Webinar with Joe Folkman on Self Development

8 Tips for a Better YOU

Research shows that people who put proper emphasis on their own development impact their organization in significant ways.

Multiple studies show how seeking feedback can increase leadership effectiveness, but ZF’s upcoming webinar on May 27 will take a deeper dive into self-development and the critical role feedback can play.

Many leaders give more priority to developing others than developing themselves. They often don’t see the links between personal, team, and organization development. Compelling evidence shows that when leaders improve their personal effectiveness their teams and organization benefit immensely. Better leaders produce higher customer satisfaction, greater engagement and productivity, increased profitability, safer work workplaces, and lower turnover.

How can leaders improve their self-development efforts? Zenger Folkman evaluated survey results from leaders who scored in the 90th percentile for “Practices Self-Development.” Eight companion behaviors were discovered.

View the webinar now to learn the 8 behaviors to a better you.