Over the past few decades many organizations have jumped on the change bandwagon with a long list of resolutions to change their ways and develop new habits. Here’s a partial list:

  • Safety culture
  • Customer centric/focus/service
  • TeamworkOrganizational Resolutions
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility/adaptability to change
  • Best place to work/top employer
  • Excellence
  • Market/industry leadership
  • Higher employee engagement

Like too many New Year’s resolutions, these good intentions have a high failure rate. About 50 – 70% of these organizational efforts fail to change organizational lifestyle and habits. On the other hand — using the same set of tools and techniques — 30 to 50% of this work produces dramatic and lasting organizational transformation.


Vital Step to Leading a Peak Performance Culture

My article, Vital Steps to Leading a Peak Performance Culture, is now available. The article draws from some of last summer and fall’s research and approaches for our updated keynote, workshop, and executive retreat on leadership and culture development. Last November I condensed that into a 60 minute Leading a Peak Performance Culture webcast (click on the title to view it) that’s in our archive.

The article’s main sections are:

  • Soft is Hard: Why Most Culture Change Efforts Fail
  • From Bolt-On Programs to Built-in Culture Change
  • Transformation Pathways:
    • Focus and Context
    • Customers and Partners
    • Strategy and Direction
    • Measures and Rewards
    • Systems and Processes
    • Learning and Development

Executive Excellence magazine has published a condensed version of the article entitled “Peak Performance.” Click here to read the full version of Vital Steps to Leading a Peak Performance Culture.