Leaders as Readers in My New Book DevelopmentIn the fall of 2017, I began a book development project by reviewing over ten years of blogs, research, and our workshop/retreat topics to identify core themes and topics most relevant in these turbulent times. Eight major topic areas emerged.

In the spring of 2018, I asked readers to Help Us Distill Today’s Vital Leadership/Organization Development Topics. As part of a “readersourcing” project, we invited senior executives, managers, and HR/development professionals to rank order the eight topic areas (with descriptive sub-sections). Nearly 500 people completed the survey.

This “readersourcing” feedback identified the four highest voted areas. These were Increasing Communication, Coaching, Culture Change, and Leading Change. Readers then completed an in-depth survey on the four top topics. Many also joined my Book Advisory Panel (click here if you’d like to join the panel).

Over 100 panel members provided rich, deep, and thoughtful comments and suggestions on the four topics. Reading through this trove of insights and experiences yielded lots of ideas and paths for further research and chapter topics.

It took me longer than I’d planned to scope out the four topic areas with the following outlines. I’d like to think that’s because quality takes time. But maybe I am just slow. Our delightful grandkids (it’s not fair that we have the cutest and smartest grandkids the world has ever seen) also provide many wonderful distractions.

Would you like to be a Reader Leader?

Peter Drucker once said “nothing is so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” I’d love to get your help as a Reader Leader in countering my inefficiency with greater effectiveness. Your readersourcing input boosts the odds that I’ll end up with a more useful book or books. Take part in the survey now