Powerful Combination That Creates a Peak Performance CultureLess effective leaders often fall into the either/or trap. Do you want results or teamwork? Do you want happy shareholders or highly engaged employees? Do you want us to hit short-term goals or focus on longer term vision and strategy?

Our research clearly shows that extraordinary leaders (top 10%) focus on and/also rather than either/or. “Powerful Combination: Drive for Results and Builds Relationships” is a great example of this more effective approach.

We also have research showing powerful leadership team and organization combinations. Zenger Folkman drew from their extensive database to look at organizational and employee surveys. They measured the impact of overall organizational effectiveness and the key capabilities that differentiated the best organizations. This study included 122,000 employees in 10,000 work groups from different organizations. Zenger Folkman then contrasted the highest-performing (top10%) to the lowest-performing (bottom10%).

Here’s one of the powerful combinations that emerged:

Our research showed that when Ability to Execute was a strength (75% percentile) but Positive Work Environment was average, the probability of being an extraordinary organization (top 10%) was just 9%. When Positive Work Environment was a strength but Ability to Execute was just average the frequency of this type of organization being extraordinary dropped to a mere 4%.

However, when both factors were rated as strengths, then the probability of being an extraordinary organization rocketed to 88%!

Now that’s a powerful combination!!