Just for the fun of itI am publishing just one blog post this week as I enjoy holiday relaxation with family and friends. So I’ve packed this blog post with enough resources to last the week!

Here is a recap of our most popular resources over the past year. I hope you’ll have a little extra time over the holidays to catch up on any that you missed, or review any you found especially helpful:

Articles — Top 5:

1.      “Bad Boss: Learn How to Manage Your Manager

2.      “Management vs. Leadership

3.      “Communication Strategies, Systems, and Skills

4.      “Customer Satisfaction is a Reflection of Employee Satisfaction

5.      “Manage Things, Lead People

Videos — Top 5:

1.      Managing Things and Leading People

2.      Leadership Training and Change Management

3.      Foundation of all Leadership is Self-Leadership

4.      Towering Strengths Overshadow Weaknesses

5.      The Difference Between Training, Mentoring, and Coaching

Blogs — Top 5:

1.      “Six Core Values of Organization Development

2.     “Tips and Techniques for Inspiring Through Verbal Communications

3.      “The 85/15 Rule: Get at the Root Causes of Poor Customer Service

4.     “Exceptional Leaders Aren’t Well-Rounded

5.     “An Hilarious Illustration of How Perceptions of Fairness and Equality Are Relative

Whitepapers — Top 5:

1.     “Developing Strengths or Weaknesses

2.     “Leadership Competency Models

3.     “11 Components of a Best in Class 360 Assessment

4.     “Making Performance Appraisals an Inspiring Event

5.      The Inspiring Leader

Case Studies — Top 4:

1.      Multinational Mobile Telecommunications Company

2.      Learning to Provide Feedback a Big Win for U.S. Grocery Chain

3.      Symantec Leaders Show Extraordinary Results

4.      Top U.S. Ivy League School

Webinars on Demand — Top 5:

1.      Strengths-Based Leadership Development Webcast – Jim Clemmer, Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman

2.      Breaking Through the Bull Full Webcast

3.      Facing a Talent Gap?

4.      Leadership and Culture Development for Higher Health and Safety

5.      Leading a Peak Performance Culture

Our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! 


Stronger People. Stronger Organizations. Contributing to … Stronger Communities. We are grateful to be able to support our community, especially at this time of year. With our employees, we have made donations to Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region Foundation, and Doon Pioneer Park Christmas Miracle Food Hamper Project.