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Overcoming Change Fatigue and Building Resilient and Flexible Teams/Organizations

Many managers, HR/Training/Safety and other support professionals, as well as team leaders are struggling with how to help people deal with constant change. More and more people are complaining of “change fatigue” as organizations deal with: • Continuous changes in leadership, direction, processes, and organization structure; • Relentless pressure to do more with less in […]

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Keys to Building a Strong Team or Organizational Culture

Whether it’s across an entire organization or with a local team, culture change is a hot issue these days. For good reason; culture trumps strategy, structure, processes, or technology. We have long defined culture as “the way we do things around here.” A team or organizational culture heavily influences what’s acceptable and unacceptable behavior. And […]

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Change Your Meetings and Change Your Culture

Continuing the theme of meetings, here’s a great list of suggestions from Seth Godin’s March 27, 2009 blog post, “Getting serious about your meeting problem.” : • Understand that all problems are not the same. So why are your meetings? Does every issue deserve an hour? Why is there a default length? • Schedule meetings […]

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Meetings Showcase Organizational Culture

Last week’s blog on Engage Younger Workers or Bore and Lose Them got me thinking further about how meetings most clearly showcase the organizational or even division/department’s mini-culture. I was running a two-day offsite planning retreat recently where the disconnect between the culture the leadership team wanted to build and their group behavior was huge. […]

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Do You Have a Dysfunctional, Average, or High-Performing Culture?

Here’s a quickie quiz I put together for my new Breaking Through the Bull workshop. It draws on our Consulting and Training division’s growing experience with assessing and helping our Client’s shift their culture. It also frames many of the issues Pete Leonard (the fictional manager in my new book, Moose on the Table: A […]

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Health and Safety Program Versus Culture

Building on the highly customized Courageous Leadership for Health & Safety training program we designed for Barrick Gold (see July 2006, December 2006, and December 2007 issues – The CLEMMER Group’s training and consulting division has been rapidly expanding our offerings and expertise in this area. As word of the dramatic results of Barrick’s program […]

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Tips, Tools, and Techniques for…Building a High Performance Culture

Uncover and tap into deeper meaning and values already in the culture. Tell stories that honor the past and highlight the rich heritage of your organization. Link recognition, appreciation, or celebration to these. Lead change with examples of how the organization has gone through tough times or major changes like these before. Appeal to a […]

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Building a High Performance Culture

Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher said, “It’s the intangibles that are the hardest things for a competitor to imitate. You can get an airplane. You can get ticket-counter space; you can get baggage conveyors. But it is our esprit des corps – the culture, the spirit – that is truly our most valuable competitive asset.” […]

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