Strengthen Leadership Skills by Awakening the ForceDuring these rapidly changing times leadership skills are critical. Yet many studies show a profound dissatisfaction with leadership effectiveness across most organizations. And a vast majority of executives feel their leadership skill development efforts aren’t effective.

A major part of the problem is that we’re “seduced by the dark side” of fixing weaknesses or closing skills gaps. Over a decade of research shows that “building leadership strengths is 2 – 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses“. A recent survey from the positive psychology movement is pointing toward a “strengths revolution in our workplaces“. But a lifetime of conditioning tells us that improvement comes from fixing our weaknesses. The dark side is strong and “letting go of our weaknesses is really hard“. But when harnessed effectively, elevating leadership strengths is a powerful force that can build “towering strengths to overshadow weaknesses“.

Click here to watch a two minute video clip taken from an overview of The Extraordinary Leader development process. This short clip on The Well Rounded Leader and Weakness Trap outlines a few reasons the pull of the dark side is so strong. Its argument ends with arguing for “the end of the weak.”

May the force be with you …

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