Leveraging Strengths and Building Team SpiritA recent study by the International Coach Federation showed that strong coaching cultures are correlated with much higher financial performance. Companies with an above average coaching culture showed revenue 19% higher than all others in their peer group.

At last July’s leadership summit Kathleen Stinnett delivered a keynote presentation on How to Create a Coaching Culture. Kathleen and Jack Zenger wrote THE book on coaching skill development. Before our strategic partnership with Zenger Folkman I reviewed and raved about their well-researched and highly practical book The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow.

In How to Create a Coaching Culture Kathleen discusses:

  • What factors measure a strong coaching culture
  • How organizations are expanding their internal coaching capacity
  • Key roles and responsibilities for creating a coaching culture
  • How often senior leaders coach
  • The gap between managers and employees perception on coaching frequency
  • The three most important coaching behaviors
  • The FUEL model to guide more effective coaching conversations
  • Avoid stealth coaching
  • Building visibility and accessibility
  • Common success factors

Kathleen also discusses five key elements of creating a coaching culture:

  • Link to organization initiatives
  • Create compelling data
  • Building and create communication plans
  • Leverage senior leader champions
  • Organization/employee satisfaction surveys

Building a strong coaching culture needs a supporting infrastructure to support the culture change, provide training and create sustainability, build common language and consistent implementation, link to performance management systems, measure progress, and provide access to tools.

As I wrote in “Revamped Coaching Program Wins Six Industry Awards“, The Extraordinary Coach has been extensively revised and updated. That post provides a link to view some of the new award winning video clips.