The CLEMMER GroupSince putting our website online in 1996 it’s grown to 1,900 pages of book excerpts, columns, blogs, articles, videos, webinars, and information about The CLEMMER Group’s programs and services. All of these resources became increasingly difficult to navigate, which was further complicated by a clunky website platform that allowed few options to make navigation easier.

After over a year of planning and months of hard work with web site developers and administrative support from Betty Kaita, our Director of Marketing, Julie Gil, has just put our completely rebuilt and upgraded site online. Here are a few key features:

  • Modernized and updated look and branding. This will also be reflected in our monthly newsletter The Leader Letter.
  • It’s now mobile-responsive and is much easier to browse and read on a phone, pad, or mobile device.
  • Zenger Folkman research, resources, and materials are fully integrated throughout the site.
  • Social media and sharing has been improved and now available on all pages.

A major new feature is the integration and indexing of all our resources. You can overview this on our Resources main page. These include whitepapers, case studies, webcasts/webinars, blog posts, excerpts/articles library, video clips, books/workbooks/CDs, and The Leader Letter. On the right column of that page — and all resource pages — is our master index of topics. It shows 12 topics under Zenger Folkman and over 30 topics under the headings of General Management & Leadership, Organization Improvement, Self-Leadership, and Leading Others.

When you click on any topic you’re first shown a list of all resources related to that topic. At the top of the page you can “Click to view:” just our blogs, articles, whitepapers, case studies, videos, webinars, or books/CDs on that topic.

You can also enter any topic into our onsite search engine at the top right corner. Again you’re shown all resources and can filter those further by hitting the “Click to view” button for what you’d like to see.

We hope you find our new web site a highly valuable development resource that you’ll use regularly and refer to others. Please provide feedback to Julie and me at and