Last Friday (November 4) I delivered a very fast paced and information packed 60 minute presentation by webcast. My goal was “culture change in an hour!” I tried to stuff the major learning from our thirty years of working with hundreds of organizations and the latest research on culture change into 60 minutes.

Leading a Peak Performance CultureWe had 924 sites registered in 34 countries for the webcast. The Webex technology we used allows us to track who was paying attention and who left or switched programs to do other things (like answer e-mail) during the broadcast. Since attention was consistently high at 75 – 85%, attention built during the webcast, text messages were quite supportive, and there were positive tweets throughout, we’re taking that as strong feedback that we were on the right track!

Here’s an overview of the topic areas covered in the webcast:

  • Defining Culture and Its Impact
  • Fatal Five Failure Factors
  • Culture Transformation Pathways
  • Key Implementation Steps
  • Next Steps

There are so many theories and fuzzy ideas on the huge topic of leadership and culture development. Our ongoing quest is to provide practical leadership practices grounded in successful experience built on a solid research foundation. So the presentation is buttressed by hard evidence for “soft skills.”

The webcast was built on our core models, frameworks, and approaches to helping Clients with leadership and culture development. The presentation was a highly condensed overview. It was like taking a city bus tour of a major world-class center such as Rome or London in an hour. There’s so much more to be learned about the sites we very quickly touched upon. There was no chance to ask questions or get deeper into how we help organizations address the areas we quickly touched on.