Way too many teams – and often entire organizations – are trapped in the communication maze. This results in waste and rework, reduced productivity, workplace accidents, and plummeting morale. Of course, turnover also increases as frustration leads good people to look for more rewarding work elsewhere.

As you can read in the Preface to Moose on the Table, I wrote this organizational fable using an “edutaining” story to playfully weave together keys to personal, team, and organizational leadership. In short; modeling how to turn words into actions.

Moose on the Table is especially written for busy people who find personal growth, organizational change, and leadership books a little too dry. As with my other books, Moose on the Table is written (and priced) to be purchased in quantities for everyone on a team or in an organization so they can:

  • Develop a common language and mutual support for Navigating Change
  • Identify team and organizational moose, and work together to get rid of them
  • Build a communication rich environment through “courageous conversations”
  • Reduce internal politics, turf protection, and misunderstandings
  • Tame “The E-mail Beast”
  • Understand how to help build a high performance culture
  • Increase personal and team effectiveness
  • Practice outward and upward leadership
  • Learn to seek and use personal and team feedback

Just like Friesens did (see “Lessening My Anxiety…” item above), we’re now seeing many early buyers of Moose on the Table purchasing copies for their management teams or entire organization. Get more information on how and why the book is being used this way and find out about quantity discounts at http://www.mooseonthetable.com/bulk.aspx.