Would you like to sharpen your personal, team, and organization’s leading edge? Would you like to learn how good managers can become great leaders?

Step right up and buy Clemmer’s Magical Leadership Tonic!! The Ultimate Elixir that turns management weaklings into leadership giants!!

Sorry. We just ran out. We don’t have a miraculous cure-all to boost leadership. We do have a base of research, approaches, and proven applications that significantly elevates leadership effectiveness. We’ve prepared a webinar outlining what we’ve learned over the past few decades. In The Leading Edge: Transforming Good Managers into Great Leaders, I’ll boil these into a fast-paced 45-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q & A.

If you’re not able to join our complimentary November 20 webinar, you might want to use the main points I’ll cover as a leadership check-up:

Shift Happens

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. If the rate of external change exceeds our rate of interest change, we’re eventually going to be changed. Are you growing at the speed of change?

Three Critical Choices to Change or Be Changed

When the shift hits our plan, we can lead, follow, or wallow. How do you keep yourself in leading mode? How can you help your team members spend more time in leading mode?

Harnessing People Power to Lift Performance

Leadership and organization culture are THE critical X factors. That’s even more critical in leading Millennials today. Is your “soft” leadership and culture boosting or blocking your improvement efforts?

Timeless Leadership Principles to Soar on the Wings of Change

    • Would your team/organization give clear, consistent, and enthusiastic answers to these core questions: Where are you going? What do you believe in? Why do you exist?
    • Leadership is an action, not a position. Do people at all levels have personal ownership and responsibility for moving your team/organization forward?
    • The most effective communication is face-to-face. The most believable communication is behavior. What are they seeing loud and clear? How do you know?
    • Leadership is the stuff of dreams, inspiration, excitement, desire, pride, care, passion, and love. Are you a carrier? Do you let your face know about it? Do you impassion others?
    • Strong leaders build team/organization spirit and meaning. Are you building commitment to change that goes beyond building logical business cases to make emotional connections?
    • Are you developing people into what they could be with effective coaching?
    • Do you mobilize and energize by serving and supporting rather than motivating and manipulating?

Pivot Points: The Power of Building Strengths

Building strengths is 2 to 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses. Are your development efforts leveraging strengths or trying to close skill gaps?

There aren’t any leadership liniments, balms, or lotions. No special diets, superfoods, or pseudoscience will boost effectiveness. There are a few tried and true core leadership principles that can hone your leadership edge. Hope they help you to stay sharp.