High Performance Leadership Models

Jim’s keynotes, workshop/retreats, and management team development services draw from a core of simple and practical frameworks that he has evolved over years of extensive research, writing, and application. These implementation frameworks form the central structure for his books. Based on discussions and research with each Client, Jim pulls together his presentation and accompanying workbook (if required) using the appropriate framework for the service he’s delivering.

The High-Performance Balance (Technical, Management, and Leadership)

The Performance Triangle depicts the balance between the three critical success factors of any team or organization. Imagine a pendulum swinging in the center of the triangle. It’s very difficult to keep the pendulum in a state of equilibrium. In some cases, organizations may need to swing the pendulum in one direction because that’s where it’s weakest. For example, entrepreneurial start-up companies often have strong vision, passion, and energy (leadership) and may also have good technological or technical skills. But their lack of systems and processes or poor management discipline leads to a lot of errors, poor service/quality, and frustration for customers and people in the organization. Read More.


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Transformation Pathways

Research shows that 50 – 60% of organizational change and improvement efforts are failing. While they may change a few short-term performance indicators (such as reducing some costs, improving some processes, or shortening cycle times), many initiatives fail to change the very character and fabric of the team or organization. These efforts often make surface-level changes, but few penetrate to the deeper level of cultural transformation. Read More.

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Timeless Leadership Principles

The CLEMMER Group’s Leadership Wheel evolved over years of working with individuals and teams looking to strengthen their leadership. The model was changed and refined through application and an ongoing search for the timeless principles of leadership that apply across a wide range of organizations, cultures, industries, and individuals. Read More.

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