As organizations thin their ranks to run leaner, the need for building highly effective leaders becomes a strategic imperative. Stronger leaders create stronger organizations. This creates even stronger leaders across the organization in an upward spiraling circle toward peak performance.

As discussed in our recent webinar on “How Wilfrid Laurier University is Strengthening Leadership Skills and Culture,” The Extraordinary Leader is customized and delivered internally.

At Leverage Your Leadership Strengths you can watch a brief video overview of how The Extraordinary Leader has helped good managers become great leaders. Key points include:

  • The huge difference between poor leadership and great leaders — and the surprisingly large difference between good managers and great leaders.
  • How do you develop great leaders (at the 80th to 90th percentile)?
  • The worst person at predicting their leadership effectiveness is the leader.
  • Fixing weaknesses is the wrong approach. All it does is point out what’s wrong with leaders and is often a negative, punishing experience.
  • Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weaknesses, but rather by the presence of a few profound strengths.
  • Using a prioritization process that helps leaders choose a competency for further development based on what the organization needs from them and their passion for further development.
  • Cross-training through non-linear development is a revolutionary new approach that creates powerful combinations taking a leader’s strengths to the 90th percentile with the Competency Companion Development Guide.
  • Customized to the individual by building strengths makes for a personalized competency model with assessment and feedback becoming a positive process.

Too often leadership workshops are inspiring but quickly forgotten. I love delivering this workshop because of its powerful and lasting impact on participant effectiveness. Everyone leaves with a personalized, action-oriented, development plan that facilitates goal setting and follow through. Leaders continue developing and strengthening leadership skills, and apply leadership development in daily, on-the-job activities.