Nearly three hundred readers responded to our survey regarding The Leader Letter. The ratings and feedback has been very useful and gratifying. Eighty-five percent rated The Leader Letter’s overall quality an eight or more out of ten. Other insights about which sections or regular features are most useful, along with the newsletter length, and why readers signed up for it for it in the first place, are very helpful to us as we continue to invest a fair bit of time producing this “good for nothing” publication.

Many rich and encouraging comments were freely given in the open sections of the survey. Some of those are published in this issue.

Thanks VERY MUCH to everyone who completed the survey and left so many supportive comments. It’ a thrill to hear from so many that all the work myself, Aidan Crawford, Gini Kechnie-Williams, and others at The CLEMMER Group invest in producing The Leader Letter each month is worthwhile.

So this month we’re publishing a few comments within the main categories of why readers subscribe to The Leader Letter and how they use it. They are all anonymous because the survey did not ask anyone to identify themselves.

Supplementing HR/Training and Development Efforts
(65% of survey respondents pass The Leader Letter on to others each month)

The Leader Letter gives me practical ideas and themes for sharing with other managers within my organization.”

“Our whole salaried staff sees The Leader Letter monthly. It is the reason Jim was chosen to facilitate our Leadership Conference in the Canadian Rockies May 8 and 9. Our entire team is buzzing and those who were not there are infected with the energy and positivism we caught. We have action teams who are accountable for addressing the ‘strategic imperatives’ we identified with Jim’s help. Our company will be even greater because of The Leader Letter and the two days spent with Jim. Thanks again.”

Personal Inspiration and Practical Applications

“Extremely practical. Many ideas can be taken directly from the newsletter and applied to day-to-day leadership issues.”

“Jim, I have always found truth in your words and strength in applying them. It must give you great satisfaction in helping others so profoundly – at work, home and in all relationships – it is very powerful stuff.”

Sharing with Colleagues and Team Members
(65% of survey respondents pass The Leader Letter on to others each month)

“I and my team find them very useful to keep abreast of things that are happening and as a reminder of important considerations in our quest to get better.”

The Leader Letter acts as catalyst for development. I get satisfaction when sharing these thoughts infuses enthusiasm in the team members.”

Personal/Professional Growth and Development

“I set aside a time to initially scan the latest edition, then print off articles of particular and current interest to read on flights, waiting in airports and quiet times to allow digestion of the content. Often I leave them on a seat then watch others pick them up and start to read them. A silent passing of the wisdom so to speak. Please continue!”

“It’s my favorite ‘professional development’ vehicle…that comes to me in my own home, to read at my convenience – in the middle of the day or night – and in my PJs if I want!” 🙂

Staying in Touch With or Building upon My Work

“I have come across many ‘Clemmer Quotes’ over the course of my years in leadership and have even used some of them in presentations. It is delightful to finally make the move to receiving The Leader Letter. Thanks!”

“Jim, I have been a fan of yours since Firing on all Cylinders keep it up!”

“Thank you, Jim. After attending one of your workshops in Calgary over 4 years ago, your Leader Letter serves as a booster shot for me. I am relatively new to management/leadership and I value the words of wisdom and practical applications I find in your articles and books. I especially enjoy ‘Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm?’ Once again thank you.”


“I have been reading your Leader Letter for a few years now and I have enjoyed the continuous improvement in its delivery. Congrats! Keep up the good work.”

“This is positively THE BEST newsletter I have ever received to date. I love the Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmmm. The new blog format is great (forgive me if I just read for now, I’ll comment later!)”

I am always delighted to hear from readers of The Leader Letter with feedback, reflections, suggestions, or differing points of view. Nobody is ever identified without their permission.

I am also happy to explore customized, in-house adaptations of any of my material for your team or organization. Drop me an e-mail at