“Hi Jim,

I have two coordinators and 10 staff ranging from a financial officer to HR assistants and records clerks.

Would this book be suitable for all staff or just the coordinators?"


Hi Bev,

I actually wrote Moose on the Table (and we’ve priced it) to be purchased in bulk for everyone in an organization so they can:

  • Develop a common language and mutual supports to Navigating Change.
  • Identify team and organizational moose and work together to get rid of them.
  • Build a communication rich environment through “courageous conversations.”
  • Reduce internal politics, turf protection, and misunderstandings.
  • Tame “The E-mail Beast.”
  • Understand how to help build a high performance culture.
  • Increase personal and team effectiveness.
  • Practice outward and upward leadership.
  • Learn to seek and use personal and team feedback.

If you click on the Moose Store tab (top right) at www.mooseonthetable.com you’ll see our pricing for bulk purchases of Moose on the Table.

If you decide to do some group moose hunting, we’d love to hear about your approach (and see any photos you might have taken)!