Powerful New Approaches to Leadership and Coaching Development

Learn how powerful new approaches = great new results in leadership and coaching

Jim Clemmer provides an overview of the key lessons learned from developing thousands of leaders. Many lessons are counterintuitive and challenge conventional thinking. But they’re build on a firm research foundation with proven, measurable results.

Same Old Approaches = Same Old Results.

Traditional development approaches fall woefully short on delivering those outcomes. Numerous studies report that 80 – 90% of senior executives are extremely unhappy with their leadership development efforts. They don’t work.

We don’t have to be Einstein to know we drive ourselves crazy when we continue doing the same things, but expect different results.

If we’re going to shift leadership and coaching effectiveness we need to use approaches proven to work. Why don’t senior executives and development professionals do that? A big reason is ignorance – they don’t know what they don’t know. Another reason is traditional thinking – we’ve always done it that way.

What you will learn:

Current approaches are falling woefully short. It’s nearly unanimous! The opportunity cost is staggering.

In this learning-rich and fast-paced 60 minute webcast Jim outlines how leaders and coaches can use powerful new approaches to deliver these truly extraordinary results:

  • stronger leadership bench strength
  • resilient teamwork
  • higher sales and profits
  • much greater coaching effectiveness
  • increased retention and engagement
  • enhanced talent management
  • improved customer service
  • greater safety and wellness
  • effective succession planning