Checking Your Coaching SkillsWe have seen a dramatic increase in the use of coaching as a tool for leadership development over the past few years. And for good reason…the list of benefits is impressive:

  • improved productivity
  • high-energy company culture
  • dynamic supervisor/employee relationships
  • creative problem solving
  • greater risk taking
  • heightened innovation, and
  • higher levels of customer service and satisfaction

Is your organization using coaching effectively? Last month Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman focused on successful coaching in their webinar, Train Your Managers to Coach and Give Feedback. They combined their own extensive research with the latest findings from the worlds of psychology, adult development, and systems theory to map out the real science behind effective coaching. You can view the recording on demand here. Joe also shares ZF’s own research on how coaching affects an organization in his Forbes article, “5 Business Payoffs For Being An Effective Coach.”

The business case for improving coaching skills is compelling. When it comes to improving productivity, employee engagement, retention, employee development, and supervisor performance, there is simply no better activity than having a leader that coaches and develops their direct reports on a regular basis.

But how strong is your own coaching? Do your skills measure up to outstanding business coaches? Take ZF’s complimentary Coaching Attributes and Perspectives Assessment to measure:

  • How strong your collaboration and directive skills are
  • How prone you are to giving advice
  • How effective you are at enabling other people to discover answers for themselves
  • How apt you are to exert your expertise and treat everyone as equals

I am delivering The Extraordinary Coach in Toronto and Calgary this May and June. Our two-day workshop includes an Elevating Feedback module as well as a specific strengths-based 360 coaching assessment. You can view full details here.