Breaking Through the Bull Webcast

It's the worst kept secret in business - most organizations regularly miss their performance targets. Jim Clemmer's free webcast show you how to identify "moose" issues and take concrete steps that will help you develop a high performance organization.

This webcast focuses on the issues in Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work.

Moose on the Table is a great way to open discussion doors and improve communications throughout your organization as people use Pete’s experiences to safely address issues, barriers, and problems.

  • Develop a common language and supportive approach to Navigating Change and spending less time “below the line” as helpless victims stuck in Pity City;
  • Recognize when their personal and collective behavior attracts moose;
  • Identify team and organizational moose and work together to get rid of them;
  • Avoid “wild moose chases” that actually make the problem worse and increases the herd;
  • Build a communication-rich environment that nurtures authentic and open conversations;
  • Spend less time on internal politics, turf protection, and misunderstandings and more time serving external customers and moving the organization forward;
  • Tame “The E-mail Beast” that’s sucking up more and more time and resources;
  • Understand what a high-performance culture looks like and what it takes to help build one;
  • Be inspired to follow in the footsteps of Pete Leonard and shift from “going along to get along” to higher personal growth, leading change, and “courageous conversations;”
  • Build your own team or organization improvement process such as Pete used to identify three to five Strategic Imperatives and implement them;
  • Learn how to increase team effectiveness;
    Put real action plans and leadership behaviors to work ; “we’ve got to communicate more;”
  • Understand the value of upward leadership and how not to shrink from overbearing bosses or less effective managers;
  • Open people up to seeking and using feedback on their personal and team leadership effectiveness.