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Leadership Strengths That Matter

Think you know about strengths-based development? Learn new insights that take strengths-based development to the next level. Emphasize relevant strengths rather than focusing on any strength. Learn how strengths are not innate talents but behaviors that can be developed through focused effort. Finally, explore a unique and proven approach for developing strengths that matter. In […]

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Rev Up Your Day – Try Leadership Speed

During this webinar Jack Zenger and Jared Harding share the critical behaviors that will help you navigate the demand for great agility, innovation, and pace by executing fast and well.

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The Impact of Women Leaders

It is clear: companies need the diversity and benefits women leaders provide.

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Groundbreaking New Approaches to Leadership and Coaching Development

In this learning-rich and fast-paced 60 minute webcast Jim Clemmer outlines how leaders and coaches can go from good to great and deliver truly extraordinary results. Covering these topics in a short, condensed webinar is like skipping across ice bergs with so much more below the surface. Here’s where you can dive deeper below the […]

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Accelerating Leadership Development

No excerpt available.

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Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths

Building Critical Strengths In this learning-rich and fast-paced 60 minute webinar Jim Clemmer will outline how to obtain higher engagement, discretionary effort, and the business outcomes that matter most by connecting the strategy and needs of the organization with employees’ strengths, energy, and passion. You will learn: The six leadership behaviors that distinguish extraordinary leaders […]

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Archived Webinar now Available: Groundbreaking New Approaches to Leadership and Coaching Development

Would you like to help your leaders increase employee engagement by up to 8 times, double or triple their motivation to implement a personal development plan, build coaching and leadership skills around natural strengths, make performance appraisals an inspiring event people look forward to, and double rates of improvement from 360 feedback? As farfetched as […]

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Why Most Personal Development Plans Fail – and How to Fix It

A sure path to marital unhappiness — if not divorce — is when a newlywed sets out to change his or her spouse. Yet how many performance management discussions are built on the same premise? Too often managers set about trying to “improve” his or her direct report by fixing weaker areas. How enthused are […]

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Webinar on Strengthening Leadership Skills and Culture Now Available

Last week Melanie Will, Manager of Learning and Organization Development, Wilfrid Laurier University and I delivered a one hour webinar on Strengthening Leadership and Culture. Melanie provided a case study using many examples and research data from their organization’s use of The Extraordinary Leader Development System for over 160 leaders throughout the university. We covered […]

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How Laurier is Strengthening Leadership Skills and Culture

Jim Clemmer with special guest Melanie Will, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development at Wilfrid Laurier University deliver a fast paced and information-packed 60 minute webinar. Jim outlines the latest research on driving positive business results by increasing your leadership effectiveness, and Melanie details the improvements in behaviors and skills across all leadership levels and in all departments at Laurier as they build a strengths-based culture.

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9 Key Behaviors Transforming Good Managers into Great Leaders

Balancing management and leadership has been a focus of our work stretching back through many of my books and our keynotes and workshops and leadership team retreats. Zenger Folkman’s research on the “differentiating competencies” that separate the bottom 10% from the top 10% shows that emotional intelligence is a major factor in leadership effectiveness. Good […]

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You’re Fired! — How to Dodge Those Dreaded Words

Six "must have"s for job security

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6 Leadership Levers that Drive Extraordinary Results

Insights and ongoing research and quest for simplifying the complex topic of leadership.

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8 Ways to Build Leadership Development on the Job

Last year we started offering one-on-one phone coaching around The Extraordinary Leader 360 assessments and building strengths-based personal development plans. These typically involve 2, 3, and sometimes more sessions about a month or two apart. As leaders have reported back on their progress we’ve further developed and expanded their action plans. Typically the first step […]

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BOLD Leadership Webinar

Most organizations find themselves either in competitive battles or with mandates to reduce costs and increase productivity. Those mild mannered, steady eddy, timid leaders of the past need to step-up and become BOLD.

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Video Clip: Leadership Sweet Spots and Powerful Combinations

How do you build a leadership strength from good to great? How do you sustain energy and endurance to keep working at developing leadership skills until others notice a substantial improvement? How do you ensure the leadership skill you’re developing is most relevant to what the organization needs or expects from you? The answers to these […]

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Can Banking Leaders Change?

Many people assume banking leaders are prone to resisting change. We found that leaders in the best banks are open to improvement.

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How Towering Strengths Can Overshadow Weaknesses

Improving weakness only moves you to average or a little above. Profound strengths overshadow weakness in extraordinary leaders, unless there is a “fatal flaw.”

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6 Steps to Extraordinary Coaching Skills, Elevating Feedback, and Strengthening Leadership

A leader who is an adept coach can greatly enhance the organization’s success; one who dabbles and doesn’t take the process seriously can cause harm.– Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling leadership author and executive coach. Recently recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review  Our […]

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This is a Leadership and Coaching Conference You’ll Want to Attend

Are you interested in learning from world class leaders and practitioners in coaching and leadership skill development? Would you like insights to new and ground breaking approaches you can apply immediately and bring back to your organization? Do you want to see the latest research and practical applications that break traditional molds to produce measurably […]

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