9 Habits That Lead to Terrible DecisionsZenger Folkman continues to mine their growing database (over 500,000 raters of more than 50,000 leaders) for new leadership insights. Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman’s recent Harvard Business Review blog reports on their latest research study comparing the behaviors of the very best and the very worst decision makers.

These nine behaviors — listed from most to least significant — emerged as the most common approaches of the worst decision makers:

• Laziness
• Not anticipating unexpected results
• Indecisiveness
• Remaining locked in the past
• Having no strategic alignment
• Over-dependence
• Isolation
• Lack of technical depth
• Failure to communicate the what, where, when, and how associated with their decisions

Click here to read Jack and Joe’s column for a more detailed description of each behavior.

Many of these pathways to poor decision making leads to going down the middle of the road. As Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Jim Hightower once observed, “Ain’t nothin’ in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.”