Whitepaper on Bringing Science to the Art of CoachingI just went to Amazon and searched for coaching books. I was presented with 29,935 books to peruse. I typed “coaching programs” into Google and got 687,000 hits.

Coaching is so popular because — done effectively — it can turbocharge personal, team, and organization performance. But there’s a mind-numbing array of frameworks, processes, experts, methods, steps, techniques, and evangelism on coaching. What really works? Which approaches provide the biggest return on investment?

The second half of my 60 minute 11 Keys to Building Extraordinary Leaders and Coaches webinar gives a 20 minute summary of research on building a coaching culture. Some of that research is found in Zenger Folkman’s white paper Bringing Science to the Art of Coaching. This succinct paper is built around these key questions:

1. To what degree does coaching really pay off? Or, is this just one more in a long line of management fads?
2. How can we increase the effectiveness of each coaching session?
3. How can the process of coaching be made more consistent?
4. What is the appropriate goal for coaching, and how much change can we expect?
5. What is it about the coaches’ personality or behavior that makes the most positive impact?

Click on Bringing Science to the Art of Coaching for a free copy and get answers to these questions. You don’t have to read a mountain of books to improve coaching skills. Cut through the coaching clatter and learn what builds truly extraordinary coaching skills.

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