Distilling the personal, team and organization development processWhich leadership/organization development topics are most critical to you today? How can you cut through all the clutter to quickly find and apply practical applications to boost effectiveness? Can we distill and sweeten the personal, team, and organization development process?

These are especially relevant questions this sweet time of year. Sugar shacks are sending up billows of steam as maple sap is boiled to make syrup. It’s time for The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival – Guinness recorder holder for the world’s largest single day maple syrup festival. Elmira is just north of our home in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Many hairs ago I grew up on a Mennonite farm and helped gather and boil sap in spring to make maple syrup. It takes 40 containers of watery sap to boil down to one container of the sweet, sticky syrup that’s wickedly delicious on pancakes.

Since then I’ve been gathering and boiling personal, team, and organization development approaches to extract the essence of what works best. Coaching and developing is my lifelong passion. I’ve written more than a dozen books and workbooks, over 1,200 blogs and articles, lost count of how many books and research papers I’ve studied, and delivered over a thousand workshops, offsite retreats, and conference keynotes — while trying to sweeten with a few punny Dad Jokes!

These experiences have given me up close and personal insights into what works and what doesn’t. In the last six months, I’ve been reviewing and applying fresh new ways to condense all of this work into the most useable and useful public workshop (see The Leading Edge: Boosting Team and Culture Performance) and book(s) for busy leaders to help them keep growing and learning on the run.

This work may be a single book, series of mini-books, and/or chapters or sub-sections that could be mixed and matched in a create-your-own book. Your help is vital for me to kick my habit of pushing new books according to what I think is needed (“Psst…wanna buy a good leadership book?”). With your help, we’ll identify and pull through the content of this/these book(s) according to what is most useful and needed in today’s fast changing workplaces.

You could help us to boil down the essence of leadership/organization development to:

  • the vital topics and applications most relevant for today’s leaders
  • what’s grounded in research, actually works, and easy to apply
  • succinctly get right to the point
  • entertain, inspire, and put into action — lighting logic on fire

It would take about 5 minutes of your time to rank order 8 topic areas that you think are most relevant/needed today. Click here to complete the survey.

How sweet it would be to get your help!