I am a member of a LinkedIn leadership group that recently discussed the characteristics of admired leaders. This is a topic very near and dear to my heart. I’ve studied, worked to apply, written books, developed keynotes and workshops, and provided coaching and consulting on leadership for many decades.

There’s a lot of jargon and mumbo jumbo on leadership. Many people have overcomplicated the topic. I’ve tried to simplify and break leadership down to its core components. From this work, I’ve identified the “timeless leadership principles” that have endured through the ages and keep getting rediscovered and relabeled.

We’ve developed a “leadership wheel” to show these principles as circular with vision, values, and purpose at the hub or core:

  • Leaders take initiative and do what needs to be done rather than waiting for someone else to do something (they don’t often follow, and rarely wallow.)
  • Leaders are authentic and lead by visible example, fostering openness and continuous feedback.
  • Leaders are passionate and build strong commitment through involvement and ownership.
  • Leaders lead with heart, and rouse team or organizational spirit.
  • Leaders grow people through strong coaching and continuous development.
  • Leaders energize people by fostering two-way communication, inspiring, and serving.Leadership is circular – there is no beginning or end. Each of the supporting leadership principles around the outside of the “leadership wheel” are interdependent and interconnected. If a person, team, or organization develops all the leadership skills, the wheel is well-rounded. If it is deficient in one or more of these skills, the ride may be a little bumpy!

    CLICK HERE to review my leadership model and a description of how each of the Timeless Leadership Principles applies to Personal Leadership and to Leading Others.