Webinar on Developing Extraordinary Leaders and CoachesWe had over 400 sites join last week’s webinar on building extraordinary leaders and coaches. During this 60 minute webcast I outlined a high level and highly condensed overview of 5 keys to strengths-based leadership development and 6 steps to building a coaching culture with exceptional leaders.

In this fast-paced webcast I rapidly covered:

• Key leadership competencies that cause leaders and their team/organizations to flounder or flourish

• The dramatic impact and performance differences between “good” and “extraordinary” leaders

• Why building on existing strengths is up to 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses

• Catapult a leader’s effectiveness from the 34th to the 80th percentile by developing just 3 existing strengths

• Companion Competencies, cross-training, and non-linear approaches

• How to correct the problem of many 360 feedback tools

• How Much Difference Does Coaching Really Make? (hint: 8 times higher levels of employee engagement and commitment and more!)

• The Coaching Skills Gap – most managers believe they are providing coaching, however, most employees disagree

• Training, Mentoring, and Coaching: Development Distinctions

• Six Steps to Building a Coaching Culture with Exceptional Leaders


We provided a participant survey right after the webcast and were very gratified by the high number of extremely positive responses and were especially interested to hear responses to the question “what points from today’s webinar did you find most useful.” Here’s a representative small sample of comments:

Statistics on building on strengths — unfortunately this is contrary to my current practice.

The painful reality of how 360’s are used in organizations and how your assessment tool really focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses.

The distinction between trainer, coach and mentor. Your definition of “coaching” compared to traditional perceptions of the role.

I see that my understanding of coaching is all wrong. I was doing more training than coaching.

I found the FUEL framework very helpful — a quick structure to use for coaching.

The re-focusing of performance appraisals to be strength not weakness based.

How building just 5 profound strengths puts you in the top ten percent of all leaders.

Cross training on related leadership competencies can raise your perceived leadership to very high levels.

When you focus on weaknesses that is the culture you create — we need to focus on going from good to great and push existing strengths to exceptional.

I found the stats amazing when combining the competencies of A & B together increased the overall performance by 72%.

A leader doesn’t have to be exceptional in all areas. But certain qualities together raise coaching/leadership skills in a very big way!


Click on 11 Keys to Building Extraordinary Leaders and Coaches to view the archived webinar.