Four Short Videos on Key Coaching Concepts
Research from our database of 250,000 multi-rater feedback surveys shows huge differences in results produced by leaders rated as having the highest coaching skills. These include 8 times higher levels of employee engagement, over 3 times more willingness to “go the extra mile,” half as many team members thinking about quitting, and dramatically higher levels of customer service.

Getting into the Olympic spirit, Zenger Folkman has just released four short videos. Each one humorously illustrates a key coaching concept. Click on the video title to watch each three minute clip:

High Dive for Meaning – when dealing with a performance issue, effective coaches go beyond just the facts, past meaning and emotion, to see the bigger picture and patterns, that spring from underlying beliefs and assumptions.

Across the Leadership Continuum – many leaders are highly directive or take a hands-off and non-directive approach. Both can cause problems. The best coaches balance in the collaborative zone and adjust their approach to fit the situation.

The Ladder of Inference – what do you do when a team member is blatantly texting during an important meeting? The best coaches recognize the dangers of assuming, drawing conclusions, and then taking action.

The Strengths Power Lift – how do you deal with a team member who constantly misses production targets? Do you drive for results or coach/mentor? What does the research show? What’s the impact of doing both?

See why Zenger Folkman has been winning top video awards. Look, laugh, and learn as you get into the Olympic spirit!

These videos are based on Zenger Folkman’s newly redesigned development process: The Extraordinary Coach.