The Extraordinary Coach

Coaching Skills that Improve Productivity

Effective coaches have the potential to significantly increase their personal leadership impact and the productivity and effectiveness of those they coach.

By providing leaders with greater awareness and new frameworks for growing and developing others, leaders can create greater results and leave a profound legacy in their organizations.

The Extraordinary Coach workshop takes a strength-based approach to improving coaching skills by focusing on what extraordinary coaches do well. Participants gain the critical coaching skills and tools they need to maximize their leadership effectiveness and coach others to perform at their peak. The outcome is more motivated, committed, and engaged employees.

The Extraordinary Coach helps leaders become better coaches by:

  • understanding how great leaders coach others to high performance
  • learning how to build trusting coaching relationships that inspire commitment
  • utilizing 360-degree feedback to identify key coaching strengths
  • learning how to hold powerful coaching conversations that drive action
  • using on-the-spot peer coaching and Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach to build an individual development plan

Featuring a fresh, unique cross-training approach, The Extraordinary Coach is proven to drive employee productivity, commitment and performance. Leaders create a customized, actionable development plan that builds on their strengths, passions and the organization’s needs, providing a clear development road map for each individual to implement on the job.

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Client Reviews: What Clients are Saying About The Extraordinary Coach

A strong, empirically-based approach to cut right to the heart of the (coaching) issue to provide something both situationally-relevant and contextually profound…threads the needle between theory and anecdotal practice and provide perspective and tools that can benefit everyone from CEOs bent on changing culture to frontline managers plying their skills on the factory floor.”
– Courtney Rogers, Executive Director, Human Resources and Talent, Amgen

This critical leadership skill begins with a context of research, moves to the realities of the workplace, and then settles into a series of practical guidelines and examples.”
– Ronald E. Galbraith, Chairman/Chief Consulting Officer, onFocus|Healthcare

The distinction between training, mentoring, and coaching, the FUEL framework, and using real scenarios were very valuable.”
– Kiran Kapoor, Manager, Research & Program Evaluation, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

A powerful, yet digestible, framework to help leaders become the coaches they aspire to be: relationship-based, collaboration-oriented, change-focused, and FUEL-ed for success! Leaders in all types of organizations, and at all levels, will benefit from this insightful work.”
– P. Artell Smith, Vice President, Human Resources, Hewitt Associates

The concepts are profound and practical… provides the FUEL for our approach to creating a coaching culture at Associated Food Stores.
– Steve Jones, Manager, AFS University, Associated Food Stores

The coaching framework is straightforward and effective – easier to use than other models I’ve been exposed to.
– David Stover, President, Oxford University Press Canada

The opportunity to discuss, observe, and practice the skills really helped solidify the learning for me.
– Lori Lane, Learning & Performance Specialist, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

FUEL and conversation guide is great framework to follow.
– Andrea Warren, Executive Director, Classic LifeCare

The live coaching session solidified the use of the material for me.
– John Spinozzi, Maintenance Production Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation

The facilitator was great – using real examples to identify opportunities. This helped me gain confidence in my abilities.”
– Robin Liska, Training Coordinator, Chudleighs