Leadership Levers Build Critical StrengthsArchimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician and engineer. He was the first to apply mathematics to physical phenomena. His understanding of the lever provided a foundation for pulley systems, engineering, and a variety of machines. He famously illustrated leverage by stating “give me a place to stand on, and I will move the earth.”

Many leaders and organizations are getting twisted into knots dealing with competency models, dueling leadership models, and daunting lists of skills to develop. But which leadership capabilities are the most critical? Are there a few key skills that create tremendous leverage on many of the others?

Zenger Folkman recently concluded an extensive research study in search of leadership levers. Shifting through data gathered over two decades from over a million global respondents, ZF uncovered six critical capabilities most used by those who produce the highest results. Because of their strong leverage, we named them — Leadership Levers.

And talk about leverage; becoming highly competent at just one of these critical levers catapults a leader into the 72nd percentile of global leaders in terms of effectiveness. Building capabilities across just three of the levers hoists a leader into the 90th percentile of all global leaders.

My fast-paced webinar, Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths, shares the findings of this research and the approaches used in our newest workshop. Watch to learn:

  • The six leadership behaviors that distinguish extraordinary leaders from all others.
  • Why focusing on developing strengths is the best and fastest way to increase leadership effectiveness — and how to best leverage strengths.
  • A unique and proven cross-training approach for leveraging strengths.
  • The importance of aligning an individual’s passion with the needs of the organization and why the resulting Individual Development Plans are far more likely to be implemented and sustained.

This webinar won’t move your world. But you will get key insights to leverage your leadership development efforts. And you’ll see evidence-based methods leverage points that dramatically move the needle on personal, team, and organization results.

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