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How to Develop Strategic Vision – 8 Critical Behaviors

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With All My Heart and Soul

We need to be less afraid of death and more frightened by an empty life. When we feel the most love, passion, or energy is when we are the most alive. That's when our soul sings.

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What We Get is What We See

A few tips and traps on chosen pathways that help teams and people throughout the organization to clarify or clearly see pictures of their preferred future.

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Visions Provide the Energizing Context to Reach Our Goals

Goals need to be energized and focused by the larger context of exciting visions. These paint us into the big picture and draw us forward to the future of our dreams.

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Vision at Work

A compelling vision of the team or organization's preferred future keeps people from obsessing over present-day obstacles or getting stuck in the past.

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Values-Based Leadership Has Huge Pay-Offs

Teams and organizations with well-grounded, shared values that are alive and thriving, have much higher than average performance. These leaders, teams and organizations identify and live their core values.

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Two Keys to Adding Values

Designing statements, putting them into action and consistently showing what the organization stands for.

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Three Core Questions That Define Organizational Culture

The 3 Ps — picture or preferred future, principles, and purpose — are critically important. Our answers to three basic questions define the team and/or organizational culture we are trying to create.

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The Purpose-Profit Paradox

The paradox to be managed is: Companies that exist only to produce a profit don't last long and companies that don't pay attention to profits can't exist to fulfill their long-term purpose.

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Profits are a Reward, Not a Purpose

Add a richer sense of meaning to our lives by developing purpose aimed at serving others. Profits are a reward. The size of our reward depends on the value of the service we've given others.

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Pathways and Pitfalls to Living Organizational Values

Core values are critical to effectively leading people. Discover the Living Organizational Values approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your pathway to success.

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Pathways and Pitfalls to Clarifying Organizational Values

Effectively using values to care for the context and provide focus to a team or organization can be very difficult leadership acts. Discover the Clarifying Organizational Values approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your organization's pathway to success.

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Our Values Shape Our Character and Culture

Developing a personal, team, and organization purpose that's aimed at serving others adds a richer sense of meaning to any personal, team, or organization change or improvement efforts.

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Organizational Visioning Pathways and Pitfalls

Vision is the critical focal point and beginning to high performance. Discover the Organizational Visioning approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your organization's pathway to success.

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Leadership on Purpose

Pursuing profits without a higher purpose or pursuing a purpose without profit are equally fatal strategies. Profits follow from worthy and useful purposes. Fulfilling the purpose comes first, and then the profits follow.

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Leaders Shape Focus and Context

Strong leaders connect and energize people. They work tirelessly to ensure that no ones loses sight of what it's all about.

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Leaders Help People See Beyond What Is to What Could Be

Successful entrepreneurs are leaders with vision who predict the future by inventing it.

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Just a Job or Part of Our Deeper Purpose?

There is no particular job, industry, or organization that magically transforms "just a job" into passionate life work. However, to spot an opportunity we need to know what we're looking for. We need to clarify our purpose.

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How Many Companies Lose That Loving Feeling

Many successful companies are started by passionate zealots, full of energy and excitement. But once the Technomanagers take over, people are turned into their roles, systems, and processes — then their heart and soul are lost.

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Focus and Context: The Hub of Leadership

The hub of leadership, Focus and Context, is where the contrast between management and leadership is possibly at its sharpest. It is the very beginning point of strong leadership.

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