Leading a Peak Performance Culture

Developing Critical “Soft Skills” to Drive Hard Results

Developing Critical “Soft Skills” to Drive Hard Results

Jim Clemmer delivers a fast paced and information-packed 60 minute webcast, outlining the major learning he and his colleagues’ gained through thirty years of working with hundreds of organizations and the latest research on culture change.

Learn How to Boost Your Organization Transformation Effort

Research consistently shows that 70% of efforts to improve customer service, quality, safety, productivity, innovation, employee engagement, restructure, or introduce new technologies fail.

Leadership and organization culture are THE critical X factors. “Soft” leadership and culture boosts or BLOCKS strategy, structure, and change initiatives.

High performing organizations pull together the intangible leadership issues that define their unique character and rally people around a deeper sense of purpose. These powerful feelings are made tangible through the strong implementation of management processes and systems that translate ideals into action.


What You Will Learn

  • Define what strong leadership skills and a peak performance culture looks like for your organization.
  • Get practical tips, tools, and techniques for leadership and culture development leading to better strategy, structure, and change initiatives.
  • Assess your personal, team, or organization’s leadership skills and culture against world class standards and research.
  • Learn how to better integrate and coordinate your team or organization’s current culture changes and improvement programs to dramatically boost Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Commitment.
  • Establish the key elements and priorities of your leadership development and culture change efforts.
  • Identify key organizational capabilities that combined cause a multiplier effect on your improvement efforts.
  • Clarify/redefine technical, management, and leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Refocus and pull together improvement efforts.


Jim will cover:

  • How “Soft” Leadership and Culture Produce Hard Results
    Culture energizes or enervates change efforts. We’ll start with defining leadership and culture and their powerful impact on team and organizational performance. What’s your team or organization culture?
  • Bolt-on Programs versus Built-in Processes
    Leadership and culture change efforts must move from partial and piecemeal plans and programs to integration and alignment up, down, and across the organization. Which best describes your culture change activities?
  • The Peak Performance Balance: Managing Things and Leading People
    Highly successful cultures balance the discipline of systems, processes, and technology management on a base of effective people leadership. How’s your team or organization’s balance?
  • Six Core Components for a Peak Performance Culture
    Successful culture changes are built around an integrated framework for assessment, planning, and implementation. Jim will outline a transformation model that has evolved over three decades with hundreds of organizations and is grounded in deep research on best practices. Are you using a programs-and-pieces or an integrated approach?
  • The Five Stage Commitment Continuum
    Talking is easy. Doing is hard. If culture leaders don’t move beyond the Passionate Lip Service stage to Involved Leadership the change effort is doomed to failure. Do your leaders role model your culture change?
  • Bringing Alive Vision, Core Values, and Purpose/Mission
    Most organizations have vision, values, or mission statements – but with a high “snicker factor.” These vision, core values, and purpose/mission must be actively lived to focus and energize leadership and culture development. How alive is yours?
  • Powerful Capability Combinations
    Specific organizational capabilities when strengthened together, cause a multiplier effect on your improvement efforts. Does your organization take advantage of these powerful combinations?
  • Leadership is an Action, Not a Position
    Peak performing organizations build strong leadership behaviors at all levels. Constant change is the fuel for continuous personal, team, and organization improvement. How energized and engaged is everyone throughout your team or organization in the culture change effort?
  • The High Risk and Huge Cost of Silence
    Courageous conversations and open communication can make the difference between effective management and successful initiatives. Is your organization paying the price for a culture of silence?
  • Three Key Attributes of Enthusiastic Cultures
    The high cost of a cynical culture is paid through poor employee engagement, a decline in quality, and ultimately low customer satisfaction. Does apathy or involvement rule your culture?
  • Getting (Re) Started
    Key steps to beginning or re-energizing your leadership and culture development efforts. How do you sustain peak performance?


About Jim Clemmer

Jim Clemmer Wrote the Books on Leadership and Culture Development

Jim and The CLEMMER Group associates have strengthened thousands of managers in hundreds of organizations in boosting leadership skills and culture development for peak performance. Highly customized services include assessments, training design and delivery (or training internal trainers), culture/skill development for higher health and safety, defining/revitalizing vision and values, executive coaching, service/quality improvement, employee engagement, career and succession planning, strategy development and execution.

As co-founder of The Achieve Group, Jim Clemmer began this work with California-based Zenger Miller (both are now part of AchieveGlobal) and Tom Peters to help executive teams implement a leadership and culture change process called Toward Excellence. The CLEMMER Group is now Zenger Folkman’s Canadian Strategic Partner. Zenger Folkman is the world’s premier provider of leadership research, assessment, development, and implementation programs. The firm is best known for its unique evidence-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on organizations.

Jim’s first book, The VIP Strategy, was built around Achieve’s “Vision Integrated Performance” model for culture change and leadership development. His second book, Firing on All Cylinders, built upon Achieve and Zenger Miller’s highly successful experiences in helping organizations develop the leadership skills, processes, and culture to reach higher levels of service and quality (now evolved to Lean and Six Sigma). His next book, Pathways to Performance expanded on his research and rapidly growing experience in developing personal, team, and organization performance.

The Leader’s Digest then provided a framework for leadership and culture development used by leading international companies. Moose on the Table is an “edutaining” leadership fable on fostering courageous conversations to increase leadership and peak performance cultures. His latest book, Growing @ the Speed of Change, provides practical personal growth tools to build leadership at all levels for a culture that thrives in a world of constant change.

Contact us to explore how we might customize an approach to help your team or organization lead a peak performance culture.