Leadership Team Retreats, Meetings, or ConferencesWhere’s summer gone already? July and August seem to move at a much higher speed than the rest of the year. I hope you’ve had some downtime to rest and recharge before heading into a busy fall.

As I wrote in “Does Your Leadership Team Need Strategic Focus?“, fall is a popular time for leadership team retreats. Getting away provides space for the collaboration and planning so vital to increasing safety, service/quality improvement, leadership, or culture development.

Following are links to assessments, checklists, webinars, blogs, and other resources for leadership team development. Some organizations use these resources to plan or set agenda items for their leadership conferences, meetings, or retreats. This can be done by having leadership team members complete one of the checklists or assessments and compare results.

When communication and teamwork needs more work, there’s often a “moose” or “elephant” issue that needs to be addressed. So teams might have everyone complete a quiz or assessment anonymously. Results can then be tabulated by a neutral third party or posted anonymously to online forums or using an online tool that protects anonymity. This data fosters powerful conversations and team/culture development discussions.

In Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll reminds us, “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” In a crazy-busy world, slowing down to review and refocus helps leadership teams move faster and increase their organization’s agility.