Since the fictional approach of Moose on the Table is such a big change from my previous books (although Growing the Distance and The Leader’s Digest have fictional elements with fables and stories sprinkled throughout) I’ve been quite keen to get feedback from readers.

So Curwin Friesen, President of Friesens Corporation, made my day when he sent me this e-mail about a week after his printing company sent us our first 15,000 print run of Moose on the Table:

“Hi Jim,

I have a request. I read your book on the weekend (had a sample copy in my
office) and loved it! Very easy read – well suited for many levels of managers. I would like to have all of my production managers read this book before our upcoming planning session in two weeks. I need 20 copies for this.

Given that I need to get them books in the next few days (so that they have time to read it), would I be able to reproduce the book here at Friesens and simply pay you for the 20 copies? It would be like a mini-extra print run? “

We made a deal. About a month later he sent me a follow-up letter with comments from six of his managers after his management team read Moose on the Table as preparation for their planning session. You can read the full letter along with other comments about the book at

Another early e-mail came from a business school professor interested in bulk pricing for thirty-five copies of Moose on the Table for his second year Professional Development/ Leadership class.

I’ve since heard from nearly a dozen early readers of Moose on the Table with extremely positive feedback. Many said they couldn’t put it down. We’ve also been getting moose hunting stories (ways of playfully addressing tough issues with the Moose-on-the-Table metaphor or variations) and photos starting to come in. Book comments, photos, and stories are now available for viewing in our new Moose Gallery at

I’d love to get your feedback on Moose on the Table and/or moose hunting stories (and photos if you have any). E-mail them to me at