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Parallels Between The Quality Revolution and Safety Leadership

A short review of North America's adaptation of quality improvement approaches in the last two decades and how safety leadership needs to follow a similar route by Jim Clemmer.

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Help TV

Jim Clemmer speaking on workplace communications

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Positively Correcting Negative Behavior

Keys steps to effective feedback that’s more likely to result in lasting change.

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Effective Leaders are Proactive not Reactive with their Time

The most effective leaders are proactive, not reactive with their time management

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Email tips for Effective Leaders

How to manage your inbox - don't allow email to manage you!

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The Performance Evaluation Meeting – Focusing on Strengths and Not Weaknesses

Focusing on strengths, not weaknesses to make the most of performance evaluations.

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Working ON the team versus working in the team

Taking time to step back and work on the team and the organization instead of being overwhelmed by working within the team.

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