Moose on the Table

A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work

Failed communications are crippling workplaces across the globe – sapping energy from staff and weakening entire organizations.

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In this “edutaining” organizational fable, you’ll get realistic scenarios and solutions, showing how individuals and organizations should address issues that cost organizations millions or even billions of dollars in wasted effort every year. Read the reviews below. Instant Kindle preview

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Short video of Jim Clemmer describing the Moose on the Table

Online Quiz - Do you have a moose problem?

Do you have a moose on your meeting room table? The moose-on-the-table scenario is one that we run into very often within management teams. The problem is that conversations among the team aren’t authentic. They don’t deal with the real issues that are blocking progress. Take this short online assessment


Dear Jim,

As I wrote to you when we printed Moose on the Table in October, I read the book that weekend (had a sample copy in my office) and loved it! Very easy read – well suited for many levels of managers. Since we had just shipped all copies to your warehouses, you and I agreed that we would print an additional 20 copies for all my production managers to read before our upcoming planning retreat in mid November.

Twenty production managers met for two days to discuss operational improvements at Friesens. Each was asked to read your book in advance.
– Curwin Friesen, President, Friesens Corporation
View feedback from Curwin’s management team

…most will recognize the real frustrations and challenges of a corporation, and a life, trying to pull itself back from disaster. I found myself thinking about my actions, or lack thereof, in similar situations from my past and wondering if I, too, could overcome my fear of moose on the table and lead change.

Easy and fun to read, Moose on the Table might be just the tale for those about to embark on a quest for change in their own lives or organizations.”
– Laurie Blake, Editor, Workplace magazine

What a delightful read and a brilliant way to help people understand the moose that must be dealt with in our lives. It was educational, inspiring, enormously insightful, and, as with all your work, empowering. It will change a lot of lives.”
– Maurice O’Callaghan, Author and Professional Speaker

I just finished reading Moose on the Table. I couldn’t put the book down! Jim did a fantastic job. How true the fictional story was. I hope that Jim will write more books in fable form.”
– Sharon Walling, Team Leader, Holy Family Memorial, Manitowoc, WI

Jim, I loved the book and could not put it down until I finished! It is a great way to open the eyes of ‘Moose Hunters’ everywhere. I have recommended the book to our Coach network and hopefully you will be receiving many more requests for the book!”
– Diane Cappel, Organization Effectiveness Coach, Dow Chemical

One of the few books that I seized upon and read from cover to cover within a couple of days! It is a fast-paced story with an almost too-good-to-be true ending not revealed until the last two chapters. A real thriller. I’ve been there and done that, though perhaps not as elegantly, nor with the same company. There is a lot of truth to the underlying lessons portrayed.”
– R. Max Wideman,

Jim’s latest book, Moose on the Table, brings attention to a not so un-novel situation in a very novel way. Jim brings into focus a scenario that affects many people in many organisations in a way that makes reading about it fun. This increases consideration of the key issues that cause it to occur in the first place. It’s too easy to pass over these learnings in a text book. Jim’s storytelling makes them much more enjoyable and consequently increases the learnings and ability to reference it to others in the team.”
– George Gilraine, Facilitator/Internal Management Consultant, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals A/S Denmark

Moose on the Table is educational and entertaining. From beginning to end the story had me fully engaged. I particularly liked how Jim so creatively manifested Pete’s subconscious battles with himself through the humorous and painful struggles with the character of Alfred. Their ‘conversations’ and confrontations revealed the fragility of the human spirit. It also reminded us to listen deeply to our inner voice. By doing so, we can reclaim our resourcefulness, resiliency, and intuition to successfully deal with adversity. Jim skillfully wove the threads of Pete’s self awareness into a remarkable personal tapestry of tragedy and triumph through inner reflection leading to outer leadership. Readers will easily identify with and learn from the main character – Pete Leonard.

Moose on the Table needs to be in everyone’s motivational/self-help library. It’s a novel to read and reread. Each time the story will be fresh and inspiring.”
– Kamara Hennessey, B.Mus. RMT (ORMTA:CFMTA), Program Coordinator (BFO~H/B)

I just finished reading your book, Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work. I honestly couldn’t put it down! I loved the book and the storyline. The characters are so true to life. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who can seriously identify with one or more of these characters and situations. You hit the nail on the head (or should I say Moose head) and drove the message home. After reading the book, it has encouraged me to find my moose, work more effectively and have more courageous conversations with not only my own team but top management team members as well. No more going along to get along…that’s not the kind of life I want to lead!
– Belinda Pianezza, Product Manager,

I’m a huge fan of Jim’s work and have just completed Moose on the Table. I loved it! I’ve worked for many organizations that could benefit from this fun, entertaining, eye-opening read. I’m hoping that we can get all of our management team reading the book. I have Growing the Distance and The Leaders Digest in my ‘success library’ that I share with the CIRA team. I’ll be adding to my collection soon, as I would like to order Pathways to Performance and Firing on All Cylinders.”
– Heidi Hauver, Manager, Human Resources, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

I simply couldn’t and wouldn’t put it down. It had my attention right from the ‘get go.’ I thoroughly enjoyed it! I could very easily draw so many parallels (‘Moose’) between the book’s content and situations I have faced.

One of the toughest things we do in our industry (and life in general) is to question someone else’s behavior and good intentions without the possibility of losing some trust. Finding the courage to use the right approach when expressing our genuine (authentic) concern for someone’s safety is always a challenge. When an existing culture isn’t accustomed (yet!) to courageous safety leadership, these approaches can be considered invasive and uncomfortable.

A health and safety ‘moose’ in our industry is that delicate balance between ‘production’ and ‘risk-reduced production.’ In today’s supercharged metal hunt, the timelines for doing business have tightened exponentially. Therefore, managing health and safety risk can be quite a challenge and most often demands extreme amounts of courageous leadership. It will take some very hard work from some very special leaders to step up to these new challenges. Pete Leonard’s experiences in Moose on the Table provide a powerful example of just that courageous leadership that’s required to deal with our fast changing world and organizational challenges.”
– Cam Duquette, Director of Health and Safety, FNX Mining, Sudbury Operations

The format of Moose on the Table is highly entertaining and so easy to read. I tend to have a short attention span for dry, deep materials, and this has made my learning much more enjoyable. I am inspired by how Pete finally reawakens his inner leader and moves forward. This book is such an affirmation that ‘courageous conversations’ are imperative to the success of a department or company.
– Gay Ainsworth, Administrative Assistant, Georgian College

I have just finished reading your book. I found it an easy and very enjoyable read with fantastic ideas. I like the fable approach because it makes the reading more fun but you learn from it. Much better than reading a list of do’s and don’ts!
– Sandra Martone, Vice-Principal, Red Lake District High School

A must read for courageous leadership! Moose on the Table serves as a primer for dealing with faulty processes and people issues that everyone else wants to ignore. Highly readable, refreshing and most of all, informative.
– Jeff Mowatt, Bestselling author, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month

Jim, I completed Moose on the Table in one sitting and really enjoyed it. The book’s message is such a strong one and so relevant I was wondering how you knew I needed to hear it! The storytelling format really worked for me. The analogies and examples are quite strong and very, very relevant. Using a light and funny approach to such a personal issue – living your values, not just talking about them and making excuses – is where the rubber meets the road for many leaders today. I’ll pass the book along and order extra copies.
– Dennis E. Mercer, CHRP, Senior Organization Development Specialist; Production Support, Syncrude

Moose on the Table is not a cookbook, nor a book about hunting moose. It is a didactic novel about how to better manage people and create high performing teams in organizations.
Review of Moose-on-the-Table by Sylvie Marie Heroux – read the full review here

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