontario

I thought you should know just how excellent I thought your program was. I've been to many workshops (some good, some bad) - I took away some vital life practices from yours. You will be pleased to know that I've discussed the workshop with family and friends, and some of each have ordered copies of your Leader's Digest and Growing the Distance books and workbooks, so we're helping others to live above the line.

Julie Savas, Sr. , Information Technologist, Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital Site, Thunder Bay, ON

Excellent workshop. Highlight of conference.

Sharon Dawe, Volunteer Resources Coordinator, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, St. John's, NL

Most entertaining. Good use of humor to 'drive' your points home. Good interaction and participation with audience and amongst attendees.

Myrna Letournear, Board Chair, Geraldton District Hospital, Geraldton, ON

Comments on your concurrent workshop included; ‘I could listen to this speaker all day! Very animated – good subject material.' ‘Very glad to have heard him – given me a new perspective on myself and the significance of the attitudes and the behaviors I enact.' ‘Very engaging! Good down to earth suggestions with attitudinal changes – very important'.

Debbie Maslowsky, Project Manager, Canadian College of Health Service Executives (Manitoba Chapter), Winnipeg, MB

Wonderful, complete and well packaged program. The best I have ever attended. A full package of growth supplements.

Ted Pincock, Practitioner, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, Halifax, NS

Excellent. Brought issues back to basics, and showed strategies and means to gain resolution.

Vanessa Marcotte, Assistant Director of Finance, Sun Country Health Region, Estevan, SK

After our workshop on Leading @ the Speed of Change, we provided the attendees with rated feedback questions. The rated averages, as well as the feedback and comments were outstanding. Every question revealed an average rate of 4.2 to 4.8 out of 5. Some of highest rated aspects of your workshop included ‘the speaker was well prepared and encouraged participation, ‘the content of this session was relevant to my work and I will be able to use what I learned in this session in my role as a manager/supervisor/team leader', ‘the content of this session stimulated my learning'. The participants rated the session overall 3.7 out of 4 (with 4 being excellent).

We also encouraged attendees to include their own additional thoughts, feelings and feedback. Once again, there were many positive and energetic comments regarding your workshop and your charisma as a speaker. I pulled a few out as examples illustrating the success of your presentation.

* Well-presented, interesting, easy to follow – hearing about how you overcame negative times, and steps to improve your life were helpful and inspiring.
* Good interactive session. Lots of sharing and brainstorming – strong team effort exhibited.
* Well done. Format should be used on a more regular basis to allow manager/supervisors to have input on other areas.
* Jim was energized and enthusiastic throughout the day. That kept us going on a Friday afternoon in a warm cramped room.
* Overall a highly rated presentation by Jim Clemmer

We have complied all the information are developing an action plan to address key competencies and the "elephants on the table". Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Marion Clark, Coordinator, Learning & Professional Practice, St. Joseph’s Care Group, Thunder Bay, ON

Very thought provoking, shifts your focus on what's possible.

Linda Sardo, Administrative Secretary, St. Joseph's Residence Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Excellent real world examples; multi use of different learning tools videos, group work and discussion.

Jennifer Shachtay, Manager, Recreation and Volunteer Services, St. Joseph's Residence Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Well presented; easy to understand; excellent videos. Learning occurred effortlessly.

Terry Rolland, Social Worker, St. Joseph's Residence Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Very articulate and well thought out. Good motivational content. Lots of practical tools.

Norman Bloudin, Spiritual Care Coordinator, St. Joseph's Residence Inc., Winnipeg, MB

The simple and effective nuts and bolts approach to the topic and content is valuable and invigorating.

Marty Epp, Lakeridge Health Corporation, Oshawa, ON

Very inspiring and motivating.

Loretta Hendley, Clinical Development Coordinator, KishHealth System, DeKalb, IL

Very interesting and well-informed individual that understands the principles of leadership in todays environment.

Robert Jacobs, Director, KishHealth System, DeKalb, IL

Applicable to daily living - inside and outside work environment. Gives a lot of information in an organized and logical manner.

Barb Schultz, RN/Clinical Team Leader - Cancer Centre, KishHealth System, IL, DeKalb, IL

Informative, entertaining, provocative.

William Greer, C.E.O., Mental Health Center of Dane County, Madison, WI

Excellent presentation and presentation style - good audience involvement.

Jennette Hitchcock, Director Quality Management, Aroostook Mental Health Centre, Caribou, MN

Jim is a knowledgeable and skilled presenter. He engages his audience in ways that add value for the conference participants.

Greg Disy, Chief Operations Officer, Aroostook Mental Health Centre, Caribou, MN

Good solid ideas to move forward with.

Phillip Weaver, President/CEO, Hope Network, Grand Rapids, MI

Entertaining, realistic actions that can be implemented to move transformation.

Dennis Regnier, President/CEO, Grand Prairie Services, Tinley Park, IL

Best leadership seminar I have attended, I left wanting more.

John Van Camp, President, Southwest Solutions, Detroit, MI

I feel energized and ready to make changes.

Dolores Morgan, Laboratory Director, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Excellent, excellent seminar with materials and ideas that are simple and easy to model and communicate.

Janet MacDonell, Administrative Assistant to Executive Director, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Really appreciate the story telling approach and obvious knowledge base and experiences.

Dels Guerette, Communications, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

"Excellent session, offering great tools to communicate and resolve issues/attitudes in regards to change.

Sandra Beida, Unit Manager ICU, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Very inspiring and motivating. As a brand new manager I feel that I have been coasting along. This conference has inspired me and given me the tools to become a navigator!

Linda Nelson-Filek, Regional Manager SLP/Audiology, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Well worth attending. Great speaker and well prepared. Creates new and rekindled thoughts, humorous.

Cindy O'Flaherty, Clinical Coordinator, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Excellent session, entertaining and thought provoking. Provides tools to become a better leader. It provided insight into myself as a leader.

Shelley Scorgie, Unit Manager - ER, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Fast paced, dynamic, useful for all disciplines.

Holly Wendt, RN Clinical Co-ordinator, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Highly recommended. Worth taking the time out of our busy world to step back and re-evaluate ourselves and our overall approach.

Sherri-Lynn Thacker, Controller, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Had some doubts as I've attended some workshops in the past that were overpriced, over hyped and under-delivered. This one is the best I've ever been to - don't miss it!

Darcey Zelko, Privacy Coordinator, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Very genuine; focused, know content well. Leaves the participant with very insightful tips regarding dealing with staff and looking at one self. Instant 're-set' button for management staff.

Carol Anne Doll, Clinical Coordinator, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Very educational, entertaining and helpful. It was fun and the best workshop I have attended thus far. 2 thumbs up!

Gina Oldenburg, Coordinator Volunteer Resources, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Awesome presenter, keeps audience attention. Good visual presentations.

Brenda Robinson, Nurse Recruiter, Peace Country Health, Grande Praire, AB

Funny, excellent tone of voice, believable, motivating.

Charlene Fedrizzi, Transition Specialist, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

Very informative. Walked away with tools to use daily.

Robin Sevilla, Workforce Development Manager, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

Dynamic speaker and useful information to improve organizational performance.

Laurie Taggart, Cardiopulmonary Dept. Director, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

Capturing presenter. Useful tools presented in a easy to understand manner. Easily adapted presentation to audience needs.

Peggysue Wilson, Senior Executive Assistant to CEO, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

Provided a new approach to looking at challenges in the organization.

Jean Higgins, Quality/Risk Manager, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

His knowledge is and feels real, something I could use as a leader, manager and living person.

Carol Nieman, Regional Supervisor, Palliser Health Region, Medicine Hat, AB

Great presenter of very pertinent information. Will use my learnings everyday.

Brenda Ashman, Regional Program Manager, Palliser Health Region - Alberta Health Services, Medicine Hat, AB

Incredible - very well done!

Buffy Verhoeven, Community Rehabilitation Worker, Palliser Health Region - Alberta Health Services, Bow Island, AB

Brilliant. Should be a pre-requisite for all new staff within our organization.

Chris Abela, Paramedic Team Leader, Palliser Health Region - Alberta Health Services, Medicine Hat, AB

I feel inspired to become a better leader.

Dawn Olson, Occupational Therapist, Palliser Health Region, Medicine Hat, AB

Excellent - one of the best!!

Kane Brandt, X-Ray Supervisor, Palliser Health Region, Alberta Health Region, Medicine Hat, AB

The session was entertaining and info is easy to put into practical use. It will change how I do my job.

Darrin Gerl, Diagnostic Imaging Supervisor, Palliser Health Region, Alberta Health Region, Medicine Hat, AB

Fantastic - so much information, a total eye-opener for a novice manager, very inspiring.

Colleen Schaufele, Charge Microbiology Technologist, Palliser Health Region, Medicine Hat, AB

Informative and provides follow-up material to add further learning.

Patricia Price, Assistant Nursing Supervisor, Medicine Hat Hospital, Medicine Hat, AB

This is not "Death by PowerPoint." The topics are well discussed with ample time for group input.

Chris Futter, District Manager, Peace Country Health-Emergency Medical Services, Grande Prairie, AB

Gave practical examples. Good humor.

Shannon Yeast, Supervisor - Food Services, Palliser Health Region, Medicine Hat, AB

Effective blend of humor and knowledge in dealing with change.

Jeff Dutton, Paramedic Team Leader, Alberta Health Services, Emergency Medical Services, Medicine Hat, AB

Organized, intelligent, animated, knowledgeable, entertaining, information packed, inspirational, aimed at all levels of supervision/management.

David Moncrieff, Manager - Alfred Egan Home, Palliser Health Region - Alberta Health Services, Bow Island, AB

Empowering - to know that you can affect change on any interdepartmental issue if you address it properly.

Amber Bagan, Empowering - to know that you can affect change on any interdepartmental issue if you address it properly."

Very engaging speaker. Topic really spoke to me. Workshop was reinforcing for me!

Claire Torscher, Community Rehabilitation Team Leader, Palliser Health Region, Alfred Egan Home, Bow Island, AB

Takes very complex principles/concepts and makes them easy to understand and practical. Easy to listen to. Engaging as a presenter.

Linda Tessmann-Potvin, Manager Health Services Quality & Patient Safety, Alberta Health Services, Medicine Hat, AB

Genuine, honest, no lofty thoughts but steeped in reality.

Charlie Letkeman, Paramedic, Alberta Health Services, Emergency Medical Services, Grande Prairie, AB

Very inspirational and helped me to strive to be a better person and to be a better coach.

Gary Koenig, EMT-A Supervisor, Alberta Health Services, Emergency Medical Services, Manning, AB

He did inspire me to lead and to never take a trip to Pity City on the Bitter Bus so I will not wallow in my own mire.

Joni Simone, Lead CT Technologist, KishHealth System, Kishwaukee Community Hospital, DeKalb, IL

He is entertaining and I feel like I am watching a show, I loved it !! He has an amazing way of driving you to do better.

Angela Guarino, Phlebotomy Supervisor, KishHealth System, Kishwaukee Community Hospital, DeKalb, IL

Good use of Humour!! Excellent ability to get info across with story telling and relevant examples. Like the participative learning.

Shawn Flaman, Internal Consultant-Leadership Development, Cangene Corp., Winnipeg, MB

Considering the number of participants and extensive cultural background, very patient and must be having vast expertise to manage large team. He keeps the fire burning and I have got ideas on how to manage groups too.

Jane Wanyama, Considering the number of participants and extensive cultural background, very patient and must be having vast expertise to manage large team

Excellent handling of a very large group.

Nadeem Khan, Regional CEO, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Skilled, experienced, patient, flexible but focused on the bigger picture and in producing results.

Gerald Yonga, Dept. of Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Insightful, knowledgeable, inspiring, motivation and energetic.

John Tole, Chief of Staff, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Coherent, well versed, charged up. Jim's build-up to the grand finale was very well structured.

Saleem Malik, Chair, Dept. of Radiology, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Excellent speaker, humorous, entertaining and very encouraging.

Janet Wallace, Personal Support Worker, Peel Senior Link, Mississauga, ON

Session was very informative and interactive. We did a lot of brain storming and learned quite a few strategies.

Dr. Sayeed Amber Hassan, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

Believable! Inspiring!

Khairunnisa Ismail, Sr. Management Executive, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

Very energetic and motivating.

Muhammad Hammad, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

Natural, confident, eloquent speaker. Aware of his subject.

Felistas Ngunjiri, Nurse Manager, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Jim is an entertaining facilitator and communicates the leadership topic in a humorous way.

Peter Gatuha, Planning & Budgeting Manger, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Jim's an incredible speaker, he knows his stuff.

Christabel Wesonga, Nurse Manager, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Inspiring and very motivating. Refocusing our leadership as an action of leading and not a position.

Sylvia Gichuru, Nursing Practice Instructor, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Captivating, able to hold his audience's attention. Inspirational.

Sylvia Mbugua, Physician, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Electrifying. I can assess my strength, weakness and leadership skills to follow.

Suleiman Abdallah, Manager, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Very engaging. Good information and relevant provided in straightforward way. Very effective and timely.

David Diamond, Supervisor-Human Resources, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB

Inspiring; yet practical. Application in both in business and personal lives. Uses humor and participation in an effective manner. I can start applying my learnings today.

Carol Murray, VP - Red Deer Regional Hospital, Alberta Health Services, Red Deer, AB

Very engaging - kept interest throughout. An excellent approach to engaging the guidance, develop discussion (provoking and thoughtful) and challenge self reflection.

Andrew Sharman, VP Supply Management, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB

I left with a whole new attitude with the challenges I face in both a professional and on a personal level. Motivating, energetic.

Karly Somers, Senior Financial Analyst, Bluewater Health, Sarnia, ON

Engaging, entertaining, maintains interest, uses participative activities to good effect.

Allan Bradley, VP-Northern Lights Regional Health Authority, Alberta Health Services, Fort McMurray, AB

Jim has keen insight into what it takes to build a transparent and effective culture. His ability to translate principles into relatable and personal action steps is terrific.

Denice Torres, President, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, (a J & J company), New Jersey

Jim provided our leadership team with practical evidence based information that we can use to lead our teams. His passion and creativity inspired us and gave us lots of great ideas to move forward in our planning.

Judy Shearer, AVP, Mental Health & Addictions Program, Grand River Hospital, Kitchener, ON

Awesome facilitator, engaging, informative, interesting - kept me captivated. This workshop will make a difference in making me a better leader by identifying and building on my strengths. Will look at a 360 different from now on.

Dr. Joseph Kay, Chief of Anesthesia, Halton Healthcare, Oakville, ON

I have read the book, "How to be Exceptional", but Jim made it come alive for me.

Ada Bennett, Deputy Medical Officer of Health, Alberta, Health, Alberta, ON

Knowledgeable, engaging, uses audience and is comfortable. At ease with content and with audience participation.

Lois Alport, SWADD, RQHR, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, Regina, SK

Manufacturing, Industry, Resources, and Utilities

Jim has facilitated a number of retreats with our executive teams and a strategy session with our Board of Directors. He provides a unique blend of leadership/culture development expertise and extensive facilitation skill. Jim tailored his approach to hit our objectives. He seamlessly moves our group from understanding to consensus to implementation.

Scott Perry, Chief Executive Officer, Centerra Gold Inc.

I found Jim to be an awesome presenter with great leadership skills. I attended his presentation “Leading @ the Speed of Change” at one of our company meetings.
His presentation style is admirable; with a constant welcoming smile on his face, he brought energy to the audience and made them laugh with some amazing comments.

Muhammad Waqas Maqsood, Business Analyst, Contract Management, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

Personable, concise (not verbose), energetic, calming, engaging (commanding the audience), good time management.

Scott Perry, CEO, Centerra Gold

Accomplished. Knows the material and kept the flow going. Re-energizing. Brought all participants into the discussion.

Gordon Reid, Vice President & COO, Centerra Gold

Excellent, great listener, great at facilitating and collaboration

Doug Carter, Vice President and General Manager of Pacific Precast, Armtec

Great communicator, easy to listen to, inspiring.

Rick Gibbs, President, Neutron Factory Works

Jim delivers on every aspect of a Powering Peak Performance Leadership workshop. He is highly engaged in every step of the process from program design to ensuring key deliverables are met or exceeded. His style and delivery creates a high level of engagement with the audience. Will definitely work with Jim again in the future.

Tribby Warfield, Sr Vice President & General Manager - Fluid Power & Automation, Control & Energy at Kaman Distribution

Great facilitator, effectively drawing out group participation and feedback.

Shaun Hinds, Production Manager, Ontario Power Generation

Dynamic - brings out people's input.

Paul Myers, Plant Technical Services Manager, Ontario Power Generation

Jim provided the glue that kept this strong team focused through 2 days, but also integrating the previous group to our positive wrap up.

Gregg McCabe, Director Refurbishment Design Engineering, Ontario Power Generation, Courtice, ON

Excellent facilitator, able to understand and read the audience and participants.

Todd Josifovski, Project Director, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON

Excellent facilitator - starting with foundations - building on the foundation, and cumulating on appropriate strategic imperatives. Kept team on track.

Gary Rose, Director of Projects and Controls, Ontario Power Generation, Clarington, ON

Calm, reassuring, guiding, but not preachy. Kept the team on track throughout the process.

Dave Stiers, Director Management Systems Oversight, Ontario Power Generation, Whitby, ON

Session was one of the best I have attended. Kept interest all the way through. Used good mix of videos, discussion, activities.

Lisa Javor, Corporate Financial Processing, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON

The most advantageous thing about the workshop is being able to assist others with how to cope with change. Working in manufacturing obviously means things change quite often; layoffs, downsizing, processes, etc. Guiding people through these changes can be challenging but using the right tools and motivational tactics, I find can not only assist people through change but also, if need be, accelerate the change. The different examples and situations we heard and covered at your seminar have helped me assess and prepare for specific situations.

David Graff, Manufacturing Team Leader, Honeywell Limited, Stratford, ON

Jim is a dynamic presenter. Probably one of the most informative sessions I have attended.

Alvano Ciccone, First Line Manager Projects, Ontario Power Generation, Timmons, ON

It was useful, entertaining and inspiring! This was an engaging couple of days.

Allan Reid, Asset & Technical Services Manager, Ontario Power Generation, North Bay, ON

Informative, entertaining and inspiring. Bringing to light items in my own skills that I need to improve in my day-to-day management style.

Sean Harris, Senior Information Systems Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation, Timmins, ON

Great session with lots of good take aways and techniques that can be easily applied to a work environment. Activities were engaging and reinforced the message.

Janice Ding, Audit Manager, Ontario Power Generation

Very good speaker, good exercises. Lots of participation.

Tom Stocco, Civil MTC Foreman, Ontario Power Generation, Nipicon, ON

Entertaining, a lot of info and time flies by.

Tim Chappell, Protection and Control Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation, Nipicon, ON

Very knowledgeable and current on management topics. Jim makes you want to learn more.

Jennifer Knox, Senior Communications Advisor, Ontario Power Generation, Bowanville, On

Superb facilitation makes the difference and Jim's reputation is well earned. Effortless shifting amongst subjects, media, exercises produced a very full agenda without being exhausting. A good package of materials to take away for subsequent use.

Michael Leuty, Human Resources Advisor, Ontario Power Generation

This is a great course for self analysis as to how you are performing as a leader and what characteristics you should build into your character to become a good leader.

Vassa Chase, This is a great course for self analysis as to how you are performing as a leader and what characteristics you should build into your character to become a good leader."

The exercises and action journal are excellent reinforcements to the lively, interactive workshop that Jim runs.

Joanne Kay, First Line Manager, Ontario Power Generation, Ear Falls, ON, Toronto, ON

Helpful and beneficial, providing an optimistic outlook on self evaluation and recognition of others around us both at and outside of work.

Daniel Castonguay, General Supertindent, Flynn Canada Ltd., Hamilton ON

Very engaging with good use of material and has a good sense of humor. Mr. Clemmer provided some very useful advice with respect to the importance of the leadership role and function and I intend to adjust my current thinking and actions with respect to my leadership role in the company.

Wayne Chamberlain, General Council & Corporate Secretary, Nalcor Energy, St. John's, NL

Excellent facilitator. Very obvious that Jim has a great understanding of leadership, drawing on extensive experience of other companies.

Rob Cater, Nalcor Energy, Bishop Falls, NL

Knowledgeable, entertaining and informative. An excellent facilitator.

David Bailey, Manager, Internal Audit, Nalcor Energy, St. John's, NL

Very practical and personal, great presentation technique, comes across very genuine.

Derrick Sturge, VP, Finance & CFO, Nalcor Energy, St. John's, NL

Excellent step back to engage your own thoughts and make sense on how to make some changes to be a better leader.

Terry Gardiner, Manager, T-D Project Execution and Technical Services, Nalcor Energy, St. John's, NL

Engaging, well-researched presentation. Good blend of media and activities kept it interesting. Excellent time management.

Nalcor Energy, Nalcor Energy, St. John's, NL

Clear communicator, moves quickly - no boredom. If you want to understand the difference between management and leadership - listen to Jim.

Andrew MacNeill, VP & GM Churchill Falls, Nalcor Energy, Churchill Falls, NL

Engaging, energetic, entertaining, focused and meaning - no fluff.

Brad Ramey, Manager, Health & Safety, Walker Industries, Thorold, ON

Got into detail on topics with examples, not just bullet point presentation.

Shea Gordon, Customer Service Representative, Walker Aggregates Inc., Niagara Falls, ON

Good focus. Allows the group to develop but drives effectively to the agreed agenda. Very knowledgable and supported our success.

Michael Roberts, Vice President - Construction HR/LR, Bruce Power, Tiverton, ON

I found Jim to be very knowledgeable while maintaining a good balance. Informative and entertaining during his presentation.

John Wyatt, Chief Estimator, Hydro One, Toronto, ON

Jim was very effective at weaving our message into his presentation.

John McManus, Chief Operating Officer, Flynn Canada Ltd. Toronto, ON

This has forced me to look in the mirror and evaluate my actual leadership skills. Not easy to do honestly.

Gord Singer, Roofing Manager-Edmonton Branch, Flynn Canada Ltd., Edmonton, AB

Very insightful, gets good involvement and discussion from group. Provides good variety of material and subject matter.

Ron Rockx, Maintenance Scheduler, Hydro One, Niagara Falls, ON, Niagar Falls, ON

Jim provides the 'coaches' huddle to take action at your workplace and life.

Devy Breda, AV Systems Specialist, Mulvey & Banani International Inc., Toronto, ON

Jim is an amazing presenter with awesome material.

Lisa Power, Quality Assurance Assistant, Almac Machine Works, Edmonton, AB

No arrogance, just good natured, informative and inspirational news.

Tim James, Manager, Business Development, Clark Builders, Edmonton, AB

Absolutely amazing and inspiring!

Brett Wills, Plant Manager, Powersmiths International Corp., Brampton, ON

The exercises and action journal are excellent reinforcements to the lively, interactive workshop that Jim runs.

Joanne Kay, First Line Manager, Ontario Power Generation, Ear Falls, ON

The session provides valuable tools for supervisors which can be brought back for implementation.

John Spinozzi, Production Supervisor - Technical, Ontario Power Generation, Sarnia, ON

The best I've been exposed to.

Nils Bodtker, President, Great Western Containers Inc., Calgary, AB

Inspiring, interesting, entertaining and very informed facilitator who is able to massage or flex his presentation to meet the team's needs.

Gary Yamada, VP Finance & CFO, Great Western Containers Inc., Calgary, AB

Very informative and a must have for people who lead others on a business and personal level.

Donna Wardlaw, Office Manager, Great Western Containers Inc., Edmonton, AB

Be prepared to be challenged on what you think good leadership is.

Carly Chan, I.T. Specialist, Great Western Containers Inc., Calgary, AB

A must...attend the seminar. Full of powerful ideas.

Ben McCarl, IT/Quality Manager, Blount Canada, Guelph, ON

Great session with lots of good take aways and techniques that can be easily applied to a work environment. Activities were engaging and reinforced the message.

Janice Ding, Audit Manager, Ontario Power Generation

Very good inspirational leader with life's experience.

Tom Littlejohn, Steelway Building Systems

Jim provides very practical tools that can be used to be a leader and develop to be a better leader.

Hamant Becharbhai, Controller, Engineering and Modifications, Ontario Power Generation, Ajax, ON

Training will provide many insights into what makes good leaders. Many useful tools to add to your personal tool box.

Herb Bishop, Assistant General Manager, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc., Cambridge, ON

Best session ever! Material very useful to help me be successful. Excellent presentation skills to keep audience engaged.

Marc Proulx, VP Operations, Great Western Containers Inc., Calgary, AB

Very knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. Great new ways of looking at our leadership skills.

David Bisskey, Project Manager, Great Western Containers Inc., Regina, SK

Very down to earth and practical - was able to tailor it to be something a wide range of people could get something out of (managers to line workers).

Melanie Taylor, EHS Manager, Steelway Building Systems, Aylmer, ON

Very intuitive. Reinforces my life thoughts and how I live my life in a positive way.

Todd Millard, IT Manager, Steelway Building Systems, Aylmer, ON

Very interesting - keeps your attention; gives you the feeling you can solve problems (every day problems).

Jim Southern, Welder/Fitter, Steelway Building Systems, St. Thomas, ON

He is good and material very relevant.

Herb Vielhaber, Plant Manager, Cascades Boxboard Group, Winnipeg, MB

I would recommend Jim's session on your quest to improving yourself on your path to enhancing leadership skills.

Quinn Menec, Manager, Property Department, Manitoba Hydro, Winnipeg, MB

Thought provoking - with practical ideas for taking action.

Rob Puls, Sr. Sales Representative, Moore Canada, Winnipeg, MB

Engaging with lots of pertinent information and strong presentation of ideas.

Jeannette Astleford, Team Leader Customer Service, Transcontinental LGM Graphics, Winnipeg, MB

Engaging with lots of pertinent information and strong presentation of ideas.

Jeannette Astleford, Team Leader Customer Service, Transcontinental LGM Graphics, Winnipeg, MB

My life has become very focused since your workshop in Orangeville for the Forestry Technicians at Hydro One.I have moved on after reflecting on all of the tragedy in my life in the past year (the loss of a relationship and the death of numerous young, close friends in tragic separate incidents). Even my parents pondering divorce (after 43 years) is not disrupting my focus. I went and spent 4 days with my parents after their announcement, said what I had to say and listened to their points of view. It was sad walking away from the situation, but on the way home I just thought 'this cannot affect where I am supposed to be'. I spoke my thoughts and listened and said to myself. That is all I can do.The chips will have to fall where they may. Prior to your workshop, I would have let it consume me. Thanks for the help.

Mark, Hydro One

Excellent - I've been a fan for years!

Kim Kraemer, Employee Development, Mitra Imaging, Waterloo, ON

Excellent job! Your non-verbal skills accent the passion you have for your works.

Ron Skidmore, Instrumentation Supervisor, Newmont Mining Corporation, Elko, NV

Good background materials to backup points that hammered home the principles being discussed.

John Stuart, Chief Engineer, EnWin Utilities, Windsor, ON

A very inspiring session!

Jill Jose, Project Manager, Acontec, Doha, Qatar

I would like to again thank you for an excellent workshop on coaching, that you delivered to our International Sales Directors Meeting in Paris, France, last week. The day's workshop started at a basic level and then progressed in such a way as to bring added value to even those more advanced, coaching savvy, country Directors. You very effectively brought some of the developing country Managers up to speed on the concept of coaching and yet still enhanced the coaching skills of the more experienced in the group. Although the room left much to be desired, you never lost the group. You managed to keep a very diverse audience involved in your material and participating in the development of their new-found or somewhat established coaching skills. They certainly left the meeting with a clear and solid path to follow in implementing the skills learned and/or new ideas gained. Jim, as I mentioned in my opening remarks, 'any increase in managerial effectiveness translates directly to the bottom line'. Your coaching skills workshop has definitely increased the managerial effectiveness of our Sales Managers and Directors from around the world. Our shareholders will therefore appreciate your program when our year end results are posted next year. Thanks again for a great program.

George Gilraine, General Manager, Nordisk Pharmaceutical Ltd., Oakville, ON

Great at getting everyone involved in the discussions. I would definitely refer any of my colleagues to book Jim as a speaker. Enjoyable!

Tim Cunningham, Sales Manager, Supremex, Etobicoke, ON

Nice job in bringing parochial insights forward and the manner in which it was delivered - laid back yet impactful.

Stu Emerson, General Manager, Supremex, Etobicoke, ON

This session helped me identify with my leadership skills and will allow me to develop them further. Has given me the confidence to continue on my track.

Gemma Giovinazzo, VP Customer Care & IT, Coppley Apparel Group, Hamilton, ON

Thank you for the workshop you presented recently at Dofasco. Your style lends itself to allow the participants to have an enjoyable time and at the same time leave with some new and simple ideas and insights. Your story telling struck a cord with me because in the work I do in our organization, the need for this ability is essential. Drawing on simple analogies or your own experiences in life can often times crystallize the abstract for yourself and others.

Charlie Hendershott, Organization Development Specialist, Dofasco Inc., Hamilton, ON

Jim's contribution to our planning meeting was significant. The effort applied in advance to understand our organization translated into a super presentation, targeted directly at the audience. The Transformation Pathways discussion provided a great framework for our subsequent workshops.

Peter Cummins, Manager Professional Services, McNeil Consumer Products Company (a J & J Company), Guelph, ON

Excellent - I've been a fan for years!

Kim Kraemer, Employee Development, Mitra Imaging, Waterloo, ON

Jim gave a lot of tools for providing and encouraging leadership.

Ron Sandy, Time Study Engineer, Kelly Springfield Tire, Fayetteville, NC

Very informative and thought provoking material that will help implant change in our organization.

Bruce Linkletter, General Manager, Tamming Foods, Cambridge, ON

Jim has a very real point that is true in every company I have worked for. I only wish that this course was required by all employees.

Mike Hobbs, Controller, Tamming Foods, Cambridge, ON

Excellent training session to evaluate and improve our organization. We have a plan to start now and work to grow.

Janet Kunsch, Director of Sales, Tamming Foods, Waterloo, ON

This is an extremely useful session with some great tools for developing leadership skills in an easily digested and informed session.

Marie Wilson, Media Relations Manager, Ontario Power Generation, Tiverton, ON

Great presenter, holds your interest, good story teller.

Mike Andrews, Trades Management Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation, Mattawa, Ontario

Very strong presenter and speaker and is able to explain and excite one about becoming a leader.

Jamie Draper, Very strong presenter and speaker and is able to explain and excite one about becoming a leader.

Very informative and thought provoking.

Rob Leslie, Quality Project Manager, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, ON

Excellent and effective speaker - very inspirational.

Joanne Barradas, Manager FFRS Conversion, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON

Excellent, well worth the time. Lots of ideas, models, etc. Very interactive and informative.

Peter Fraschetti, Continuous Improvement Support, L-3 Communications, Toronto, ON

Excellent, informative, interesting, enlightened, well worth while.

Darcy Guenette, Business Supervisor - Information, Ontario Power Generation, Timmins, ON

Excellent use of stories and allegory to improve understanding of concepts.

Brad Colden, Manager-Customer Business Relations, Hydro One, Toronto, ON

Jim's presentation style is very down to earth. Jim uses realistic examples of tools that I can take back to my organization to build on.

Grace Williams, Executive Assistant, Brant County Power Inc., Paris, ON

Extremely informative. Very useful in moving our company forward.

Alim Yhap, Manager Property Tax, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON

Able to interact with participants and draw conversations from answers given by participants.

Ron Chowdy, Construction Manager, Flynn Canada Ltd., Toronto, ON

Entertaining, knowledgeable, engaging, provided a wealth of info in a short amount of time.

Mary Jo Polidore, Vice President of Communications, Lockheed Martin, Forth Worth, TX

Excellent facilitator; kept group engaged. Jim provided some very good approaches to improving morale and increasing employee engagement.

Debbie Shepstone, Senior Financial Analyst, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering, ON

This has been one of the most useful training sessions that I have ever been to.

Mark Armstrong, Cost & Schedule Analyst, Ontario Power Generation, Niagara Falls, ON

Jim shared his experiences and the experiences of some of his other clients. This sharing greatly enhanced the learning and 'drove home' how the principles can and have been applied successfully by others.

Michelle Mejaski, Senior Staffing Consultant, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON

Engaging, funny, credible, sincere, experienced.

Mary Williamson, Organizational Development, IBEW Local 37, Fredericton, NB

Knowledgeable, good speaker, great sense of humor, enthusiastic about his material.

Leslie MacNeill, Accounting Administration, IBEW Local 37, Fredericton, NB

Positive, enthusiasm flowing out of him, with the right touch of humor to get the points across.

Glen Stackhouse, Instrumentation Specialist, NB Power, Saint John, NB

I learn best through examples, and Jim did a good job pulling those examples out of the group and demonstrating his own - that hit home personally.

Lisa Camara, Regional Sourcing Manager, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc., Hamilton, ON

Thank you for your exceptional and insightful leadership in our Distributor meeting. The insights and life lessons you shared were invaluable...I appreciated not only the moderation of our meeting, but all the time and care you took in gathering the insights from our customers. I am confident we’ll find opportunities to work together in the future. Thank you once again for making our event special." Click here for a PDF of the full letter

Tribby Warfield, President, North American Commercial, Gates Corporation, Denver, CO

This course far exceeded my expectations. I feel motivated to make changes, to inspire and encourage others, and to practice being a leader.

Laura Grady, Thermal Station Engineer, Ontario Power Generation, ON

Jim makes an effort to use real-world examples to illustrate the teaching concepts, which makes them very easy to understand.

Andre Friedmann, Cost and Scheduling Analyst, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON

Jim has keen insight into what it takes to build a transparent and effective culture. His ability to translate principles into relatable and personal action steps is terrific.

Denice Torres, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, (a J & J company), New Jersey

Fun, engaging, interactive. Jim is very good at facilitating large group discussion. Liked the Fatal Five Failure Factors.

Debbie Tsakires, Supervisor, Org. Effectiveness, SaskPower, Regina, SK

Insightful, informed, organized, experienced, comprehensive, practical, fresh, entertaining, engaging.

Patrick Lee, Insightful, informed, organized, experienced, comprehensive, practical, fresh, entertaining, engaging

Jim is able to quickly ascertain what an organization needs in order to move forward, even when the leadership has not been able to figure this out for themselves. Jim tailors his message to meet the need and connects with people where they reside. He doesn't talk over the heads of the organization's people, yet doesn't "dumb down" the message, either. If your organization is stuck, Jim can get you moving forward again. If you are moving forward, Jim can help you leap-frog your competition and quickly create sustainable competitive advantages.

Terie Ellis, CFO/Controller, H.R. Spinner Corp., Yakima, WA

Non-Government Organization/Charity

Thank you for launching Leadership Waterloo Region's Non-Profit Series with a powerful and relevant session, 'Leading through Change'. Your evaluations were excellent! One participant commented, "I will remember how to narrow it down – the content was spot on. I appreciated the encouragement to 'help others stay in the learning mode.'" Your session was just what our social leaders needed during these uncertain times. Thank you for engaging our leaders, your presentation's audio was clear, and the slides hit the mark!

Diane Wiles CFRE, CEO, Leadership Waterloo Region

Jim is just as dynamic, engaging and thoughtful virtually as he is in person! His messaging is clear and targeted to his audience. We trust that our attendees will ALWAYS leave inspired, and pushed to think with new perspectives. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the members of Leadership Waterloo Region and our community.

Bethan Llewellyn, Manager, Leadership Waterloo Region

Engaging and energetic. Jim's stories, style, and sense of humor bring life to the content. It is obvious that Jim lives what he talks about!

Nancy Bird, Senior Director, Community Investment & Engagement, United Way Waterloo Region Communities

Extremely engaging and memorable (don't change the Dad jokes!). I am leaving today fully motivated, inspired, and excited to put what I've learned into action!

Lee-Anne Barker, Fundraising Fund Development Coordinator, Cambridge Shelter Corporation

The most valuable parts of this workshop was having takeaway tools. Jim is a facilitator who coaches, practical approaches that are logical and intuitive, and using actual situations and not role playing.

Kim Campbell, VP Quality, The Good Samaritan Society

I had several light bulb moments during the two days. The 360 assessment was very useful for me to recognize my strengths. I also saw that coaching is a necessity and not an option to help my team grow.

Jane Wald, Manager of Education, The Good Samaritan Society

Funny! I love how he made me laugh.

Cheryl Wilms, Board Member, Stony Plain FCSS, AB

Very engaging and relative to the work of my organization I am involved in.

Megan Taylor, Program Coordinator, Pembina Crisis Connection Society, AB

Fun, positive, inspiring - it was very energizing and a great reminder.

Elizabeth Schnitzler, Social Planner, City of Calgary FCSS

Able to quickly summarize dense research and transform it into practical application.

Tinna Ezekiel, Social Planner, Regional Municipality of Wood Bufffalo, AB

Entertaining, informative, easy listening, amazing.

Bonny Swart-Attwood, Volunteer, CSAB , AB

Fun, informative, useful information (in real life)

Flo Robinson, Board Chair, Kneehill Regional FCSS, AB

I needed this "boot in the pants" to get back on the positive side and leave my CRAP glasses at home in the drawer.

Teresa Dunlop, Program Manager, Town of Drayton Valley, AB

Entertaining, brilliant.

Ida Strandt, FCSS Coordinator, Drayton Valley & District FCSS

Engaging, realistic in the delivery of the detail, great humor incorporated throughout the session. Great analogies, stories to drive home all the points.

Kathy Kieffer, Support Services Manager, Community Living Walkerton

Approachable, friendly and funny (even the "Dad" jokes). Positive message focused on strengths - made me feel I need to be more objective and supportive.

Gareth Lloyd, Team Leader, Community Living Owen Sound & Districts

Skilled, clear and knowledgeable. Comfortable presenter with a great sense of humor. Helped the day pass quickly. What a lovely "change" of pace.

Anne-Marie McLeish, Manager, Business & Corporate Resources, Community Living Owen Sound

Very inspiring and funny

Jackie McCartney, Team Lead of Community Supports, Community Living Owen Sound & Districts

Engaging, entertaining, focused, educational, positive, inspiring.

Jeanie Finger, Residential Supervisor, Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living

Practical tips, workbook was very useful. Session is portable, will take it away and introduce it to the rest of my team.

Sheryl Chandler, Executive Director, Community Living Dufferin, Orangeville, ON

Definitely a day of self exam, confirmation and affirmation.

Judy Good, Care Manager, Good Smaritan Society, Edmonton, AB

Jim's insightful and knowledgeable and can deliver the material at the level of the 'real' person's understanding.

Irene Heath, Educator, Good Samaritan Society, Edmonton, AB

Dynamic presenter - uses many ways to keep participants 'in' the session - discussions, videos, personal reflections.

Charlene Sandford, Care Manager, Good Samaritan Society, Edmonton, AB

Lots of knowledge and wisdom, very effective in presenting his ideas and funny too!

Della Massey, Educator, Good Samaritan Society, Edmonton, AB

Very energetic, informative and insightful.

Tracy McGarry, Program Supervisor, Community Living Durham North, Port Perry, On

Very informative, enlightening, a real sense of understanding and being able to look at ourselves in both a negative and positive way.

Wendy Farrell, Community Services Manager, Plainfield Community Homes, Belleville, ON

Very good at focusing the different aspects of change and leadership.

Sherry Carnevale, Director Human Resources, North Bay Community Living, North Bay, ON

This is the most concrete approach to leadership based training I have ever attended. Very valuable stories that emphasis points of interest through the whole day - great!

Pat McNamera, Program Manager, Community Living Peterborough, Peterborough, ON

I found the session very informative and left feeling inspired.

Darlene Brooks, Director, North Bay Community Living, North Bay, ON

Very effective and practical guidance for leading in todays ever changing work environment.

Karen Dean, Crisis Program Supervisor, York Support Services Network, Newmarket, ON

Excellent, provides participants with concrete, realistic and practical solutions and ideas, and no role playing - thank you!

Barb Hiland, Senior Program Manager, Community Living Peterborough, Peterborough, ON

Engaging, entertaining, challenging and affirming!

David Outhouse, Managing Director, South Shore Community Service Association, Chester, NS

Very focused useful achievable tools and ideas presented on a foundation of solid up to date theory.

Jack Shore, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Victoria, BC

Jim introduced me to the real, practical tools that I have been looking for and put the wind back in my sails!

Kathy Poirier, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Brantford, ON

Jim is a fantastic speaker, entertaining, knowledgeable and inspiring. I would recommend his workshop. He really knows how to get everyone's attention, contains it and gets them involve with discussion.

Lisa Rheault, Vice Chair, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Sudbury, ON

Excellent ideas and implemental tools for new and veteran leaders.

Diana Gainer, Volunteer Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Thunder Bay, ON

Worth the time, many practical ideas. Very inspirational. Personalized to our context. Something for everybody, no matter what level you're at.

Wendy Yap, Board Member, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Mississauga, ON

He knows his stuff. He has much experience in many areas that assist any leader or potential leader to become top notch.

Thomas Fischer, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Brampton, ON

Well researched, good practical presentation skills, great examples, good use of humor, very participatory able to connect with group. Excellent - he believes and lives what he preaches.

Greg Borotsik, Chair - Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Stratford, ON

It was informative, relevant, encouraging and anchoring in terms of where I fit in within my organization, and clarifying my role within it.

Beatrix Santorelli, Respite Coordinator, Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver, BC

Excellent presenter, great stories and examples, kept my interest, gave valuable information that I can use in my job and life overall.

Parmjit Randhawa, Manager, Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver, BC

Jim is a great presenter and really knows what he's talking about. The exercises were helpful and some were really eye opening.

Carrie Beller, Fleet Manager, Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver, BC

Relevant, informative, practical, directional, motivating. Reinforces concept in his books.

Shirley King, Executive Director, Salvation Army, Riverview, NB

Police/Fire Services

Engaging, authentic, and realistic. Re-energized my view of leadership and how to encourage growth and engagement in my team.

Mary Jo Quinn, Records Branch Supervisor, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Conscientious, engaging, and interested in our Police Service.

Lee Fitzpatrick, Director, Community Services, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Very energetic and engaged.

Daryl Goetz, Inspector, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Excellent, relaxed, and informative presentation style.

Gary Melanson, Director, Legal Services and Risk Management, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Engaging and genuine.

Joseph Steiner, Director, Finance and Administration, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Very knowledgeable as to leadership competencies and inspiring as to importance of finding path for yourself to increase or improve your leadership.

Joel Breault, Staff Sergeant, Ontario Police College, Temiskaming, ON

A different viewpoint of competencies and how they interlink.

Ron Campbell, Human Resources Manager, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Edmonton, AB

Very inspirational - a well polished workshop absolutely loaded with practical tools.

Richard Hildebrand, Deputy Fire Chief, City of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB

Jim worked through the day's jam packed agenda in a very clear concise manner using effective tools to do so, i.e., slides, videos.

Louise Clarke, Communications Support Tech, Cambridge Fire Department, Cambridge, ON

Very thought provoking. Helps you to do some very valuable self-assessment.

Sandi Gellow, Manager, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo, ON

Jim is an engaging presenter with excellent use of visual aids. It would have been nice to have more time with the presenter.

Mike Fleischaker, Staff Sergeant, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

Outgoing great presenter who certainly can present his knowledge in clear way for others to understand.

Leslie Burke, Manager, Information Management, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

Excellent course that utilizes common sense and everyday examples to deliver its message.

Karl Mielke, Staff Sergeant, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Lethbridge, ON

Fast paced, positive, motivational, inspiring!

Mike Curran, Chatham-Kent Police Service, Chatham, ON

The information is valuable whether you are in the private or public sector, manufacturing or service.

Stephen MacKinnon, Inspector, Owen Sound Police Service, Owen Sound, ON

Positive reinforcement for team building, leadership and positive management.

Ian Sanderson, Team Sergeant, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Lethbridge, ON

Provides real life strategies and information for use in your work environment, to enhance your skills in leadership while you manage.

Jeff Cove, Inspector, Lethbridge Regional Police Service, Lethbridge, ON

Very valuable to use at home and work.

Doug Dakin, Staff Sergeant, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo, ON

A great session that helped me learn more about myself and how to improve those areas I need to.

Tim Welychka, Sergeant, Niagara Regional Police Service, Welland, ON

Well worth the time, extremely thought provoking.

Chris Scotland, Staff Sergeant, Niagara Regional Police, St. Catharines, ON

Engaging, inspiring, informative.

Bill O'Shea, Detachment Manager, Ontario Provincial Police, North Bay, ON

Energetic and motivated speaker. Really assisted me in looking at the world in a different light. There's more success in looking at life as a navigator!

Michael Reynolds, Detachment Manager, Ontario Provincial Police, Linsay, ON

Inspiring, real, reminds you to be who you are and develop who you want to be, be the influence rather than being influenced and authentic.

Maggie Schoen, Sergeant, Hamilton Police Service, Hamilton, ON

Brings you back to what really is important in your daily lives. Stay positive!

John Gauthier, Sergeant, Timmins Police Service, Timmins, ON

There is a lot to learn, to listen and take away a few good ideas.

Ray St. Pierre, Inspector, West Nipissing Police Service, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Insightful, inspirational!

Dave Davidson, Community Policing Coordinator, Ontario Provincial Police, London, ON

Material is credible and vital to being a leader. I completely agree with the concept of using an experience of serious adversity as a defining event to make me stronger.

Ted Kitto, Sergeant, Owen Sound Police Service, Owen Sound, ON

Very well done - worth the time!

Manny Garcia, Detective Sergeant , Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

A valuable investment of time, many take-aways.

Jeff Hodgson, Staff Sergeant, Sarnia Police, Sarnia, ON

Dynamic speaker with a valuable message.

Mike Burns, Staff Sergeant, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

Excellent, well worth it. Made me question leadership and think and I will continue to think and reflect.

Martin Wallingford, Sergeant, Timmins Police Service, Timmins, ON

Excellent presentation and presenter! Enthusiastic, meaningful and taught with passion.

Stefan Kowal, Staff Sergeant - Financial Crimes, Windsor Police Service, Windsor, ON

It motivated me to remember I am a role model, to lead and live in Navigator mode, and stay above the line whenever possible. You are an engaging relevant presenter.

Richard Boyington, Sergeant, Branford Police Service, Brantford, ON

An absolutely exhilarating, energetic presenter with valuable tools to share.

Kevin Dhinsa, Sergeant, Hamilton Police Service, Hamilton, ON

Excellent - clarified issues that cloud the waters of leadership.

Robert Gould, Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo, ON

I was presented with a wealth of ideas to fix, strengthen and grow my team allowing me to customize my approach to fix the need.

Doug Babbitt, Detachment Commander, Ontario Provincial Police, Chatham, ON

Best day of the course.

Paul Beatty, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

Excellent presentation - high energy, positive and provocative.

Jeff Bond, Detective Sergeant, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

really enjoyed your session Jim. I've just picked up so much and will be able to apply it in my working environment.

Al Bonner, York Regional Police, Newmarket, ON

Outstanding speaker. Great use of little quotes and anecdotes. Use of various media in the presentation makes you seem really involved with the group. You are a flashlight, exposing things that many people never see in their lifetimes.

Scott Brown, Staff Sergeant, Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa, ON

Great applications for concepts that repeated over and over but rarely applied.

Denis Cleroux, Acting Staff Sergeant, Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa, ON

Excellent ideas and suggestions on leadership skills and dealing with change. Great idea to brainstorm all issues and changes and set priorities and action plans.

Gerry Dechstader, Fire Chief, Camlachie Fire-Rescue, Gamlachie, ON

An extensive list of tools that can be used to become a more effective leader.

Terry Dicks, Assistant Fire Chief, Barrie Fire and Emergency Services, Barrie, ON

Thoroughly enjoyed Jim's honest approach to working with people; grow them and encourage them. Reinforced my views.

Donald Donaldson, Fire Chief, Greater Sudbury Fire Services, Sudbury, ON

Fast moving; enjoyable; thought provoking; a good reminder to look in the mirror to see who might be responsible for what is happening - or not. Don't give up the 'Dad Jokes'.

Jim Ferry, Deputy Chief, Innisfil Fire & Rescue Services, Innisfil, ON

Jim leads discussion groups with experience and a style that is wonderfully received and understood by all.

Al Frost, Staff Sergeant, Halton Regional Police Services, Milton, ON

Excellent presentation, interesting information and very relevant to our structure.

Cliff Jeffrey, Quinte West Fire Department, City of Quinte West, ON

Very valuable, more tools for our tool belt to try to be the leaders of tomorrow with qualities of the leaders we idolize today.

Shawn Johnson, Operations Manager, Ontario Provincial Police, Goderich, ON

A thought-provoking session involving theories which are backed by real life examples.

John Kendrick, Detachment Commander, Ontario Provincial Police, Marathon, ON

Very thought-provoking. Helped me to see where I am, where to go, and how to get there!

Rob Knudsen, Detective Inspector, Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, ON

On behalf of the LEADER course participants, I thank you for inspiring and touching the heads and hearts of police leaders in the province. Your words, stories and timeless principles continue to contribute to police leadership development.

Claudette Lachance, Leadership Training Instructor, Ontario Police College, Aylmer, On

Great! One of the very best I have attended.

Rick Larabie, Fire Chief, City of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Worthwhile workshop to attend to re-evaluate personal and organizational leadership.

Deb McDonald, Instructor, Ontario Police College, Alymer, ON

An enlightening workshop on leadership.

Rob Orr, Staff Sergeant, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

The seminar provided practical, common sense action tips that fit into real life situations. Leading and growing, that's the way to go.

Bob Percy, Detective, Halton Regional Police Services, Oakville, ON

I'm inspired to return to work and begin navigating through change and get the ship moving again.

Brent Bennett, Staff Sergeant, Detective Commander, Ontario Provincial Police, Red Lake, ON

To use a quote from a movie, "you make me want to be a better leader."

George Narozniak, Sergeant-Uniform Patrol, Hamilton Police Service, Hamilton, ON

Instructive on a professional level and helpful on a personal level.

Gerry Milne, Instructive on a professional level and helpful on a personal level."

I have to tell you how inspired I have become since hearing your presentation at the Ontario Police College a couple of weeks ago. I started reading one of the books you gave us and I couldn't believe what I was reading. It certainly wasn't the usual dry leadership step-by-step program I have been used to in the past. Quite the contrary. It was lively, though- provoking, interesting, stimulating, refreshing, are a chosen one, my friend. I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

David Ingrassia, Instructor, Ontario Police College and Hamilton Police Service, Caledonia, ON

I've been on many motivation, leadership sessions but just like in the NHL, "There's only one Wayne Gretzky".

Mike Pintar, Deputy Fire Chief, Timmins Fire Department, Timmins, ON

Great speaker, knows material, great sense of humor. Keeps audience attention.

Jim Renaud, Essex Police, Hanover, ON

Very helpful, have read Growing the Distance. Found it very inspirational and useful in my career.

Daryl Whiteley, St. Catharines Fire Services, St. Catharines, ON

Excellent presentation, new ideas, a review of old, an outstanding opportunity to improve my leadership skills.

Jim Sawkins, Fire Chief, Township of Tiny Fire Dept., Wyevale, ON

One of the best presentations I have ever heard on leader needs and qualities.

Jim Wright, Lasalle Police Department, Lasalle, ON

A leader on identifying how change is affecting all of us - personal and professional - and strategies on how to cope and lead through it.

Doug Schulz, Staff Sergeant, Peel Regional Police, Brampton, ON

Professional Development, Human Resources, and Training

Excellent mix of business, necessary actions and humour.

Bernie Maskerine, Senior Director Business Development Transit, SNC-Lavalin, Toronto, ON

Knowledgeable; ability to keep my interest/attention; very effective with humour.

Monique Zoghaib, Total Compensation Specialist, Ryerson University

Energetic, fabulous speaker, humorous, informative, engaging.

Sharlene Persaud, Human Resources Coordinator, Interval House

An excellent opportunity for teams to come together and consider ways they can enhance their performance. A practical and fun way to re-energize and create a personal action plan.

Janice Medland, JM Coaching and Consulting

Professional Services

Jim was instrumental in helping Unity's Board of Directors grow through a dozen years of leadership planning, implementing and manifesting. Through repeated annual planning sessions, Jim was exceptional in bringing diverse views and energies into a laser plan with measurable and obtainable goals that sustains us from year to year.

Sharon Ketchum, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Workshop Facilitator for SoulCollage

Jim is THE go-to guy in Canada for Leadership training. I have always enjoyed his books; and working with him in person has vastly improved my effectiveness. Jim's latest endeavor, "The Extraordinary Leader Workshop" was an exceptional event; even by Jim's unusually high standards. This program is the best tool I have found to identify a leader's current areas of strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, provides a wealth of knowledge on how you can (and why you should) develop your particular strengths to improve your performance in every aspect of your life.

Ryan Hurlbut, Manager - Workplace Development; Health, Safety and Environment, CRSP at Pillar Resource Services Inc.,

Consistent – I have read Jim Clemmer for years – definitely focused in his ideas – wonderful in facilitating a large group and making it feel like a conversation.

Janice Decelles, Senior Consultant, MNP, Regina, SK

Jim uses common language to help us connect the dots. He is extremely knowledgeable and can easily adapt to meet the groups needs.

Peggy Zurkan, Manager, Training, Emerging Information Systems Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Exceptionally entertaining and probing look into leadership as a concept and a practice.

Dave Rooke, Vice President - Business Development, SNC-Lavalin, Ottawa, ON

Energetic, engaging, funny, real life examples relevant to audience.

Stacey Prosser, TD Prosser, Capgemini, Toronto, ON

Very energetic and passionate.

Vineet Chandran, Manager Business Development, Core Solutions, Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Fantastic! Practical information with inspiring examples from real experiences. Gave me a solid base of ideas to build on!

Shelia MacLeod, Hired Pen, Ottawa, ON

I have attended various seminars and this was by far the most concrete insight to help me focus my organization.

Peter Reaume, President, Logisti Solve Inc., Etobicoke, ON

For sure a grabber – very good presentation and slide shows, humorous and professional.

Ruknudin Abdulla, Marketing Manager, Safa Group, Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Very dynamic speaker, great humor, simple, easy to understand ideas.

Tina Gradinans, Guelph, ON

It was a pleasure to learn from Jim in such a comfortable, non-threatening session. You obviously enjoy what you are doing.

Betty Kashur, Smith Valeriote Law Firm, Guelph, ON

A very useful survey of a very broad topic; Jim worked through 2 days of content in 1 and managed to produce a coherent, cogent, seminar.

Grey Trew, Manager, Claymore Consulting, Saskatoon, SK

Your session was great! We received many glowing comments about your manner of presenting ideas...

Mark Waldron, M.W. Waldron Associates, Guelph, ON

Very entertaining. Brings complex issues to an understandable and realistic level. Anyone and everyone can benefit from these sessions.

Chris Wentzell, Partner, Kensington Associates, Moncton, NB

Jim Clemmer is one of the best.

Fuad Abu Hableh, Showroom Manager, Qatar Automobile Co., Doha, Qatar

An entertaining and informative dialogue about improving workplace effectiveness.

Lori Maida, Director HR, Response Biomedical Corporation, Vancouver, BC

Packed full of practical ideas that could be implemented tomorrow. 'Whole' life focus!

Janet MacPhee, Coach/Leadership Development Consultant, Compass Coaching, Bolton, ON

His energy and positive attitude are catching! I'm glad I was there.

Lori Hewson, Human Resources Administrator, CAA, North and East Ontario, Ottawa, ON

Entertaining workshop with very real, very effective examples and exercises. A very enlightening day.

Kathie MacDonald, Administration Manager, The Centre for Rural Leadership, Guelph, ON

You will walk away with something that will make you a better leader - if you want to.

Allan Vanderwolf, District Manager, Purolator Courier Ltd.

Hits the biggest organizational problem right on the mark - literally puts the moose in full view.

Raymond Perras, President, Repars Consulting, Orleans, ON

It was fun and informative. It is great to be able to discuss 'difficult' situations with a sense of humor.

Nicole Brookes, It was fun and informative. It is great to be able to discuss 'difficult' situations with a sense of humor."

Excellent presentation, time went by fast. Good points to leave with, I feel refreshed and optimistic with the future.

Carole Alain, Account Manager, The 500 Staffing Inc., Kitchener, ON

Excellent session - I wish we had the whole day! Leadership is a very broad subject, and this person provided a great overview, with thought provoking discussions and exercises.

John Matos, Director, Information Systems, Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, ON

Very good presentation. Format excellent, interactive and powerful. Provided us with very practical ideas that we can implement.

Josie Bouchard, Equity Advisor, Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, ON

A clever, witty, delightful and fun way to address common business obstacles to success, profitability and morale. Very enjoyable.

Sarah Bordas, Training Coordinator, Colt Worley Parsons, Markham, ON

Dynamic, able to articulate issues/concepts in understandable ways.

Sylvia Pivko, Executive Director, Blue Hills Child & Family Centre, Aurora, ON

Very useful, refreshing, light and candid.

Lori Young, Supervisor, Child Care Services, Region York, Newmarket, ON

Jim's session is value added and a must have for all organizations interested in making a real change and develop leaders. He is a wealth of knowledge!

Caterina Ichkhanian, Executive Director, Spotlight on Solutions, Richmond Hill, ON

Energetic, dynamic person. Excellent presenter from both a content and entertainment perspective.

Theresa Rushton, Partner, Hydrogeologist, Dillon Consulting Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Inspirational, the best motivational speaker I have heard.

Ken Maynard, Project Manager, Dillon Consulting Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Very easy to relate to. Takes complex problems and simplifies the out look on these problems to find a solution.

Andre Joseph, Engineer, Dillon Consulting Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Excellent content and engagingly presented!

Jennifer Harkes, Partner, Dillon Consulting Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Funny, professional, good grasp on the material.

Jason Carroll, Transportation Planner, Dillon Consulting Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Lively, powerful and enlightening.

Lubaina Galely, ADP Canada Employer Services, Toronto, ON

Public Sector

My heart is so full right now...THANK you so so much for the excellent messages. I am completely delighted with your strong profound messages. I thought I would share some of the feedback we have received from the 500 webcast participants who attended your session. The overall rating is very close to 9/10 which is amazing. You rocked... people really appreciated your presentation and the panel conversation. It was an overall great success. Thanks for a job very well done.

Jocelyne LaRouque, Change Advisor and Learning Specialist, Canada School of Public Service / Government of Canada

Very knowledgeable, great content.

Harold Bulford, County Councillor, County of Grande Prairie, AB

Knowledgeable and challenging. Helps to put together all the pieces of the puzzle in terms of leadership and understanding what culture means to our organization. Thanks for a great day!

Becky Hoehn, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan MInistry of Highways and Infrastructure

Jim was great and really guided the discussions. Given the vague information he was given to create the session, he still hit the nail on the head.

Candace Sazynski, Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Saskatchewan Public Service Commission

Too bad you didn't have more time Jim! This was only a "teaser" compared to the 1-day "Extraordinary Leader" session with the Ministry of Agriculture. Still, it reaffirmed all I learned and inspired me to continue my (and my team's) journey. You are excellent at presenting and genuine - I could listen to you tomorrow too!

Penny McCall, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Jim was very informative. The presentation was fun and entertaining.

Heather Sherk, Supervisor of Customer Service, Town of Innisfil

Jim was engaging, responsive, knowledgeable, and relevant. A very enjoyable presentation!

Karen Fraser, Deputy Clerk, Town of Innisfil

Motivating, real, inspiring, pragmatic, love the vernacular.

Trish Moloughney, Director, Planning, Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Toronto, ON

He is entertaining. His session is about life lessons; how we see things, how we deal with them, etc. It has made me think about how I deal with change and what my responsibility for choices are.

Litsa Fourlaris, Judicial Clerk, Court of Queen's Bench, Edmonton, AB

It's positive, upbeat, excellent ideas and strategies to cope with this incredibly fast-moving world, both work and home.

Heather Paziuk, Judicial Clerk, Alberta Justice, Vegrevill, AB

Very good speaker, excellent seminar. You can apply his leadership principals in your everyday life (home/work).

Dolorese Carruthers, Supervisor Judicial Clerk, Court of Queen’s Bench, Calgary, AB

Jim's session is excellent for any and everyone as we all struggle on many of the same negative feelings, self talk, etc. His session is an excellent tool for 'living' life.

Paula Hendrickson, Judicial Clerk, Drumheller Provincial Court, Drumheller, AB

The session was inspirational. I have gained knowledge that I can apply in both my professional and personal life. Outstanding speaker.

Julie Leclair, Manager, Canada Revenue Agency, Toronto, ON

Very beneficial to managers in our environment. Practical information to use in our workplace.

Winston Roberts, Middle Manager, Canada Revenue Agency, Toronto, ON

I appreciate much more than the knowledge shared, the opportunity for self-reflection. It is a wonderful chance to assess one's performance as a leader.

Frances Sauve, Manager, Canada Revenue Agency, Scarborough, ON

Excellent speaker, very engaging and knowledgeable. Extremely excited about his field and can share that information.

Janet Bruch, Manager, Revenue Collections, Canada Revenue Agency, Scarborough, ON

Very inspirational, excellent presentation. If it is to be, then it's up to me!

Debbie Hotton-Maciel, Team Leader, Canada Revenue Agency, Saskatoon, SK

Thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening.

Bob Millett, Team Leader, Canada Revenue Agency, Toronto, ON

I really found this presentation very useful. I will try to be more introspective and possibly less busy, focus on priorities.

Helene Rampersaud, Team Manager, Canada Revenue Agency, Toronto, On

Great session. Very practical and grounded in today's issues.

Don Alton, Assistant Director, Canada Revenue Agency, Toronto, ON

Thanks once again for the workshop, the feedback I received was very positive. It was a short time frame and you left everyone with the feeling that they wanted more (which is of course a great compliment to you).

Eileen McCarthy, Planning Officer, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Toronto, ON

Your workshop was truly a pleasure. I'm pleased to report I've started my stump speech for our Nov. 13 planning day, and most critically set aside a full day a week to be available around the office without an agenda talking with staff and also advise staff that this day is theirs with no other commitments.

Ingrid Brodie, Director, Public Safety Initiatives, Government of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS

A great 'tune-up' for values and focus that can make a real difference for one's self and team.

Betty Deane, Government of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

I would like to compliment you on an excellent presentation. You should know that the results from our evaluation indicate that the vast majority of participants found the seminar to be very useful, and that 83% rated your presentation to be "very good" or "good". Well done indeed.

Chris Dekker, Manager of Communications, City of Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK

Excellent session. In the heat of constant battle, it's easy to become distracted with multiple issues. This session was a real reminder and re-ignited my passion for leadership and helped me refocus on what's really important – 'the people'.

John Enns, Government of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Thank you for your contribution to EDC's Leaders' Conference: Leadership at the Speed of Change - Striking the Right Balance. In these times of uncertainty and change, you have helped us to reflect on our role as leaders and how we can positively influence the mindset. The presentation was excellent. I particularly appreciated how you drew from EDC's organizational realities to illustrate the concepts and practices contained in your book Growing the Distance. The feedback on your presentation and facilitation of the discussion was highly favorable (4.3/5). I would like to thank you for helping us get a step closer to being Navigators of Change.

Ian Gillespie, President & CEO, Export Development Canada, Ottawa, ON

Thanks again for delivering your executive development workshop. We again had very positive feedback. Participants rated your knowledge of the topic at a 4.89 out of a possible 5.00. They rated your teaching/presentation skills at a 4.63 out of a possible 5.00 and the quality of the program at a 4.55 out of a possible 5.00. Some of the comments include:-- "good material, expertise, thought-provoking, many resources for future work, further exploring" - "excellent examples"- "well done, very worthwhile"- "very interesting, nice informal style, covered a lot of information in a short period of time well, overall very enjoyable and helpful". The benchmark for our programs is a rating of 4.00 out of 5.00. Your ratings were excellent.

Rita Greenridge, Executive Development Consultant, The Cabinet Office, Ontario Government, Toronto, ON

A great session that clearly influenced many people to be better leaders.

Ron Jaros, Planning Manager, Region of Peel, Brampton, ON

Excellent, thought-provoking , life changing course.

Renee Laforet, Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, Toronto, ON

I wanted to drop you a brief note to thank you for working with the HR Branch and City leadership in the past few days. You have helped all of us on our journey of self improvement. You have also helped the organization move the yardsticks down the field of leadership. On a personal note I have found the past few days very rewarding. It has caused me to pause and reflect and reconnect with my vision.

Jeff McPherson, Manager, Human Resources Branch, City of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB

Jim's presentation was both informative and reinforcing. His combined use of sayings, humor, and illustrations coupled with his personable style made the material easy to understand and absorb. The day slipped by very quickly. His insights are certainly contagious.

John Tuchscherer, Director of Human Resources, Saskatchewan Water, Moose Jaw, SK

My life has become very focused since your workshop in Orangeville for the Forestry Technicians at Hydro One.

I have moved on reflecting on all of the tragedy in my life in the past year (the loss of a relationship and the death of numerous young, close friends in tragic separate incidents). Even my parents pondering divorce (after 43 years) is not disrupting my focus. I went and spent 4 days with my parents after their announcement, said what I had to say and listened to their points of view. It was sad walking away from the situation, but on the way home I just thought ‘this cannot affect where I am supposed to be'." I spoke my thoughts and listened and said to myself. That is all I can do.

The chips will have to fall where they may. Prior to your workshop, I would have let it consume me. Thanks for the help.

Mark, Hydro One delivered the message with passion and did a particularly good job linking the material presented and the implications for training and HRD professionals... While we certainly tapped into the breadth of your knowledge, it was obvious that we had only begun to tap into the depth of your knowledge and experience on many issues.

Dave McIntyre, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Canada Post Corporation, Ottawa, ON

... finally an author has been brave enough, brilliant enough, and experienced enough to state the basic truths about effective managers running successful, fulfilling, motivated corporations... I'm thrilled... and challenge you to dip your toe into Jim's energetic workshop and then settle back and read his books. You won't be sitting long!

Mary-Frances Turner, Commissioner, Development Services, Town of Markham, Markham, ON

Excellent. A complete step-by-step package of information.

Mohan Varghese, Government of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

This session was like a tickler. Would have liked to have spent more time on some of the concepts. Most definitely this will cause me to explore these concepts further.

Pat Wong, Manager, Corporate Applications IT, City of Brampton, Brampton, ON

I found the session fantastic and immediately stimulating. I will be contacting you shortly regarding a session I have in mind for the Ontario Parks Association.

Bruce Hay, Manager of Parks Operation, City of Brampton, Brampton, ON

While this is so important in today's work environment, I also found this session so extremely applicable and relevant to personal development and one's personal life.

Ian Howatt, Government of Alberta, Calgary, AB

Very rewarding and useful.

Winnie Yiu-Yeung, Government of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

They have to attend Jim's seminar. His is so extensively informative, interesting, enlightening, well planned and structural -entertaining.

Susanne Fletcher, Techinical Trainer, City of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

Always topical and informative.

Janet Stamers, Sr. Program Consultant, Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, Toronto, ON

Addresses issues with humor, insight, and a balance of concrete tips and inspirational concepts.

Karen Elkin, HR Business Advisor, Ministry of Labour, Strategic Business Unit, Toronto, ON

The session was very relative, the information shared was specific to all departments, not only that of Recreation. This will, for me, make it much simpler to share this.

Kara Rotondo, Recreation & Community Events Coordinator, Municipality of Callander, Callander, ON

Very motivating and informative. Useful for day to day life skills.

Sally Davidson, Leisure Services Supervisor, Town of East Gwillimbury, Sharon, ON

Engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgable. Of course, I hope to take more workshops too!

Allaina Kane, Events Supervisor, City of Port Colborne, Port Colborne, ON

Very knowledgable with the ability to relate to every situation.

Marcia Feddes, Superintendent of Recreation Services, City of Orillia, Orillia, ON

Good communicator - excellent session. I would recommend Jim's workshop to others.

David Hains, Supervisor of Community Recreation, City of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Very engaging and knowledgable.

Kiyoshi, Oka, Director of Water Services, Halton Region, Oakville, ON

Very practical. Brings all the topics back to real life, not just high level concepts

Molly Elliott, Food Safety Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. Food & Rural Affairs, Guelph, ON

Jim teaches you without preaching to you - makes you want to go out and be a better person.

Sandra Jones, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. Food & Rural Affairs, Guelph, ON

Jim really kept our group engaged and did a great job of integrating our material. He helped connect the dots for people and increase the value of past session participation. We enjoyed his delivery style and particularly his humor. He laid a solid theoretical foundation illustrated with very relevant examples and stories and effectively led the group through quick and practical exercises to apply it. He’s given good starting points to branch off from for future sessions.

Aidan Prince, Organizational Development Specialist, City of Guelph, Guelph, ON

Totally committed to the belief in his program. Humorous, relaxed, comfortable. Imparts his knowledge and views in a way that is easily digested and remembered.

Elaine Noël, Supervisor, Transit Business Services, City of Guelph, Guelph, ON

Very effective presenter, entertaining and knows his stuff.

Scott Hannah, Manager of Development Planning, City of Guelph, Guelph, ON

Very realistic and a good reflection of how we lead and manage.

Kate Watson, Supervisor of Aquatics & Active Living, City of Guelph, Guelph, ON

Valuable life's work information shared in an interesting and reflective way. I am finding every year you need a top up of 'Jim' and now realizing a little bit of 'Jim' everyday would even be better.

Stephanie Venimore, Recreation Supervisor, City of Burlington, Burlington, ON

Excellent speaker with very useful and relevant examples and insights.

Stephen Murray, Facility Manager, Hydro One, Barrie, ON

Knowledgeable, entertaining, motivating. Re-focused to help move forward with leadership and inspired me - gave me tools to work with team and myself.

Jennifer Spence, Supervisor of Recreation Services, City of Burlington, Burlington, ON

Jim is very passionate and knowledgeable on the types of leaders. I found him extremely interesting and influential on self development and growth.

Natasha Denham, Corporate Strategy & Communication Coordinator, Town of East Gwillimbury, Sharon, ON

Jim = dynamic/motivated me to see opportunities to change my approach and leadership style.

Stephen Kitchen, Director of Planning, Township of King, King City, ON

Very well informed and insightful, did a good job providing practical examples and analogies.

Mark Valcic, General Manager of Corporate & Financial Services, Town of East Gwillimbury, Sharon, ON

Jim was an authentic speaker and 'kept it real'.

Ivy Henriksen, Program Manager of Customer Service, Town of Aurora, Aurora, ON

Solid research with good materials to pursue post-symposium. Engaging and dynamic facilitator. On track with direction of presentation.

Reccia Mandelcorn, Manager, Customer & Circulation Services, Aurora Public Library, Aurora, ON

Positive, confident, knowledgeable, humorous, inspiring, engages participants.

Claire Marsden, Human Resources Manager, Town of Georgina, Keswick, ON

Engaging speaker with balanced educational tools and humor. Teaching-sharing-laughing.

Velvet Ross, Manager of Planning, Town of Georgina, Keswick, ON

Very well informed, good facilitation of discussion. From the knowledge that culture needs to be part of how to manage or organization.

Lin Gallagher, Associate Deputy Minister, Government of Saskatchewan

Funny, connects well with audience, accessible, inspiring.

Irene Zivko, ACTT Program Manager, Summit Housing & Outreach Programs, Oakville, ON

Optimistic , intriguing, light, entertaining, excellent.

Kate Milne, Case Manager, United Counties of Leeds and Granville, Prescott, ON

Very engaging, thought provoking, informative.

Jennifer Barton, Director, Service Ontario, Peterborough,ON

In a word, FANTASTIC. He is very in tune and his presentation and words hit so close to home for me, I actually became emotional. Great job!!

Dawn Mailloux, Assistant Property Manager, Columbus Estates, Chatham, ON

Visionary. He has enlightened me to many things I have been struggling with.

Marilyn Danie-Awong, Owner, W & M Global Enterprise, Brampton, ON

Inspiring, positive, energetic, alive!

Shelly Craig, Property Manager, Riverway Non Profit Housing, Chatham, ON

Smart, insightful, funny and great energy!

Joanna Bendayan, Case Manager, Options Bytown, Ottawa, ON

Engaging, entertaining, energizing, enlightening.

Selene Commerford, Director of Administration, Nepean Housing Corporation, Nepan, ON

Personable, clear, positive, encouraging.

Jane Reble, Community Development Worker, Wellington & Guelph Housing Services, Guelph, ON

Quite inspiring and insightful.

Harvey Cooper, Manager, Government Relations, Co-Op Housing Federation of Canada, Toronto, ON

Broad knowledge base; understands how to relate the info to the audience well.

Tim Keales, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of Saskatchewan

Jim is engaging and practical, yet is able to deliver and share a strong message while helping the group to move forward to identify by actions to move our organization forward.

Greg Tuer, Executive Director, Labour Standards, Government of Saskatchewan

Informative, insightful, entertaining, helpful in directing our plans to act. Thank you for engaging us.

James Froh, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of Saskatchewan

Jim is engaging and entertaining. He does a good job of making people care about culture and think about how they can change their behaviors to match the values.

Maire Coulthard, Communications Consultant, Saskatchewan Agriculture, Regina, SK

Humorous, dynamic, easy to understand, relates well to the audience.

Gail Audette-Sand, Regional Manager, Saskatchwan Crop Insurance Corp., Melville, SK

Excellent balance of providing material and insight while generating participation.

Angèle Borys, Deputy Provincial Auditor and Chief Operating Officer, Provincial Auditor Saskatchewan, Regina, SK

Awesome speaker – keeps audience engaged, funny.

Debbie Kachluba, Director, Human Resources, Crown Investments Corp. of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK

Great workshop presenter with real life application.

Kelly Bettschen, Food Safety & Food Policy Analyst, Saskatchewan Agriculture, Regina, SK

Jim is engaging, knowledgeable and extremely entertaining.

Shannon Ferguson, Manager-Raymore CSO, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp., Raymore, SK

Great fun! Excellent information! Motivational! Put into perspective 'Leadership'.

Deborah Wishart, Director, Government of Saskatchewan, La Ronge, SK

Very good presenter, entertaining and inspiring - awesome presentation.

Ron Mytopher, Conservation Officer, Government of Saskatchewan, Strasbourg, SK

Jim is knowledgeable and articulate. He provides an energetic presentation that moves at a good pace, imparts knowledge and engages the learner.

Ann Lorenzen, Executive Director, Accountability Branch, Government of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK

Jim has the unique ability to define and use key concepts and principles in a simple way to bring best out of people.

Abdul Jalil, Director, Government of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK

Jim is perceptive and intuitive while speaking! I benefited by realizing that leadership qualities are something we all can strive for.

Arley Nelson, Advisory Council Officer, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB

Engaging, entertaining - really make a group take a look at themselves!

Laurie Columbus, Manager, School Health Secondary, Niagara Region, ON

Thorough, inspiring. He has a wonderful ability to make thinks relevant and helpful.

Terri Donia, Project Manager, Niagara Region, Thorold, ON

Humorous - exceptionally knowledgeable on leadership - engaging, thought provoking.

Joanne Spriet, Associate Director, Provincial Offences Court, Niagara Region, Niagara Falls, ON

Jim's presentation on Strengths-Based Leadership was outstanding! Feedback that I received from colleagues also reaffirmed their appreciation for being a part of the session (i.e. very positive feedback!). Jim presented the topic with extreme professionalism, clearly demonstrating insightful expertise and providing overall a very informative and inspirational session. His presentation style was delivered with well articulated thoughts, supported by the right level of detail and blended with appropriate humour. Thank you, Jim!!

Rick Gensiorek, Director, Industry Canada, Winnipeg, MB

Excellent speaker with a great sense of humor. His logic is presented very simply and makes perfect sense. With his information, one can learn the tools needed to become more positive.

Kathleen Mann, Administrator, The Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Falls, On

Upbeat, funny, positive, kept conversation moving along quickly. Great stories, scenarios, examples.

Nina Caughey, Assistant Manager, The Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Falls, ON

A great speaker who makes you think while making you laugh.

Mara Mascarin, Culinary Services Manager, The Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Falls, ON

Jim was very informative, the session was very positive and has taught me that I can choose to either embrace change and try to make the best of it or I can be fearful of change and view it negatively.

Rita Vaughan, Group Sales Representative, The Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Falls, ON

Excellent facilitator for introducing how to change and move our organization forward.

Wanda Harbin, Corporate Training & Development Officer, Marine Atlantic Inc., North Sydney, NS


Extremely easy facilitator that was able to steer our meeting in a concise manner.

Julie Woodward, Human Resources Manager, Natures Path/Que Pasa

Jim is a seasoned facilitator. He keeps the team moving and on task - a delight to work with. The outcomes match the goal of the meeting.

Daneen Skilling, National EHS Manager, Andrew Peller Ltd.

This was a tremendous vehicle for ideas and inspiration in how to position oneself for maximum actualization at work and home.

Bryan Campbell, Regional Service Manager, Rain Bird Golf Irrigation, Rochester, NY

Very informative, fun, useful and practical.

Lisa Morton, Store People Manager, Wal-Mart Canada Inc., Renfrew, ON

...Jim Clemmer's presentation brought in new ideas and perspectives. I enjoyed his perspective on being a manager versus a leader, and his humorous insights!

...Jim is a very good speaker...informative, challenging, and humorous. I actually thought everyone else in the room was a plant and he was only talking to me. His presentation gave me confidence that I wasn't the only one facing these issues.

Two Participants , Thomas Cook Group Workshop

I have had some profound results myself in the last weeks since the course. I ordered The Leaders Digest and Workbook for my whole team (12 managers) and have started the introduction in training last week. I have briefed my CEO on the program we are working with and she is thrilled. If you ever need anyone as a referral for the coaching course and future clients, I'd be pleased to talk about how much we have used that course and how we have adapted everything in it into our sales coaching program.
"Thank you for opening so many doors Jim - now to turn these principles around and aim them at my personal life...A full life inventory and plan. Thanks again Jim for all of your leadership and guidance - I truly value the work you do!

Jane Stollar, Director, Retail Sales and Operations, CAA Mid-Western Ontario, Kitchener, ON

Jim, your seminar was the best of the day for me! Especially because I find myself (at 45 years old and 25 years into my career) at a point where I need the clear wisdom (and lighthearted touch) your seminar inspires. I did purchase two of your books (one for a friend in a similar point in his career -- law enforcement) and am anxious to begin reading it. I will also check out your online seminar. Once again ... thank you for raising my conference experience several notches up!

Mark Schmitt, Director, Internal Communications, Eddie Bauer, Redmond, Wa


A congenial and creative connector of people with ideas and assumptions with new insights.

Fred Keating, President, Lindisfarne Productions Inc.

I recently attended Jim's keynote presentation on Leading @ the Speed of Change at the ONPHA Annual conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Jim's presentation was thoroughly enjoyable. The presentation was to about 1,200 delegates from many backgrounds. Jim was both humorous and thought provoking.

Stephen Beauchamp, General Manager - WestRock Merchandising Displays

We brought Jim in to present his Leading @ the Speed of Change workshop. After a few discussions with Jim we were able to customize the workshop to our exact needs. The two day workshop was well received by all in attendance and highly recommended.

Mike Horton, Director, Great West Life

Jim did an exceptional job and provided me with many "Aha" moments. He presented the information in a very dynamic manner. Truly the best professional workshop I have ever participated in.

Tim Trombley, Director of Entertainment, Caesars Windsor

Great communicator/listener - very positive and great use of technology.

Domenico Roma, Internal Audit Manager, Caesars Windsor

Organized, patient, disciplined (he didn't let us lead him astray), he was very good at moving us along.

Phoi Lo, Director, Database Marketing, Caesars Windsor

Very funny and entertaining presentation. Group work was well spaced and helped move the presentation along nicely.

Cameron McKay, Dining Room Supervisor, Mayfair Golf and Country Club, Edmonton, AB

Excellent, concise, inspiring and fun.

Chris Niddrie, Sous Chef, Willow Park Golf & Country Club, Calgary, AB

Great day, looking forward to further enhancement thru your books and emails.

Michael Plouffe, Club Manager, Henderson Lake Golf Club, Lethbridge, AB

Opened my mind to further research areas we touched on today and take a real look at how I do things, both personal and at work. Lead by example.

Bernie Sim, Director of Operations, Eau Clair YMCA, Calgary, AB

Excellent to understand the past, present and most important...the future factors that are required to lead and have others follow that lead.

Glen Stark, Assistant Squash Professional, The Glencoe Club, Calgary, AB

Jim has been a speaker for a Staubach Company meeting and has conducted consulting sessions with some of our divisions. He is the expert on service and quality for successful business. His presentation can result in immediate benefits for any group or corporation.

Roger Staubach, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Staubach Company, Dallas, TX

Great examples. Very easy to listen to, the day went flying by.

Linda Swanston, Club Manager, Highwood Golf and Country Club, High River, AB

I would be very remiss if I did not express my delight regarding the excellent seminar you conducted for the Institute in Canmore, Alberta. All 25 participants were totally unanimous in requesting you return to deliver another seminar. You were able to satisfy the needs of the bigger home builder company executives (400 - 600 homes per year) as well as make the same information absolutely relevant to the small home builder company (10 - 50 homes per year). Most notable was the great enjoyment expressed by everyone in working with you. I have been involved in education and training for over 30 years. I can recall at best, only two other occasions where so much enjoyment in what they were learning percolated so quickly through a group of people consisting mostly of strangers. I give you my heartfelt personal thanks for these results. It makes my job of locating high quality seminar leaders such as yourself that much easier.

Pat Almond, Alberta Home Builders Institute, Calgary, AB

One of the most informative sessions I have attended, and delivered with humor and enthusiasm.

Mary Thordarson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Terra View Homes, Cambridge, On

The past 2 days has and will continue to challenge me to look at how I lead people, and not always manage them. Thanks very much. Tremendously insightful.

Clint Caron, District Manager, Purolator Courier Ltd., Calgary, AB

Excellent, practical real world applicable ideas and principals. Refreshing and rewarding. A great opportunity to gain perspective and then put ideas into action.

Paul Merrick, General Manager, Field Sales & Operations, Purolator Courier Ltd., Richmond, BC

You exceeded our expectations! I can't remember so much positive feedback from a group following an outside presentation. I am feeling very good about where we are at vs. where we have come from, thanks so much to The Clemmer Group for helping us along the ‘Road to Excellence.'

Gary Wilson, Senior Vice President-Canada, Laidlaw Education Services, Burlington, ON

Our Senior Managers and participants found the session very informative and commented that they would have liked it to be a little longer...I would like to once again thank Jim for sharing his enthusiasm, knowledge, and learning's with our management and staff.

Janice Kochan, Mgr., Marketing Research, Planning and Service Quality, The Co-operators, Guelph, ON

It's a simple, common sense approach to overcoming issues and negativity in business.

Benny Giannotti, Branch Manager, Windsor Factory Supply Ltd., London, ON

Jim is a great speaker and covers great content. I appreciated the booklet, especially all the great added value referring to books, websites and fee stuff on his own website.

April Burrows, General Manager, Strive, Guelph, ON

It was a great seminar to motivate on the marriage of leadership and management.

Hala Dehais, Tourism Sales Coordinator, Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB

Great tools and resources to help organizations deal with issues in a fun and productive way.

Adam Ledwon, Operations Manager, Spring Lake RV Resort, Spring Lake, AB

Great information. Great speaker. Great idea to take back to the office. Practical examples and ideas.

Paula Stodalka, Visitor Services Coordinator, Tourism Medicine Hat, Medicine Hat, AB

Jim's Customer Centered Leadership course is very interactive with heaps of relevant stories/hints/tips to support our service quality initiative.

Chris Reed, CI Manager, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

Clear and concise communicator with a depth of knowledge and expertise in leadership.

Chris Wright, HR Analyst/SQ Culture, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

Really well presented, humorous and motivating. Very inspired to put into practice.

Carolyn Hope, HRIS Manager, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

Worthwhile, well presented in a fast moving setting. Well tailored to our organization.

Sam Lachman, Manager Narrowbody Business, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

Very useful, plenty of good ideas. Refreshing.

Mark Dimond, Production Leader, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

Jim made the material very relevant to our organizations particular needs and challenges.

Kirsten Jones, Service Quality Manager - Engineering Services, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

In a short space of time (1 hour) Jim can centre you back on to the importance of leadership in our mission of being brilliant!

Juliet Breen, Manager Emergency Response & Paxio Manager, Air New Zealand

Jim is very engaging and talks common sense! Can totally relate to our roles.

Michelle Robinson, CC Manager, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

Entertaining, very useful and appealing to all. We are introducing service quality and the session was very appropriate and reinforced what we are trying to do.

Chris Nassenstein, Group Manager, Engineering, Air New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

He speaks about all the 'real' stuff, stuff we know we should be doing, and he reminds us and gets us to figure out ourselves how we can do it.

Patricia Williamson, Skills Manager, Air New Zealand, Auckaland, New Zealand

A pro! Will make you think about leadership in whole new way.

Gail Dawkins-Wood, Director, Sysco Food Services of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Today was like water for a thirsty leader. I came looking for ideas and inspiration and I definitely got it! Sometimes we get so caught up in the firefighting we forget to load up on the water.

Lesley Young, Director, Organizational Growth and Learning, Blue Mountain Resorts, Collingwood, ON

A very effective presenter. Tips and techniques with research support.

Zhenhua Wang, I/O Grad Student, Industrial Organizational Psychology, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

I felt the authenticity in Jim's presentation, and I felt that he walks his talks.

Dr. Tareq Alsuwaidan, General Manager, Alresalah TV, Kuwait, Alsafat, Kuwait

Well worthwhile. Jim is not only dynamic, but a very insightful speaker.

Barry Chow, Executive VP and Co-CEO, Resiance Corporation, Calgary, AB

Encouraged us to not be victims. Don't waffle on the line. Ask questions. Don't let fear get in the way.

Sherrie Mark, Accounting Coordinator, Resiance Corporation, Calgary, AB

Funny and inspiring, a whole different outlook on change and how to be more positive to this change and get on the train to navigator. I would highly recommend Jim and his workshop.

Darlene Glover, Office Administration, G4S Security Services, Markham, ON

Provided a unique, but simple perspective on how to view change and how to stay above the line.

Trevor Hoch, Human Resource Generalist, Sysco Food Services Of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Really makes you think about life.

Blair Schmidt, Director of Merchandising, Sysco Food Services Of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Real person who has learned from experience and enjoys passing on his knowledge.

Mike Borland, District Sales Manager, Sysco Food Services Of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Very thought provoking, helped me consider my weakness and plan my improvement process.

Craig Giles, Director of Operations, Sysco Food Services Of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Very energetic and positive. Jim kept my focus all day.

Jason Pikta, Supervisor, Sysco Food Services Of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Able to inspire thought, idea sharing and help to get companies/departments to see the need for helping one another for the good of the company goal.

Cam Bowles, Director of Customer Relations, Sysco Food Services Of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Excellent discussion of thought provoking issues!

Bill Bierberbach, President, Miller Bearings, Orlando, FL

Very good communicator. Helped me to realize some strengths and weaknesses in my management/leadership style.

Brent Davis, Branch Operations Manager, Miller Bearings, Oscala, Fl.

Charismatic and informative, clear explanation of concepts.

Courtney Butler, Manager, Marketing & IT, Miller Bearings, Orlando, FL

Clear, simple to understand, great speaker, man of integrity and understands fully the rules to improve any management team.

David Byrd, Regional Sales Director, Miller Bearings, Orlando, FL

The tools are fabulous! They suit my planning style perfectly.

Linda Rayner, Director of Operations, Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre, Calgary, AB

Personable and dynamic – uses humour and analogies to get points across.

Jacquie Ballagh, Supply Chain Analyst, Flanagan Foodservice, Kitchener, ON

Charismatic, funny, knowledgeable, and thoroughly entertaining.

Jeff Boughton, Manager Information Technology, Flanagan Foodservice, Kitchener, ON

A new approach to leadership that goes against what I held true in the past. The information presented invigorates a new directive in applying and learning leadership skills.

Stephen Collins, General Manager, Home Building Centre Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst, ON


A very practical seminar.

Sew Yong Heng , Director, Manufacturing Process Improvement, RIM Research in Motion, Waterloo, ON

Excellent overview of key principles. It makes you want to dive in and learn about all of them!

Pushp Arora, Lean Practitioner, RIM Research in Motion, Waterloo, ON

Jim is a fantastic communicator! Enjoyed the relaxed, yet focused approach.

Don Dueck, Product Manager, Vansco Electronics LP, Winnipeg, MB

Very thought provoking, I will definitely review the material in more detail to help me build my personal plan.

Shirley Fullerton, Manager, Consumer Marketing Acquisition, Aliant Telecom, Saint John, NB

Excellent job! Very inspiring, thought provoking.

Marilyn Milbury, Coaching Consultant, Aliant Telecom, Halifax, NS

Jim's knowledge, experience, and energetic presentation were exactly what our employees and managers needed to hear at this point in our improvement process. We were all relieved to find that we were not the only people struggling with roll out and implementation! His direction and confidence were reassuring.

Sandy Adams, Service Quality Trainer, Advanced Technology Services Inc., Greenville, SC

Jim both kept my attention and provided me with lots of ideas and tools to improve my personal and business life.

Sue Casselman, Bell Canada, Ottawa, ON

...your guidance has had a significant, positive impact on our management team...we started down the road together less than a year ago and your message has lent practical and effective guidance to our improvement initiative. Our customers are noticing and there's lots more to come... thanks for helping us blaze new pathways, Jim.

Jeff Greenberg, General Manager, Invitrogen Canada, Grand Island, NY

... everyone is unanimous in their praise of your ability to have moved us so far so quickly on the path to better customer service... of note, as well, was your ability to draw on a vast experience to provide imagery that facilitated comprehension of an issue in terms that people could relate to... Jim, as always, I learn a considerable amount from you each time we meet.

Michel Desjardins, Xerox Canada, Saint Augustin, PQ

Having the personal content as well as business was extremely informative and welcome.

Terry McAmmond, Bell Canada, Ottawa, ON

Jim delivers a passionate emotional session that encompasses his genuine zest for the essence of what leadership is. This is an upbeat, interactive, thought provoking course that truly drives home the true spirit of leadership. The topics covered were very relevant to today's business challenges and Jim's presentation style balanced humor with timeless quotes which made me want to learn more and more.

Alan Zimmerman, Director, Allstream, Toronto, ON

I took part in one of your seminars about a year and half ago and have not been the same since. I have just started a full fledged management position and would like to thank you and your organization for helping me in my quest to becoming a GREAT LEADER!

Ed Misztal, DY4 Systems Inc., Kanata, ON

Excellent, relevant, thoroughly enjoyable.

Elizabeth Vainioupaa, Partner, Aurora International Telecom, Waterloo, ON

Very insightful speaker with lots of examples and dynamic to the group's needs (very flexible).

Jamie Jewer, Team Lead, Content Development, Research in Motion, Waterloo, ON

Jim is very knowledgeable on his topics, great communicating, keeping the content simple, easy to understand and entertaining.

Pierrette MacLeod, Customer Care Manager, Bell Aliant, Halifax, NS

Identified not only the Moose on the Loose, but Jim showed how management needs to work better with employees.

David Driedger, Manager, Consumer Public Access, MTS Allstream Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Assists you with taking a look within yourself to improve your skill set and performance and influence your team to be top achievers.

Brenda Klump, Manager-Wireless Activations, MTS Allstream Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Jim's talent is clearly to teach key leadership concepts by engaging his audience with fun and descriptive yet simple analogies. He weaves a great story and it's up to us to write our own ending.

Caitlin Roberts, Business Sales and Services - Team Leader, Bell Aliant, Halifax, NS

Great speaker. His ideas are so simple and easy to apply, it's scary.

Debbie Powell, Bell Aliant, Halifax, NS

I approached Jim to be our guest speaker for our recent conference. It was a pleasure to deal with Jim and his business partner/wife Heather in the running up to the conference. Jim was very professional and engaging in his presentation, his practical material is relevant to our members, and is accessible and well organized. We recommend Jim to anyone looking for a high powered leadership development coach/speaker.

Matthew Ng, P.Eng., MBA, FEC, PMP, Manager, Chapters, Professional Engineers Ontario, Toronto, ON

Jim provided the framework and some good tools for us to create our strategic goals for the year. I like his humor too!

Kerry Abbott, Human Resources, eHealth Ontario, Toronto, ON

Engaging, knowledgable, inspiring, active listener, strong facilitator.

Andrew McKenzie, Manager, eHealth Ontario, Markham, ON

Jim is very engaging and his presentation is thought provoking and is practical. Provided a lot of reference material to make me a better leader and promotes self reflection.

Kala Balasubramaniam, Director-Service Centre, eHealth Ontario, Toronto,ON

Transportation and Logistics

We have worked with The CLEMMER Group for a couple of years in my current role and some of us with them for many years before that. We have seen the proof of getting your management team aligned using Jim's solid principles for balancing management and leadership.

Jim’s books and The CLEMMER Group’s training and consulting services have been invaluable to building our company’s high performance culture.

I am a big fan of Jim’s solid folksy and very practical style. He is very inspiring and action oriented with his “inspire – action” focus. In this time of constant, ever-increasing change, having an experienced guide for implementing key leadership principles is very valuable.

Steven Bryce, Vice President, Finance, Metro Retail Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

Simple, to the point, easy to understand and put into action.

Peter Burgess, Senior Marine Officer, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Cornwall, ON

Very entertaining, Jim leads you to step back and look at yourself and your style in a manner to diagnose your own performance.

Darren Samms, Coordinator, Operational Support Canal Services, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, St. Catharines, ON

Very dynamic workshop with abundance of examples to support key points.

Jason Rodgers, Coordinator Marine Services, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, St. Lambert, PQ

Excellent session!! Highly recommend.

Linden Barnes, Manager, Safety, Air Canada, Victoria, BC

Practical, simple, and easy to follow. Brought forward issues managers face daily and simple examples of how to handle certain management/leadership traps.

Peter Burgess, Senior Marine Officer, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation

Provides opportunity for reflection and to take away some practical techniques to apply in real life.

Carol Capeluck, Regional DEUT Officer, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation

Motivating, thought provoking, inspiring, informative, practical.

Shawna Rainey, Manager, Employee Development, Air Canada, Toronto, ON

To the point. Engaging and very knowledgable.

Nathan Kantrowitz, CFO, G&G Shipping, Ft. Lauderdale


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  • City of Richmond
  • City of Saskatoon
  • City of St. Catharines
  • City of Vancouver
  • City of Yellowknife
  • Communication Security Establishment
  • Community Futures Partners of Saskatchewan
  • Corrections Canada
  • District of Maple Ridge
  • Employee Learning Services, BC Government
  • Export Development Corporation
  • Financial Management Institute of Canada
  • Forest Renewal BC
  • Government of Saskatchewan, Labour Relations & Workplace Safety
  • Guelph Police Service
  • Human Resource Development Canada
  • Human Resources Development Canada
  • Indian And Northern Affairs Canada
  • Industry Canada
  • Institute of Municipal Assessors of Ontario
  • Labour Canada
  • Liquor Control Board of Ontario
  • Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Technology, Innovation, and Citizen’s Services (BC)
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Municipal Officers Association of B.C.
  • Municipality of Chatham Kent
  • Newfoundland Government
  • Nova Scotia Government (numerous departments)
  • Ombudsman Ontario
  • Ontario Clean Water Agency
  • Ontario Federal Council
  • Ontario Fire College
  • Ontario Leadership Centre (The Cabinet Office)
  • Ontario Ministry Of Community Safety & Correctional Services
  • Ontario Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity, and Innovation
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment
  • Ontario Ministry of Labour
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  • Ontario Parks Association
  • Ontario Police College
  • Ontario Works in Peel Region
  • Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health
  • Public Service Commission
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada
  • Region of Durham
  • Region of Peel
  • Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carleton
  • Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton
  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
  • Saskatchewan Government
  • Saskatchewan Government (numerous departments and agencies)
  • Saskatchewan Public Service Commission
  • Skills Canada
  • Supply and Services Canada
  • Town of Ajax
  • Town of Innisfil
  • Transport Canada
  • Wellington County Public Sector Consortium
  • Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
  • Workplace Safety and Prevention Services


  • Eddie Bauer
  • CAA Mid-Western Ontario
  • Princess Auto Ltd.
  • Rain Bird Golf Irrigation
  • RIMOWA North America
  • Thomas Cook
  • Wal-Mart Canada Inc.


  • Air Ontario (division of Air Canada)
  • Aliant Telecom
  • BDO Dunwoody
  • Beattie Homes
  • Beaver Foods
  • Caesars Windsor
  • Calgary Airport Authority
  • Canada Safeway Limited
  • Canadian Airlines International
  • Canadian Association of Club Managers
  • Canadian Tire
  • Canadian Tire Dealers’ Association
  • Canadian Tire Petroleum
  • Canadian Tire Store Systems
  • Carlton Cards
  • Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing
  • CFMT-TV (division of Rogers)
  • Clarke Railfast
  • CNC Global
  • Coles Book Stores
  • Corporate Recovery Services
  • Crane Supply
  • Culligan Water Conditioning
  • Del Labs
  • Elephant & Castle Group
  • Ernest & Young
  • Federal Express
  • Friesen’s Corporation
  • Gardner Merchant Food Services
  • Giffels Associates Limited
  • GM Dealers Association
  • H. B. Maynard
  • Halifax Daily News
  • Home Hardware Stores
  • Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Hudson’s Bay Company
  • IKEA
  • Industrial Accident Prevention Association
  • Intratravel
  • Jayman Master Builder
  • K-Line Maintenance and Construction
  • KFC
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board
  • Lexus
  • Livingston Group
  • Lone Star Texas Grill
  • Macmillan Canada
  • Manitoba Tourism
  • Maritz
  • Martin Building Maintenance
  • McDonald’s Restaurants
  • Mercedes-Benz Latina (Latin and South America)
  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Mount Pleasant Group
  • Mövenpick Restaurants Canada
  • NAV Canada
  • North American Meat Purveyors Association
  • O’Neill Hotels and Resorts
  • Ontario Community Newspapers Association
  • Pareto Corporation
  • Pathfinder Learning Systems Corp.
  • Polygon Group Limited
  • Powell Equipment
  • Professional Home Builders Institute
  • Resorts Ontario
  • Robbin’s Donuts
  • Rogers Credit Operations
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Sanjel
  • ServiceMaster
  • Smitty’s Fine Furniture
  • Sony
  • Special Libraries Association
  • Supply Chain Management in Canada and Germany (run Wal-Mart distribution centers)
  • Tarxien Corp.
  • The Grocery People
  • The Staubach Company
  • Thomas Cook Group Ltd.
  • Toronto Law Office Management Association
  • Toryls
  • Tourism Stratford
  • Toyota Dealers of Ontario
  • TransGlobe Property Management Services
  • Turf Management Systems
  • TV Ontario
  • Universal Weather & Aviation
  • Vallen Safety Supply
  • White Spot Restaurants
  • Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board
  • Young Entrepreneurs Organization (division of YP0)


  • Advanced Technology Systems
  • Algorithmics
  • Aspen Technology
  • Bell Canada
  • Canadian Information Processing Society
  • Canadian Radio Common Carriers Association
  • Co-Operator’s Data Services Ltd.
  • Communitech Technology Association
  • Entourage Technology Services
  • IBM
  • Internet World
  • Ironside Technologies
  • J.D. Edwards
  • Lumonics
  • Maritime Tel & Tel
  • Matsushita Electric (Panasonic, Technics, Quasar)
  • SAP
  • Sasktel
  • Software Support Professionals Association
  • Stentor Canadian Network Management
  • Sun Micro Systems
  • Symantec Corporation
  • Targray Technology
  • Xerox

Transportation and Logistics

  • Bombardier Transportation Services
  • Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • Charterways Canada
  • Laidlaw Education Services
  • LEP International
  • Livingston Group
  • Metro Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Management in Canada and Germany (run Wal-Mart distribution centers)
  • Tibbett & Britten