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Groundbreaking New Approaches to Leadership and Coaching Development

In this learning-rich and fast-paced 60 minute webcast Jim Clemmer outlines how leaders and coaches can go from good to great and deliver truly extraordinary results. Covering these topics in a short, condensed webinar is like skipping across ice bergs with so much more below the surface. Here’s where you can dive deeper below the […]

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The Coaching Games: 4 Short Videos on Key Coaching Concepts

Research from our database of 250,000 multi-rater feedback surveys shows huge differences in results produced by leaders rated as having the highest coaching skills. These include 8 times higher levels of employee engagement, over 3 times more willingness to “go the extra mile,” half as many team members thinking about quitting, and dramatically higher levels […]

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Avoiding 7 Coaching Traps That Snare Many Managers

“Research on the Dramatic Impact of Extraordinary Coaching Skills” shows that leaders who are the most effective at coaching have three times more employees that “go the extra mile.” When leaders add coaching to their existing strengths they are ten times more likely to become a top-tier leader. But as Aristotle observed, “with regard to […]

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Research on the Dramatic Impact of Extraordinary Coaching Skills

Have you ever experienced a leader who’s very strong at coaching and mentoring but doesn’t get results? People feel great working with him or her, but the job doesn’t get done. What’s the likelihood this leader would be rated in the top ten percent of leaders? How about a leader who is very good at […]

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7 Attributes of Extraordinary Coaches

If you buy a little goldfish and keep it in a small bowl it will remain no bigger than a few inches long. Move that same fish to a large aquarium and it will double or triple in size. Put the goldfish in a large pond and it can grow up to a foot long! […]

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Podcast and Slides: How to Create a Coaching Culture

A recent study by the International Coach Federation showed that strong coaching cultures are correlated with much higher financial performance. Companies with an above average coaching culture showed revenue 19% higher than all others in their peer group. At last July’s leadership summit Kathleen Stinnett delivered a keynote presentation on How to Create a Coaching […]

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Revamped Coaching Program Wins Six Industry Awards

Developing coaching skills for today’s time-crunched leaders is a big challenge. As we’ve delivered The Extraordinary Coach workshop over the past few years we’ve been very impressed by how quickly participants shift their thinking about coaching and pick up new skills. A big part of the reason is the 4 Step FUEL model. This spring […]

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FUEL Framework: What Makes The Extraordinary Coach Unique

FUEL is designed to achieve behavioral outcomes, challenge assumptions, and strengthen an adult-to-adult partnering relationship between the coach and the coachee.

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FUEL vs GROW – Key Differences and Features

FUEL is a conversation framework adaptable to both behavioral and philosophical coaching needs designed to achieve behavioral outcomes, challenge assumptions, and strengthen the relationship between the coach and coachee.

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Four Steps to FUEL More Effective Coaching Conversations

There are many models and approaches to coaching skill development. Over the years we’ve worked with many of them and modified or developed a few of our own. As we’ve been developing Client coaching skills with the FUEL framework for the last few years we’ve seen striking differences from other coaching models and approaches. The […]

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Two Deadly Assumptions That Make Giving Difficult Feedback Even Worse

Many leaders find courageous conversations to give corrective or redirecting feedback very difficult. Emotions can get in the way, perceptions of the issue can differ widely, relationships may be damaged, and reactions can be volatile. Leaders may be scarred from past conversations where they gave or received tough feedback in a poorly structured and awkwardly […]

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Video Clip: Asking for Feedback on Coaching Effectiveness

The research behind development of The Extraordinary Coach included looking at best practices in helping professions such as counseling, clinical psychology, and social work. Two practical lessons that apply to coaching effectiveness were focusing on topics of importance and interest to the coachee and asking for feedback at the end of a coaching conversation. When […]

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Keys to Extraordinary Coaching

Strengthening coaching collaboration, and attributes of an extraordinary coach.

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‘Unlearning’ to be a Better Coach

Challenging and changing pre-existing beliefs and understandings that prevent us from being good coaches.

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Asking for Feedback on Coaching Effectiveness

How looking for coachee feedback shifts the relationship, changes perceptions, and increases coaching effectiveness.

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The FUEL Model for Coaching Conversations

A brief overview of our four step process for more effective coaching conversations.

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The Power of a Coaching Structure

Using a structure and checklist with coaching for better efficiency and outcomes.

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Avoiding Common Coaching Traps

Seven common coaching traps and keys to overcoming them.

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What is Coaching and Why it’s Rarely Done Well

Reasons behind the coaching gap, our definition of effective coaching, how coaching is distinct from training or mentoring, and what gets in the way of coaching.

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New White Paper: How Developing a Coaching Culture Pays Off

Most people know that the difference between incompetent coaches and extraordinary coaches is huge. What’s often more surprising are these big differences between OK or mediocre coaching at the 50th percentile and outstanding coaching skills at the 90th percentile: 28% versus 46% of employees willing to “go the extra mile.” Employee commitment jumps from the […]

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