Feedback Pinpoints Perceptions of Leadership EffectivenessAs I described recently in “Courageous Leaders Ask for Feedback“, strong leaders encourage feedback, and reap the benefit in their improved leadership and coaching effectiveness. Feedback from others is twice as valid as our own self-assessment, and provides a double value: insight into how others perceive our current leadership effectiveness and assurance that our route to increased effectiveness is based on accurate information.

In this three minute video clip, Feedback Pinpoints Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness, I discuss the importance of uncovering how our leadership and coaching is perceived. Often one or two of our traits stand out, and inflate (or deflate) perceptions of all our other traits and overall effectiveness.

The past few years I’ve delivered The Extraordinary Leader and The Extraordinary Coach workshops to hundreds of participants, and it is always energizing to see the impact of strengths-based feedback. Both workshops include a 360 assessment, providing participants with feedback from all directions on their effectiveness across key competencies specific to leaders or coaches. Participants then determine their “leadership sweet spot” — where existing strengths overlap the skills the organization needs most to implement its strategy, and create a personalized development plan to continue developing and applying their leadership skills in daily, on-the-job activities.

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