Free Webcast with Jim Clemmer June 17 - 1:00PM EDT
It’s been a few years since we’ve condensed our culture development approaches and experiences into a one hour webinar. Over the past few years we’ve continued working with a variety of North American and global Clients on leadership and culture development. We’ve also added the depth and power of Zenger Folkman’s leadership and coaching skill development to approaches.

I’ve been reviewing and pulling together our latest research and lessons learned on developing highly effective cultures. Leading a Peak Performance Culture webcast is a fast-paced 60 minute webcast. It’s designed for senior executives and Human Resources, Organization Development, and related professionals to review leadership and culture development best practices and assess their own efforts.

  • Here’s what I’ll cover:
  • How “Soft” Leadership and Culture Produce Hard Results: What’s your team or organization culture?
  • Bolt-on Programs versus Built-in Processes: Which best describes your culture change activities?
  • The Peak Performance Balance: Managing Things and Leading People: How’s your team or organization’s balance?
  • Six Core Components for a Peak Performance Culture: Are you using a programs-and-pieces or an integrated approach?
  • The Five Stage Commitment Continuum: Do your leaders role model your culture change?
  • Bringing Alive Vision, Core Values, and Purpose/Mission: How alive is yours?
  • Leadership is an Action, Not a Position: How energized and engaged is everyone throughout your team or organization in the culture change effort?
  • Getting (Re) Started: How do you sustain peak performance?

I’ve erred on the side of packing lots of information into a short presentation aimed at helping participants explore:

  • What strong leadership skills and a peak performance culture looks like.
  • Practical tips, tools, and techniques for leadership and culture development leading to better strategy, structure, and change initiatives.
  • How to better integrate and coordinate team or organization’s current culture changes and improvement programs to dramatically boost Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Commitment.
  • Clarify/redefine technical, management, and leadership roles and responsibilities.

View my Leading a Peak Performance Culture webcast now.