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Reflections on Personal Purpose and Living in the Moment

It’s been happening so regularly I shouldn’t be so surprised when it happens yet again. I am talking about the “coincidence” of encounters or correspondence while I am working on something along those very lines. Last week I was finishing the manuscript to my latest book. It’s an extension and significant build upon the approaches […]

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Defining and Living Organizational Values

The CLEMMER Group has been working with the Canadian division of an internationally owned services business. The company has been in Canada for just ten years and growing very rapidly. Early in our consulting to this company, we started working with them to define and more effectively shape their organizational culture, after one of the […]

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What Lies Ahead?

Around the start of many New Years, I am often asked to write articles or columns predicting the year ahead. What a useless exercise that is! I have no idea what lies ahead of us. Researchers, such as William Sherden in his outstanding book, The Fortune Sellers: The Big Business of Buying and Selling Predictions, […]

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