Executive Coaching

As you lead in these turbulent times, we can provide executive coaching online or by phone. We have provided remote development to hundreds of leaders. Let’s discuss how executive coaching can virtually strengthen your development efforts. Contact us for details.

There is compelling evidence that the right external coach using the right coaching process and tools can have a tremendous impact on individual executive performance.

I provide career and leadership development coaching, either one-on-one or with a group in a workshop where I’ll provide some coaching during the session or as a follow up. I use a strengths-based leadership skill building approach through 360 feedback and personal development planning.

Who I work with: I work with coachable leaders. Typically, high potential leaders and senior executives. Most leaders looking for coaching and development are open to feedback and learning how to be more effective. Some are struggling and trying to figure out what’s holding them back.

How it works: We start with Zenger Folkman’s very simple and powerful 360 assessment with guided analysis of the feedback. My coaching focuses on building a personal development plan around your “leadership sweet spot” — the intersection of strengths, passion, and organization need. We then use researched-based cross training methodology.

Why my approach works: Traditional 360 assessment and coaching processes focus on closing gaps and fixing weaknesses and are 2-3 times less effective! I use a strengths-based assessment and development process and evidence-based coaching framework.

What makes us different: There’s a growing backlash and difficulties experienced with 360 feedback tools. My process is a powerful and positive combination. Focusing on what’s wrong or weak doesn’t energize a sustained personal development plan.

Let’s discuss how executive coaching can boost your development efforts. Use this form to connect.


Let’s discuss executive coaching. Use this form to connect.