Essential Building Blocks for Leadership, Coaching, and Culture Development Webinar

Learn the key steps high performing organizations deploy to build strong leadership and coaching skills. See how to pull together the intangible leadership issues that define your unique culture and rally people around a deeper sense of purpose.

Learn the key steps high performing organizations deploy to build strong leadership and coaching skills. See how to pull together the intangible leadership issues that define your unique culture and rally people around a deeper sense of purpose.

Jim Clemmer delivers a fast paced and information-packed 45 minute webinar and answer 15 minutes of audience Q&A, outlining essential building blocks of leadership, coaching and culture development.

Why do 70% of improvement efforts fail? Leadership and organization culture are THE critical X factors. “Soft” leadership and culture boosts or BLOCKS strategy, structure, and change initiatives.

  • Why View?

    • Gain insight and tips for your leadership, culture, and coaching development
    • Ensure your development initiatives are built on a strong foundation
    • Use a 12 point checklist to assess your efforts

    What You Will Learn:

    From Inspiration to Application – Essential Building Blocks used in Keynotes, Workshops, and Retreats

    • Lead, Follow, or Wallow: Inspiring Leadership at all Levels – How energized and engaged is everyone throughout your team or organization? Will they change, or be changed? Leadership is an Action, Not a Position. Peak performing organizations build strong leadership behaviors at all levels. Constant change is the fuel for continuous personal, team, and organization improvement.
    • The High Performance Balance: Managing Things and Leading People – Are you in balance? Highly successful cultures balance the discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a base of effective people leadership. How’s your team or organization’s balance? Is your organization over-managed and under-led?
    • Three Concentric Rings of Customer Service – Are you maximizing customers’ perception of value? Build from the central requirements/standards of core services, to satisfying service support expectations, to delighting customers with enhanced service levels. Are your efforts integrated with a systematic and strategic approach to customer service/quality?

    These are the core fundamentals that we often cover in keynotes,workshops and retreats. View the full list of keynote and workshop options and leadership team retreat configurations that can be tailored to your organization.

    Elevating Leadership and Coaching Strengths

    • The Extraordinary Leader – Are you leveraging leadership strengths?
      • Why focus on strengths instead of fixing weaknesses? A strengths focus produces up to 3 times higher change and improvement. Profits, sales, engagement, morale, and energy levels, turnover, health and safety, and customer satisfaction skyrockets.
      • The Extraordinary Leader Process and Participant Outcomes: This powerful leadership development system uses strengths-based leadership development, on a foundation of evidence-based approaches, producing a highly personalized development plan, that’s built around a best of class 360 multi-rater tool.
      • How do ‘soft’ leadership skills impact the bottom-line of my organization? Developing current and future leaders is a top priority for HR and executive leadership, year after year. Why? Highly effective leaders make a profound difference in their organizations through higher profits, higher sales, increased employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, higher customer satisfaction, and safer work environments.
    • Powerful Capability Combinations – Does your organization take advantage of these powerful combinations? Specific organizational capabilities when strengthened together, cause a multiplier effect on your improvement efforts.
    • The Extraordinary Coach – Are you building a culture of exceptional leadership and coaching in your organization? All known drivers of performance can be increased through improved coaching. Leaders who coach and develop others have a huge impact on bottom-line results and inspire others to perform at their peak.
      • Why aren’t managers providing enough coaching? Four main reasons many managers don’t develop their coaching skills.
      • The impact of improved coaching skills: Give employees renewed meaning in their work, strengthen team/organizational culture, increase teamwork, boost workplace health, heighten creativity, improve risk taking, and increase ownership.
      • Practical and proven four step FUEL framework for highly effective coaching conversations.

    Strengthening People and Processes – Culture and Organization Development

    • How “Soft” Leadership and Culture Produce Hard Results: Their powerful impact on team and organizational performance. Culture energizes or enervates change efforts. What’s your team or organization culture?
    • Compass model: Six Core Components for a Peak Performance Culture: Successful culture changes are built around an integrated framework for assessment, planning, and implementation. Are you using a programs-and-pieces or an integrated approach?
    • Five Steps to Our Desired Culture:
    • The Five Stage Commitment Continuum: Talking is easy. Doing is hard. If culture leaders don’t move beyond the Passionate Lip Service stage to Involved Leadership the change effort is doomed to failure. Do your leaders role model your culture change?
    • Bringing Alive Vision, Core Values, and Purpose/Mission: Most organizations have vision, values, or mission statements – but with a high “snicker factor.” These vision, core values, and purpose/mission must be actively lived to focus and energize leadership and culture development. How alive is yours?
    • The High Risk and Huge Cost of Silence: Courageous conversations and open communication can make the difference between effective management and successful initiatives. Is your organization paying the price for a culture of silence?
    • Three Key Attributes of Enthusiastic Cultures: The high cost of a cynical culture is paid through poor employee engagement, a decline in quality, and ultimately low customer satisfaction. Does apathy or involvement rule your culture?
    • Getting (Re) Started: Key steps to beginning or re-energizing your leadership and culture development efforts. How do you sustain peak performance?


    Warning! This session is tailored specifically to:

    • Senior HR executives
    • HR leaders
    • Members of the senior executive team
    • Anyone leading and driving leadership and organizational culture transformation

    We have more generalized webinars archived that might interest anyone not in this group. You can view them on demand here.

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