One of the “7 Reasons Change and Development Programs Fail” is a partial and piecemeal approach to implementing programs like engagement, customer service, succession planning, safety, performance management, talent management, lean/six sigma, and IT.

Our “compass model” has evolved from culture development work with dozens of organizations. It’s often used during Leadership Team Retreats for assessment and implementation planning. The model pulls together a series of “transformation pathways” to prioritize and map short and longer term leadership and culture development strategies.

How’s your team/organization doing across these six key areas? You can click on any sub-topic for an overview and options to drill deeper:

Focus and Context

Customers & Partners

Strategy & Direction

Measures & Rewards

Processes & Systems

Learning & Development

Click on Organization Self-Assessment and Gap Analysis if you’d like to assess your current performance and rank improvement urgency for each of the topic areas. This will give you total gap points to determine your top priorities in your improvement journey. This is an especially powerful process for leadership team members to do individually and then aggregate scores for team development and planning.

If you or your team would like further context and applications for this assessment and planning tool you can review my recent 60 minute Leading a Peak Performance Culture webinar.