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Deepening Our Discipline

Discipline means having the vision to see the long term picture and keep things in balance. Regret can cost hundreds of hours, discipline costs minutes. An ounce of bite-my-tongue can outweigh a ton of I-am-so-sorries.

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Choosing Our Reality

Am I an optimist or pessimist? Which view is reality? Since we see the world as we are, either view becomes our reality. We choose our outlook.

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Choosing Our Poison or Choosing to Let Go

Holding on to destructive emotions is slow suicide. For our own health and happiness, we must exercise our choice to let go.

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Choice More than Chance Determines Our Circumstance

Dwelling on our problems rather than our possibilities comes all too naturally. Too often we choose to curse the darkness rather than light a candle

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Breaking Out of Our Mental Prisons

Self-imposed mental wheelchairs hold so many people back from being highly effective leaders. Change what happens in our head, and the universe changes

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A Tale of Two Managers: Command versus Commitment

Motivation or morale problems are usually rooted in leaders failing to engage people in the broader aims and ideals of the organization.

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Emotional Intelligence is a Strong Predictor of Job Performance and all about Leadership Smarts

I’ve extensively quoted and cited the expanding body of emotional intelligence research for many years in my writing and workshops. This rigorous and ever deepening research provides hard evidence for the catalytic power of “soft skills” in personal, team, and organizational performance. EI brings empirical science and greater clarity to the fuzzy topic of leadership. […]

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Book Review: An Excellent New Resource on Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

I just received a published copy of Harvey Deutschendorf’s great new book, The Other Kind of Smart: Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. As Harvey was writing this book a few years ago he sent me an outline and sample chapter and asked for a “cover quote” endorsement. […]

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Emotional Intelligence Even More Important in Electronic Age

Milli Murray sent me the following e-mail in response to an item on Emotional Intelligence in the August issue of The Leader Letter. She makes an excellent point on how EI is becoming ever more important. It’s clearly a major factor in leadership effectiveness. “I really enjoyed the article on Emotional Intelligence. In an age […]

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Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

I came across the emerging research on emotional intelligence about 10 years ago. Having focused much of my own personal development on these issues and then making the training and development of these “soft” skills my life’s work since 1981, I was really excited by this new research. Finally we had hard proof for the […]

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