Identifying People with High PotentialA critical Talent Management challenge is who to promote into leadership roles.

Many organizations, either formally or informally, compile a list of people they believe will have high potential for promotion. These high potential individuals, HIPOs, often receive extra developmental opportunities beyond what’s available to the rest of their peers. But will these people succeed?

From an individual’s point of view, being selected to be on the high potential list has enormous benefits.

From the organization’s point of view, however, there is a great deal at stake in this process. If they select the wrong individuals, then they are pouring valuable development resources into the wrong container. Even worse, a wrong choice means highly talented people whose development is ignored.

How do you identify your candidates for promotion? People may stand out for a variety of reasons. Tune into our webinar to learn the 10 competencies our research shows differentiate the very best candidates for promotion.

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