Improvement Points is a free service providing a key thought or quotation from one of my articles, provided three times per week, directly to your e-mail inbox. Each complimentary Improvement Point links directly into the full article on our web site that spawned it. If you’d like to read more about that day’s Improvement Point, you can choose to click through to the short article for a quick five-minute read. This is your opportunity for a short pause that refreshes, is an inspirational vitamin, or a quick performance boost. You can circulate especially relevant or timely articles or Improvement Points to your team, Clients, or colleagues for further discussion or action.

Here are the three most popular Improvement Points we sent out in November:

Develop change and improvement momentum by building around the champions who are most likely to make the effort succeed. They will help to bring the others on side. They are also the ones you and everyone else can learn the most from. But don’t try to impose their successful approaches on others. Ownership and personalization are the keys to local adaptation of changes and improvements. Sell, persuade, educate, and communicate.
From Jim Clemmer’s article, "Improvement Planning Pathways and Pitfalls (Part 2 of 2)."

Too many measures are designed to meet internal needs. They may satisfy management’s command-and-control paranoia by tracking every activity and minute of the day. Or they’re designed to serve accounting, information technology, human resources or other support departments.
– From Jim Clemmer’s article, "Measurement Traps."

Hope gives life meaning. Hope helps us take responsibility for our choices. Hope stretches us and energizes our continuous growth and development. Hope urges us to go against the odds and do what everyone knows can’t be done.
– From Jim Clemmer’s article "The Dynamic Power of Hope"